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Saikyo Cardfighter R on Cardfight!! Vanguard
April 10, 2017

Supreme and Suck-ass: G-Booster 10


Good heavens, look at the time! It's another backhanded look at a G Booster!


Another G Booster squeezed out of Bushiroad's ass-cheeks and that means it's once again time to examine exactly what are the money cards in it, despite my misgivings on their actual viability. The G-Units and G-Guardians seem to be the only bloody sign of progress for all these decks, aside from new fail-con Grade 3s that aren't suck-tacular, but the cruel bastards in Japan can't even give us any R or C staples. Or that promo that everyone was looking forward to but Bushi decided we could get fucked and receive Critical Trigger packs instead.


The clans getting support this set are Murakumo, Tachikaze, Royal Paladin, Neo Nectar, Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, and Nova Grappler. Although I do wonder what the point was of even including Royals and Neo Nectar at all: they only have 6 and 7 cards respectively each. However that means less work to analyze so I'm not going to look a gift horse, etc. Anyway, gaze upon these money cards and despair.


Murakumo: You're going to see this as a recurring problem with the clans this booster I'm afraid: the fact that the G-Units are the only chase cards for most of them, aside for the under-represented decks. Having said that, Murakumo has at least one new main deck card in Ikyuu. Aids in the Yasuie Tenma turn and there IS room in the G2 lineup for most Yasuie decks, but as you've probably guessed, you're here for new Yasuie and his G-Unit Gouma. There's also Hyakki Vogue support here but honestly, their main trick is Kagamijishi-level tactics and without the potential to use Homura Raider with impugnity like Yasuie, it's a casual build. At least it's only three cards to worry about.


Get it for: New Yasuies (both of them), Stealth Rogue of Envy, Ikyuu


Tachikaze: First of all, the Rex support is sort of decent. Makes them a budget option but I'm assuming you have cash to waste. I can't recommend any of it as long as the best Rex deck is basically G1 Seven Seas abuse 2.0, but the option's there. Gaia decks are also the main winner here, with new Gaia, a G-Guardian and a G-Unit, who can all be comfortably run due to the lack of better options. Aside from that, in terms of C and R rarity cards? Nothing will replace the good old Tank Mammoth, Jigsawsaurus and Sarcoblaze in terms of G1s, and There's MAYBE one Grade 1 that can be run as a tech alongside the rest of the G1s, but like Murakumo, the new cards are techs, nothing more.


Get it for: New Gaias (both of them), Blockade Ganga, Savage Mystique.


Royal Paladin: LITERALLY Luminous Hope Dragon is the only thing worth getting in this set. The rest are either clones or support for Brave that's so crap that they can be safely ignored.


Get it for: Luminous Hope Dragon.


Neo Nectar: Suffering from similar problems, only Selfina is worth getting. But in all honesty, between the existing options and the fact better finishers exist you could probably survive without her


Get it for: Selfina.


Shadow Paladin: This is what most people were looking forward to. The Shadow Paladins are few, although not Neo Nectar level few, but they have some gems. A reprint of Aurageyser Dragon (would be nice if we didn't get it in English again, but what the hell, here's another chance) and Belial Owl, Luard's personal Critical Trigger going for stupid amounts on preorder. It also has one of the two GR rarity cards this set, being Draganger Ogma, which is Phamtom Blaster Diablo except it's not a finisher really. In terms of what can be put in the existing Luard deck, Dragwizard Midir is the only one of note, but it's mostly as a tech. Still a nice tech though as Karma Collector is falling out of favour and Countercharging options are nice. All in all, so far Ritual decks can only be improved upon, and what they got was really nice.


Get it for: Draganger Ogma, Aurageyser Dragon if you're one of those freaks without one yet for some reason, Belial Owl.


Gold Paladin: This has easily the least impressive lineup going for them, for such a wide selection of cards. Both versions of the new Gurguit are what you're here for. I also note that they are trying to push a deck revolving around Garmore (any flavour as the G-Unit is both a Gold and Royal Paladin) but frankly he's incomplete. His second skill is relevant and after that, the number of useful High Beasts is a bit too low to make this worth actually using. Which sucks because the commons could have done more to address this, but no. It's mostly just the new Gurguits and Kinarius if you want to tech that. Oh and Alessia the new Perfect Guard if you wish to troll VMAX a bit and cannot find normal PGs for original Gurguit.


Get it for: New Gurguits (both of them), Build Peak Dragon, Holy Mage Alessia.


Nova Grappler: Blau support! All of my yes. It helps that it can pressure quickly and can continue to do so thanks to the generic finishers like Victoplasma. As far as the new toys go, a new Break Ride and a G-Unit with a practically LB5 restriction, as well as Neptune and Venus are the most relevant ones to get. They've also reprinted Dunkelheit and Galaxy Blau so try and use this set to get them if you haven't already. The Victor support is also here of course, and aside from both new Victors (one being the other GR Rarity card), the only new cards I see that could work are Clay-doll Chariots and Spart Centaur, since everything else relevant in Victor lack Rush, but can't really be lost, like Hank and Arasheed. Oh, and also because they empty soul and eat Counterblast, which the new G Guardian wants you to do.


Get it for: New Victors (both of them), Unior, whatever G1s and 2 have Rush, to tech to your liking.


Huh, that's shorter than I thought. Most of these summaries take up at least two whole pages. I guess it helps that Royals and Neos got shafted this booster. So to summarise, Nova Grappler will eat your children. And most of your cash. Now get out there and waste money. The more you spend, the tastier your tears when I shut all that Generation Break shit down.


I’m taking requests for articles if there’s something about Vanguard you need to gripe about. Email ideas at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com. Or drop a message on my Twitter account!




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