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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Blue Backbreaker

Judge Promo

Reviewed 1.21.2004

Avg. Standard Rating: 2.80
Avg. TE: Rating: 2.60


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
 1/21/04 Ė Wednesday
Blue Backbreaker Ė Judge Promo
Promo - #J2
Physical Combat

Power: Physical attack doing +5 power stages of damage. If you stopped an attack during your last "Defender Defends" phase, raise your anger 2 levels.

Since this is a judge promo, donít expect to see this very often. The good thing is there are very few decks that actually need this card, so there isnít that much demand for it.

It is a decent sized physical attack, but the key is the secondary effect. There arenít very many Blue attacks that give you two straight anger; only one coming to mind is Blue Stance. While this doesnít exactly do that, you can easily run it in a Blue CS deck and the anger is pretty much automatic.

If it didnít have that stipulation, it would be a really good card for a wacky Blue anger. Youíll need to run blocks or some way to guarantee blocks for this card to work, so unless you run a ton or Blue CS, it wonít do you much good at all. Also, you canít forget that not all decks run attacks, so against those, this is more or less useless.

Regardless, Blue doesnít have a ton of good options for anger. If you want to attempt Blue anger, go with this card, but until Blue gets more anger cards, it isnít an archetype Iíd go after right now with a lot of other faster anger decks out there.

Standard: 3.2 out of 5.0 (good in Blue anger, thatís about it) Tuff Enuff: 2.1 out of 5.0 (anger not as important here)
Sealed: N/A
 Blue Backbreaker
Type: Physical Combat
Power: Physical attack doing +5 power stages of damage. If you stopped an attack during your last "Defender Defends" phase, raise your anger 2 levels.
Hm. Not that bad of a blue card. Considering how blue is always getting the crap cards these days. This card is great if you can get 3 of them. You can get them by either being a judge or from the cookie bag. Dunno how else you can get it besides ebay. Nice in blue physical beats. It gives you some anger if you stopped an attack during your last defender defends phase. With Kid Buu saga adding in more blue style physical attacks that do +5 and up, you can have a deck full of nothing but +5 and up physical attacks. And add in the Buu Saga blue mastery your attacks are gonna do alot of damage. And a lot of preventing as well.

Rating 3.0

 Blue Backbreaker, #J2

Power: Physical attack doing +5 power stages of damage. If you stopped an attack during your last "Defender Defends" phase, raise your anger 2 levels.

This is the second judge promo, and let me just say that it is complete crap compared to Fatherly Advice. This card would be a lot better in almost any other style, or freestyle. Blue is seriously the worst style for beatdown.
The Buu Saga Mastery is ok with physical beatdown, but there really are not too many good blue style physical attacks, or blue cards in general (minus blue terror). Anyway, this card is very hard to get for the average person, and it not even that great. It is alright in a blue physical beatdown deck, but it isn't anything major like a red axe heel kick is to red.

Standard - 2.5 (way too hard to get for such a crappy card)

Sealed Deck - N/A (doesn't come in packs)
KingBroly  Thursday: Blue Backbreaker
       Physical attack doing +5 power stages of damage. If you stopped an attack during your last "Defender defends" phase, then raise your anger 2 levels.

Standard: 2.5/5
Tuff Enuff: 3/5
       Not much to say, it gains you 2 anger if you stopped an attack, and it's not red. If it was red, it probably would have been better. But, then again you never know where a card like this could come in handy.  Since Anger is 12 feet under in Standard, the mode of suprise would be the only benefit.  For Tuff Enuff, where anger is more viable, but not important really, getting you up a level for a Blue beatdown deck is good, but not that good.
surlio Blue Backbreaker

An interesting judge card. A blue attack that is very nice, since +5 is nothing to be laughed at, and if you stopped an attack right before you played this, raise your anger 2. Blue anger is nothing to be taken lightly, since it can sneak up on you in a heartbeat. Most don't really expect it, which is what makes it a powerful tool and stratigy to use.

The card itself is iffy. A big attack that might raise your anger. A good combo card in Tuff enough, if you don't have Are You Tuff Enuff in your hand, but other than that, its not a great card. Big physicals aren't much unless they have the nice special attacks to back them up. I would rather run Blue Sledgehammer, bigger attack, large anger drop.

Personally, it was a big waste of a judge card, since most of the others were decent.

All Formats: 2.5

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