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Bojack the Villainous - Level 2

Kid Buu Insert

Reviewed 2.4.2004

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Matthew Low
 2/4/04 – Wednesday
Bojack the Villainous Level 2 – Bojack Unbound Subset – Kid Buu Saga Insert/Promo - #9 Personality – Main Personality

Power: Constant Combat Power: (If Bojack is your Main Personality, your Allies can use this Constant Combat Power.) Personalities with the Bojack Unbound Subset Symbol can take control of Combat, even if this personality is 2 stages above 0 or higher. All of your attacks do +3 power stages of damage, and life cards of damage from the attacks are removed from the game instead of discarded.

Seeing most of what I would say about Bojack I said yesterday, I’m going to focus on the change from level 1 to 2. And let me say that it is a big one.

We thought that the level 1 was good… now there’s the level 2. The +1 stage for every Bojack ally out was awesome, but now that’s bumped up to +3 guaranteed. What’s up with that? Sure it is a bit less if you get all 4 out, but in a sense it is better because you won’t always get all 4 out. Only a few attacks need to hit for Bojack to capitalize on this ability, even alone.

Not only that, all life cards are now removed from the game. There are a lot of decks that rely on the discard pile and specific cards, namely regeneration decks and Blue MBS, and Bojack easily takes care of that. Many of the power stages that Bojack and his retinue dishes out will become life cards, and hence it becomes a very welcome addition. This easily makes up for the one less power stage.

With that in mind, keep some Aura Clashes or something to level you to deal with some problem decks. Bojack’s uncanny ability to remove cards can come in handy, so if you see your allies are being picked off or running into a problem deck, the level 2 can always help.

Standard: 4.7 out of 5.0 (ability to remove life cards can come in handy, big modifier) Tuff Enuff: 4.7 out of 5.0 (ditto)
Sealed: 1.2 out of 5.0 (level 2, enough said) ~matthewlow

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