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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

image from

Z Warriors Gather

Cell Saga

Reviewed June 9, 2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.75
Avg. TE: Rating - 3.85


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Pojo We also reviewed this card on May 9th, 2002.  Reviews from IQ, Aik & more are posted.
Z Warriors Gather - Cell Saga
Ultra Rare - # 157
Search your Life Deck for up to 7 Allies and put them into play at 3 power stages above 0. Remove from the game after use.
Ooh...a shiny Ultra Rare...::drools::
Anywhos, if you're an ally freak, like Matthew Low (who picked this weeks CotDs), then there's no way around it...yuo must run this in your deck. If you can get one...I mean, I've only pulled one UR in my life and I don't exactly have the stuff that people around here (ie: Austin Ray) need for trades, and I won't trade online. But, if you <b>can</b> get one, and you have an ally deck, run it. That's about all there is to it...
Wow...7 allies...
Standard: 4/5...running this in an ally deck can give you an easy win, with a little luck: Pull off one of these early game, lower yourself to zero using one of the many many methods nowadays, and energy attacks. Eh, or go ahead and pull off any of the many attacks that do more for the more allies you have out..."I'll Orange Junction Energy Blast for...12."
Tuff Enuff: 4/5...again, wow. Lots of fun in TE, as well.
- Proxy
AJC468 Z Warriors Gather:

This card is one of, if not the best card for pure ally decks. The problem is that ally decks are dying with the new saga, so much ally hate >_<. Your best bet when running an ally deck is to revolve around winning before the end of your 3rd turn. Now this card helps this deck type greatly, but I would never run this in a non ally deck, there are so many better cards that can search for just 1/2 allys and put them at full instead of 3 above. Kinda funny that this card's worst nightmare was released in the same set (Cell's Presence). But, these are both ultra rares so not many have them, and most aren't willing to spend 30-50 doallers on one card that works good in one deck type. But if you pull one out of a pack, by all means have fun with it, getting this out quick can be a really game winner, roshi ally anyone? Since score is against physical decks at the moment (the new eratta), energy is the best bet since you can't count on them getting you to 0/1above, but that is common sense, lol. I'd use this card in TE more than standard, but it is pretty close.

Good Points of ZWG:

-7 allys in one card
-not restricted or RFTGAU

Bad Points of ZWG:
-allies are put at 3 above
-pure ally decks are dying
-it's a UR

Standard: 3
TE: 3.5

6/9/03 - Monday
Z Warriors Gather - Cell Saga
Ultra Rare - #157

Power: Search your Life Deck for up to 7 Allies and put them into play at 3 power stages above 0. Remove from the game after use.

This card owns! ^_^ It is my all time favorite card for gameplay, and still looks cool anyway. I'd consider it to be one of my favorite cards regardless.

The sheer power of this card is just uncanny. Let's see... first turn I'll put out Z Warriors Gather, have Blue Draining Blast/Straining Destruction Move/Black Physical Focus, and something else in hand (maybe defense like Time, or something like Confrontation, TES, Group Attack). Drain to zero, ZWG, allies out, ownage! I usually pull Bardock, Android 18, Oolong, 3-4 energy attacking allies, and Trunks (energy defense) or Froug (physical defense). If I feel like it, I might just go all out beats with just Bardock and energy allies and eat my opponent's deck before he has anything to say about it.

The way ally works is to stay in combat, get to zero or one above, and then use all your allies powers, effectively draining your opponent's deck away. This is due to the multiple attacks, sorta of like major hand advantage every turn. With ZWG being like 7 additional cards, one of these early can turn the game in your favor.

There is no card that comes even close to the amount of searching power that ZWG has. Unexpected Company gets two allies, but nothing gets more (I don’t count They’re All There) to come close to seven. This is one of the best ways to get an ally army, outside of a first turn South Kai. Even giving them only a measly 3 stages still allows them to take a few physical attacks, dish out 2-4 turns of energies, and still be ready to fight if need be.

The problem with this card is after you use one or two, the third becomes pretty useless. Then again you shouldn’t have too many problems with that. ZWG needs to have massive allies run in the deck, while it generally works only if you run three so you can get the quick advantage in the early game.

That and there’s the looming card Cell’s Presence and the other million look-alikes. Right after a Z Warriors Gather, one card that sweeps all allies can mean good game for any ally deck. Cell’s Presence is the most threatening as those allies are gone, generally never to come back. Without allies left in the deck, it can be over. Cell’s Presence balances ZWG and is considered the counterpart for it.

This card has a ton of power, but only if it gets the seven allies, maybe one or two less, but mainly when it gets them all. If used at the right time, it can allow one to control the board. That and the sheer power of the card scares your opponent from attacking unless it can get rid of the card or have some massive defense.

By the way, I can be bias in my rating… because I can. And I chose this card, so there.

Standard: 4.5 out of 5.0 (ally got stronger with Blue Draining Blast, allowing ally to go Blue and stop Majin Vegeta with the Mastery, but Namekian’s ability to search out Cell’s Presence still strong)

Tuff Enuff: 4.6 out of 5.0 (ally is a bit stronger in TE, but the gaining of levels can drive the power stages of the MP for a loop)

Sealed: 1.3 out of 5.0 (it probably won’t happen, but if it does, you might be able to make this card work if you pulled allies)


Z Warrior’s Gather –

The best ally gathering card in the game. Opposite of Cell’s Presence, this card will allow you to get seven allies and place them into play. It could be seven allies that perform energy attacks or seven allies that hold the deck down (defensive) or a mixture between the two. You could go for the early seven attacking allies, then get your main personality to 0 and pretty much do 28 life cards of damage in one turn. Or something like that. Either way, it’s a good card and true ally decks should have at least two. But this card is the reason why I run Cell’s Presence in my deck.

Standard – 3/5

Tuff Enuff – 3/5

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