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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from


Super Android #17

GT Super 17 Saga
Personality Set

Reviewed 7.20.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 3.35
Avg. Focused Rating:4.25


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Super Android 17 Levels 1-5 GT Super 17 Saga Uncommon/Rare/Ultra Rare - #95, 97, 96, 146, 153 Main Personality

Super Android 17 Level 1 Power: (Android 17 and Super Android 17 are separate personalities.) Constant Power: You do not remove cards from the game when using their Endurance against energy attacks. After taking damage from an energy attack, remove 7 cards in your Discard Pile from the game to advance your MP 1 level.

Super Android 17 the Wicked Level 2 Power: (Android 17 and Super Android 17 are separate personalities.) Constant Power: If this personality is your MP, you may use your MP's level 1 power or Constant Power. Your attacks do +3 power stages.

Super Android 17, the Mighty Level 3 Power: (Android 17 and Super Android 17 are separate personalities.) Constant Power: If this personality is your MP, you may use your MP's lower level Powers and Constant Powers. The power stage cost of your cards gains - X power stages. X = Your MP's level.

Super Android 17, the Completed Level 4 Power: (Android 17 and Super Android 17 are separate personalities.) Constant Power: If this personality is your MP, you may use your MP's lower level Powers and Constant Powers. Your energy attacks do +X life cards. X = the number of cards in your hand.

Super Android 17, the Indestructible Level 5 Power: (Android 17 and Super Android 17 are separate personalities.) Constant Power: If this personality is your MP, you may use you MP's lower level powers and Constant Powers. When entering Combat, search your Life Deck for a card with "17" in the title and put it in your hand.

First off Id like to thank all the loyal fans who have stuck with us even with the major lack of updates. A lot of things have been occurring in many of our lives which have prevented us from delivering the top notch strategy we try to bring. I thank you for your patience and well, hope to finish teching some more decks once I get back from San Diego Regionals, which I leave for tomorrow. Hope to see you there. My sister and I will both be there.

Super Android 17 as a whole is a very interesting character to play as, simply because he has the unique ability to retain all his card powers and add on with a newer one as he progresses levels. Many of the powers get stronger as he progresses levels as well. He also possesses the higher power level of any character released thus far, which gives him an added bonus if hes able to start off quickly dishing out the physical beats.

One of Super Android 17s greatest assets is his ability to use any backers power with his level 1 HT (as in styled and Super 17 named). This backer, as a bonus, gets chained throughout his 5 levels, which leads you to think wisely about your choice. One of backers I often see is Black Domination. The ability to gain card advantage every turn no matter what is very powerful, not to mention it happens at random and comes from a Black card. There are many avenues you can explore with him; dont count anything out.

His regular level 1 is interesting in the sense it allows you to level midcombat for less cards removed. It is interesting, but often I see Super 17 playing Black Energetic Mastery, and thus he will auto level to level 5 quite quickly. Getting there just turns many of the tides of a game toward Super 17, but keep in mind speed is a big key to keep your opponent off guard. His powers separately arent extremely great, but when put together on a level 5 with insane power levels early game, you can easily dominate.

In Expanded play, Super 17 also has access to Android cards like Super Android 13s Destruction Bomb and Android 13s Prepared Stance. Use these to your advantage along with an army of Android allies to control the board.

I see Super 17 most often in Black Energetic, but I can see him possibly be in Red Blazing with the new Red backer to protect your Dragon Balls, and maybe Orange ally (more likely Expanded with Android control) and Blue Destruction (maybe). Overall youve got a pretty decent character to mess around with, but honestly, you need all 5 levels to make him worth playing. And, of course, the level 1 HT with an interesting backer. Just changing the backer makes him totally different from another Super 17.

Expanded: 4.2 out of 5.0 (Android card abuse, high power levels, decent powers, chain ability)
Focused: 4.5 out of 5.0 (with lack of very many characters, Super 17 takes the cake with Black Energetic and abuse of the backer on level 1)
Sealed: 4.0 out of 5.0 (chances very unlikely to get him, if you do it will probably be just 1-3 basically his bonus is mainly the high PL with no attacks on his levels, but still, not terribly bad) ~matthewlow

Super Android #17 personality set.

Super Android beatstick, at least for Focused.  For one, the power are stackable, which is always good, especially when the powers do not stink.  The icing on the cake is his level one HT, which is customizable to just about whatever you want.  Last I checked, there were three Super #17 backers (one a straight energy, one an energy that gives empower damage and empower effects, and one a +5 physical that blocks the next energy), all of them at least decent, or you can simply place whatever styled backer on him you desire (Black and Orange have nice possibilities, as well).

So, assuming you hit level five (which is possible with Black Energetic, or his non-HT lvl 1), when entering combat, you will fetch a card with '17' in the title, all your attacks will do +3 stages, all energies will cost -5 stages, all energies will gain a damage bonus equal to the cards in your hand, and you will have whatever level one power you decided to give him.  Oh, and you will be in the top bracket of physical damage.  Not bad, not bad at all.

In Expanded, he is a bit lacking, as mostly, right now, Dragonball reigns, and he has no specific way to beat DBall, so I do not see him getting much play.  In Focused, however, he is at least worth considering.  Yes, he lacks Baby's ally retrieval, Hercule's combat stoppage, or Uub's regeneration, but he is huge, he has good powers, and can do massive damage to just about anyone, assuming he hits.  In sealed, if you pull enough levels, at least try him.  Otherwise, he is not even a good ally.

Expanded 2.5/5 (not strong enough to beat DBall, good for casual Expanded, though)

Focused 4/5 (Strong, below Uub and Baby, I believe, but strong)

Limited 1.5/5 (you MIGHT pull all his levels, or at least 1-3)


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