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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from


Pan Level 1

GT Baby Saga

Reviewed 4.15.2004

Avg. Expanded Rating: 3.82
Avg. Focused Rating: 3.42


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Matthew Low
Pan Level 1 – GT Baby Saga
Starter - #269

Power: Energy attack doing 10 life cards of damage. Costs 3 power stages to perform. Until the end of your next turn, if your opponent advances a personality level and Pan is your MP, Pan may advance a level.

She’s good as a MP and an ally. In both formats to an extent. What can I say?

As an MP, her big energy is nothing to shake a stick at when you are starting off the game. Her PUR is welcomed along with the ability to jump a level easily. Try leveling your opponent with Are You Tuff Enuff or Aura Clash and you’ll jump to level 3 pretty quickly. She can start off the game on the offense nicely in energy beatdown decks, and is probably the best option for a level 1 right now.

As an ally, she’s right up there with Krillin. Her effect does not work, but she has more stages, which can help immensely. Big energy attacks in allies is welcomed. Same stuff as with Krillin; can be ZWG in, nice PUR, etc.

Her counterpart ally is the one in Kid Buu that regenerates cards based on how many Saiyans are out. Some decks would run that one over the GT version because regeneration is very important in many decks. Spirit Bomb focused ones would go for that one to regenerate key cards. Only problem is you usually won’t get too many cards when you use her, and in a sense you can do more net damage with the GT version.

Try Pan out. She’s good all around. You can’t go too wrong with her. She’s an energy fiend, but you can always try out some interesting combinations with DB/Energy hybrid and whatnot. Red and Blue have shown me some interesting options she can be throw in.

Expanded: 4.6 out of 5.0 (good as an MP, ally, all around)
Focused: 4.6 out of 5.0 (stronger as ally than MP, still decent otherwise)
Sealed: 5.0 out of 5.0 (you’ll pretty much always get her, always run her if you are hero)

Pan Lv.1 - Baby Saga

Awesome ally so say the least. An ally with alot of power stages and an energy attack for 10 as well. Her power is interesting as well. If you opponent advances a level during his turn you get to advance with him. So it saves you the removal of 10 cards in your discard pile and its a huge energy attack to boot. Depending on the type of deck youre running this level might not be the obvious choice. Since all her HTs have empty powers for cards like Fiesta Pan and Pan's spirit attack. But i would rather go with the HT for this level. Shes a great ally and her power is decent for a level 1 MP. 

Focused 3.5
Expanded 3.0

Mystique Gohon
pan level 1
power stage 0-1,200,000
energy attack doing 10 life cards of damage and cost 3 to use
the effect of the card is until the end of your turn,if your opponent advances a personality level and pan is you MP, pan may advance a level.
this card is alot better to play then krillin.more power stages and one heck of an attack power.who would not like to advance a free level at any one time.i think youll see a lot of people play as pan do to a free level jump and her other stages.the engery attack doing 10 life cards of damage with a low cost catches my eye.
one a level of 1-10,  if you play 1-4 i give pan a 8.
~Surllio~ Pan Level 1
GT Personality Card

I first want to say, for all those I will see at regionals in Atlanta, best of luck to you all. I will have a name tag with "Surllio" on it. Look for me

Now, on to the card.

Pan's Level 1 is a very interesting card. As an ally, its a decent attack with a moderate cost. But, she isn't the greatest ally in the game.

As far as her as an MP, thats a totally different story.

Pan loves energy decks, as well as energy decks that run dragon balls. Her stage one is a powerful set up card for her later stages, allowing her access to her upper stages without ever have to touch her discard pile. The fact that you can keep this attack in a constant loop, people who know what Pan is capible of will think twice before they try to just level by any means. Leveling means you give her better stuff, most of which lets her pull a DB and still use its power, which can be truely devistating.

In Focused, this can be brutal, but Expanded is where she shines the most. With Anger and Discard leveling, by keeping her in a constant feed for this attack, you keep you opponent on level one, or waiting for a loop break so that she doesn't level as well. However, there is a neat little trick with this power. If she is on anger, Aura Clash or Are you Tuff Enuff forces your opponent and you up, which in turn, Gives Pan 2 levels. Talk about flying. Putting her on level 3 with one card is not only effective, but gives her better DB pulling and additional damage to all her attacks.

Pan is one of my more personal favorite characters in GT, and this card power really makes her an interesting and fun character to play.

Focused: 2.5 of 5 (Neat, but not all that effective)
Expanded: 5 of 5 (insane leveling)
Sealed: 5 of 5 (great ally, you get her promised, and as an MP, she has an advantage of keeping people on lower stages)
Elvish Crack Piper Pan Level 1 GT
Energy attack doing 10 life cards. Until the end of your
next turn, if your opponent advances a Personality level
and Pan is your MP, Pan may advance a Personality level

As an Ally this is for getting damage only. So she is less effective than the allies the new GT allies that have extra effects along with beef attacks.

As a main personality she could be used in some sort of red beat ball that uses attacks and such while getting dragonballs into play with her levels 2 and 3 powers. This would seem to be better in focused where she can more easily get to levels 2 or 3.

In focused shes better if just for the fact that there isnt
as many good allies in focused.

She's a MP in sealed, so I dont see her being an ally.

Expanded 3/5
Focused 4/5
Sealed Nr/A

Pan Level 1 GT

Average. The energy is decently sized, as GT energies go, the secondary effect is the main meat of this card. Decks that level quickly (anger decks, Black Energetic, Saiyan Supreme), now have to wait, or give you a level as well, meaning full stages, and another personality power to use. Decent, but Pan has low stages, and not enough support to be really tier in focused or expanded.

Limited, meh. She can probably do alright.

Expanded 2.5/5

Focused 2.5/5

Limited 3/5

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