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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Vegeta's Energy Focus


Reviewed 1.20.2004

Avg. Standard Rating: 4.10


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
 1/20/04 – Tuesday
Vegeta’s Energy Focus – X Promo
Promo – #X2
Energy Combat

Power: Focused energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. If successful, this personality does not have to pay any costs for energy attacks for the remainder of Combat.

This is actually one of the best cards for an energy deck, but the problem with it is its rarity. Generally the easiest way to get it is the You Win card at the end of leagues.

The fact that it is focused and it does 5 life by itself makes it somewhat decent, even just to get around the Blue CS Mastery. The big key is the if successful effect, which is amazing for combo ability. Being able toss out energy after energy in the same combat for free allows you to rattle off a lot that can’t be disrupted by random physical attacks that hit you.

It is one of the vital components to the Orange Zarbon combo, while it helps out a lot of decks like Namekian and Vegeta decks that don’t have an easy way to throw out energy attacks. Being able to have free energies allows you to be just like a physical deck, which doesn’t exhaust from lack of stages but instead a lack of attacks. Energy needs both, and this card takes away that.

Often this is the one energy that will be stopped by a physical deck because they could just deny the stages and exhaust an energy deck. But regardless, if it does hit it gives the user a lot of options, especially if they are close to being in a lockdown.

Great card for many decks from Orange to Namekian to Freestyle Vegeta energy. If you are looking for a colorless energy attack with a nice effect, don’t leave out VEF. It can be easily thrown into any deck and be used to perfection.

Standard: 4.3 out of 5.0 (energy less prevalent, but gives energy decks a lot of power) Tuff Enuff: 4.5 out of 5.0 (with physical decks on the rise, this card is needed.
Sealed: N/A
 Vegeta’s Energy Focus, #X2

Power: Focused energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. If successful, this personality does not have to pay any costs for energy attacks for the remainder of Combat.

Sorry I haven't done the COD's for a while. This card, at least to me, is a staple in any deck that runs a fair amount of energy attacks. The energy attack is for 5, pretty basic, and is focused. This card used to be pretty saught after, and still kind of is. I got some of mine at Gen Con in some of the tournaments before worlds, which I think quite a few people did (you got a Piccolo's Power Ball as well just for entering the tourament). I believe the only way to get this card before that was to win it at a pre-release, if I am not mistaken. So this card is a pretty rare promo. Overall this card is really good, and can really help out against a physical beatdown deck. I personally use 3 in my Orange Supreme West Kai Drill/Ally/Energy Beatdown deck.


Standard - 4.15/5

Tuff Enuff - there is really no reason because tuff enuff is dead :( , but ... 4.25

Sealed Deck - N/A (doesn't come in packs or starters)
KingBroly  Tuesday - Vegeta's Energy Focus
Focused Energy attack doing 5 life cards of damage. If successful, you do not have to pay costs for your energy attacks you perform.

Standard:  4/5
Tuff Enuff:  5/5
       When this card came out, it was awesome, and it remains awesome. A great way to bring on lots & lots of pain quick and costless. I don't believe I've ever had anyone pull this one on me, but I could be wrong. How to combo it? Piccolo's Power Ball, Orange Scatter Shot, expensive Energy attacks that do lots of damage, well pretty much any energy attack. If you pull this card out, and you get a successful hit, then hope you have lots of energy attacks. KingBroly's best Personality for this situation: Yamcha, the Amazing! ^_^ For tuff enuff, use this card to get an easy overkill, but save it for a BIG OCCASSION!
surlio Card Review (though a bit late)
Vegeta's Energy Focus

Nice card. A focused energy for 5 that, if successful, makes all energies free. Not bad, though the if successful stuff kind of hurts it. The focused ability makes it interesting, and semi hard to stop against people who run lots of omni blocks. In a good comboing energy deck, this thing can be mean. Play this, then namekian strike, to pull something else, to play it, and so on. Namekian and Orange Energy decks should imbrace this card nicely.

The only real problem with this card is its if successful. There are a lot better cards that do similar things as secondary effects. The ammount of cards that do this are limited, and there are cards with much better effects that will benifit decks more. However, its a Vegeta named card, which can make Vegeta even better if you play his World Games.

This card is great, but not absolutely wonderful. The key to it is a propper deck set up and good timing. If you draw this in a hand that can't combo energies, it will have to be held. Its still a wonderful card.

All Formats: 4 of 5


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