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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from


Champions of Earth

GT Baby Saga

Reviewed 4.16.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 4.97
Avg. Focused Rating: 5.0


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Champions of Earth – GT Baby Saga
Rare - #199
Combat Event

Power: Endurance 0. Heroes only. Look at your opponent’s hand and choose a card to be placed at the bottom of his Life Deck.

Heh, one of the new staple cards from GT. At least in my opinion. Welcome to the world of people running 6 of the Confrontation clones, cards where you look at your opponent’s hand and take something.

Majin Buu’s Childish Taunt screws this card over, but otherwise, it is extremely good. You can start off with this, and unless your opponent uses TES, you’ll be taking their best card and shoving it at the bottom of their deck. Confrontation shuffled the deck, but here you have the option of making it harder for it to be drawn back up. Think about using it against decks where you don’t want to shuffle their deck, like DB decks that get their DBs stuck at the bottom. Better yet, use this on a Dragon Ball…

There’s not a lot to say outside of just use it. Being able to flat out enter and take your opponent’s best card, and know pretty much what they have for the rest of the Combat can easily turn the tide of a game in your favor. Pack your hero deck with three of these along with its cousin Confrontation, and you’re ready to control many games.

Some speed decks have gone away from running this many because it cuts down on speed, but I personally like control, knowing your combo is going to work.

Just run this card. Your deck should get better. Notably in Focused with the lack of Trunks Energy Sphere. Even in Expanded, it becomes your best way to lure out that TES.

Expanded: 4.9 out of 5.0 (cuts down on some speed, staple material otherwise)
Focused: 5.0 out of 5.0 (staple of course)
Sealed: 4.0 out of 5.0 (obviously staple, but it is heroes only so you might get it when you are a villain…)
Elvish Crack Piper Champions of Earth

Simply amazing.

Every hero deck, with next to no exception, needs to run 3
of these and 3 confrontations. The only deck I can see not using this is the 50 card blue earth dragonball speed decks that will never be declaring combat.

Beatdown Vs. Beatdown, kill your opponents block all if
they have 1 block, if they have all attacks you know you
can then not worry about blocks. If they have all blocks,
Get rid of the best one and then just pass.

Beatdown Vs. Dragonball. Draws a sphere, but stopping a
Goku's Dball Quest for a little bit can be nice.

Beatdown Vs. DV. They cant DV without a DV in hand.

Dragonball Vs. Beatdown Declare Combat, Use this, get rid
of the Kick/Fury Block All then combo out for balls. GG.

Dball Vs. Dball Get rid of the best anti Dball tech in your opponent hand, if it isnt sphered.

Dball Vs. DV. Heh, HEHEHE. Dragonball gets to run Krillins Concentration, Piccollo and Hero's Gather, Expectant Trunks, and maybe Fatherly Advice to find out black scout manuver. Bye Bye DV. Not that DV is exactly great in the enviroment . Oh yeah.

Anger decks.


The biggest anger deck are those decks that try to play piccollo's multiform and play the 2 card from babidi saga that makes all attacks raise 1 anger for remainder of combat. Killing a card that gives the opponent 3 anger and makes the rest of his attacks do +2 anger is pretty useful, nigh gamewinning. If used first and you kill the multiform your opponent will need 3 times as many combats to win, which should be plenty of time to get the anger kill you need out.

Against classic anger decks that just run alot of card that raise anger, it slows them by 2 anger, which isnt great. Funny thing, the anger decks that dont randomly win first turn are better when your opponent is running 6 of these.

Oh yeah, and anger cant afford to run them, which is sad,
but they would hurt your plan of winning real fast. Hurt
so much as to add an additional combat or 2 which is death
to any of the tier 1 dball or beatdown.

Champions of earth is simply amazing. It belongs in every non-anger hero deck that runs more than 50 cards.

5/5 in all formats.
Mystique Gohon Champions of earth

heroes only: look at your opponents hand and choose a card to be placed at the bottom of his or her life deck.
the only reason i see to use this card is if your opponent does not have enough cards in his deck to live another attack.use this card to bring pain and misery buy getting rid of the card that could stop your attack to finish him or her off.other then that i dont see a real good reason to use this card other then to finish your set in you binder.

on a scale of 1-10 i give this card a 2.5
but a 10 to finish you set, ha ha.
~Surllio~ Champions of Earth
GT Rare
Combat Event Card

By the time you review this, I'll be in Atlanta, settling in to my hotel and helping my two partners in crime going along with me. Hope to see you there. Remember, look for me, I will have a "Surllio" name badge on.

On to the review.

Ah, Hand manipulation is its best form. Look at their hand, pick a card, put it where you know they won't have a lot of access to it, at the bottom of the life deck.

This card is 10 times better than confrontation, but both cards are powerful. Another Hero's only remove a card from your opponents hand. Why do I like this one better than confrontation? Putting the card on the bottom of the life deck takes away most of the opponents ability to get it back quickly. He will have to cycle through the deck or shuffle it to even get that card into a respectable place. Compared to suffling it back into the life deck, which could end up with them drawing it right back (rare, but I've seen it happen numerous times), its much better.

This card is a hero staple, much like its counterpart, Confrontation, and its evil sister cards, Menicing Evil and Android 18s Stare down. Though the villian versions are a bit better, they all have their uses.

Hand manipulation is a critial part of any deck, and the ability to do so while looking at the opponents hand is just a wonderful tool. Not only do you get to see what else they have, but you get to elminate the most threatening card in their hand. Got a good combo hand, get rid of that stop all. Were they holding that TES for use agianst another card, get rid of it. Light on defense, get rid of that huge attack. The stuff you can do with this card is valuable. Disrupting another players plans is always wonderful.

Focused: 5 of 5 (Hand Manip!)
Expanded: 5 of 5 (same as above)
Sealed: 5 of 5 (hand manip! Hand manip! Hand manip!)

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