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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Z Warriors Gather

Ultra Rare - Cell  Saga


Reviewed May 9, 2002


Standard Rating: 3.70 (based on 5 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 3.40 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
This card is one of those URs everyone wants yet those who have it don't use it... weird isn't it? :-/


The card sounds and looks pretty amazing but a lot of ally decks don't use it, maybe it's because this is one of those cards where you use three or none. The card makes a lot of players think they can run a ton of allies but they usually take a beating early game because they're drawing allies insted of attacks and blocks. There is a balance to the card and only few
decks out there have found it.... one of them is my Chi-chi deck ^_^ yup that's right!! I said a Chi-chi deck ~_0

Rating 3.7

Tuff Enuff

If you can get one out turn one this card can be a game breaker but in Tuff Enuff there's tons of ally hate. Think every deck has at least 9 cards that can hurt allies because if an ally deck sets up it's almost alwayz gona win. Ally decks might seem like the best way to go in Tuff Enuff but it really makes you think if you'll have the time to set up in this fast environment, besides w/ the release of Cell Games there's more things to worry about.... it's not just about survival anymore O_O

Rating 3.5
Today's card is the Ultra Rare (phh...>.<!) Z Warriors Gather
This card is awesome. Search your deck for up to 7 allies!! Thats sweet!! If your opponet is playing a Goku's Heart Diasease, you may want to keep one in your deck, just soemthing to remember. With the awesome Cell Jrs out, 4 or more of these things are devastating!! Especially their powers and PLs! ZWG gets those out for Cell. If you use Straining Self Destruct move, you can get to beatdown with your Cell Jrs for a combat ^_^ For the price of removing a discard pile from the game. But I still like this card.
My rating for ZWG? 3.5/5 WOul have got a 4, but its an Ultra Rare...!!! ><
This card is still awesome in TE, not many use much allies as Ive seen, but those that do, this card helps from a physical beatdown you cant stop, keep going thru the allies. Or with Cell's Arena out, you could use all them to keep your energys flowing. But not as good as in standard.
ZWG's rating in TE? 3/5. Yes 3 out of 5. Uhmm because of.....BAMBOO!! Yes bamboo. You see this thing right here? *points*
"Is this bamboo?"
"Dat aint bamboo it looks like bamboo but dat aint bamboo this is all remade nothings real, so this aint bamboo its just soooooofffttt wood. Bamboo green not brown and soft cuz bamboo green not brown and soft cuz bamboo..."
Trunks The Swordsman Z Warriors Gather - Cell Saga

Well isn't this card just a punk? Search your life deck for 7 allies and put them all into play. I wish i had 3 of these to play myself but sadly i don't own one of these. It is a very good card for ally decks obviously. Ally beatdown decks are being played more and more and having ZWG in your deck just helps the beatdown work even better. You get 7 more allies out then you play cards like ally wins, orange junction energy blast, group attack, then you play every single one of there personality powers. Its like a never ending attack with allies.. I despise allies thats why i play cells presence ^_^

Rating - 3.0


Aik Tongtharadol of the ultra rares from Cell Saga. Now how else are you going to get 7 allies directly into play with just one card? Hehe, thought so :)

This card is a must for any ally deck...provided you can get your hands on one (or more!). There are lesser substitutes for 3, or 2...but not 7!

'Nuff said :)

Standard: 4.0
Tuff Enuff: 4.0

Aik Tongtharadol

Thursday - Z Warriors Gather

I'm back, finally. Sorry I was gone for so long, but u know how school goes. >.< And now for my ranting about this card, Z Warriors Gather. >_<

This card is a must for ally decks. First of all, it's a non-combat which is good in one way cuz u can use it whenever u want to. However, it being a non-combat, it's vulnerable to those nasty cards that dispose of non-combats. :( Most ally decks I've seen are centered around many, many allies. *glares at IQ* So, instead of using cards that get ur allies out slowly, this card can grab up to 7 at a time from ur life deck! That can scare the stuffing outta anyone not prepared for ur army of allies. Another great thing about this card is it is NOT limit one per deck. ^_^ Which means u can have 3 of em in ur deck, that is IF u can get one in the first place, seeing as how it's an ultra-rare. >.<

Other than that, it's an all in all good card.

Final Rating: 3.5 outta 5

Tuff Enuff Rating -

I wouldn't bother with allies in a Tuff Enuff. U need to hit hard and often, and if u have a strong enough MP, u don't need to worry about taking up attack and defense room with allies and ally getting cards. BUT! If u have a weaker MP, I do suggest allies... and if ur gonna have allies... have a few Z Warriors Gather too. n_~

Tuff Enuff Rating: 3 outta 5



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