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Saikyo Presents:
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Saikyo Cardfighter R on Cardfight!! Vanguard
 July 25, 2016

BT Broadband? No, BT-Bermuda Triangle! G Clan Booster 3

It’s the annual waifu support booster. Saikyo examines it.


Well, it’s time to take stock of the annual support for fanservice.clan again, and find out whether or not one of my local friends really intends to take Bermudas to Team League after he earned 2 byes for Nationals in the UK Shop Circuit. Props to this one for attempting to revive an old deck rather than just tokenly support old archetypes – oh wait, they did that two? Well, fuck that then.

I kid. The PRISMs finally stopped being terrible (I wasn’t shitting people when I said that a re-standing Vanguard option solves the problem for almost everything bad), but that was pretty much the only thing I gave a shit about as spoilers dropped. Now I’m sort of semi-professionally obliged to look at the new stuff in a bit more detail, so let’s see how they’re holding up. Just to clarify: anything that could basically be happily shoved into any old crap BT deck such as G Guardians will be ignored. If you want my opinion on them, go to the COTD page for that, lazy ass.

Oh yeah, and I find the concept of ridiculous bling from the Wedding SPs to be stupid, even though I know the reason why. I’m going to distance myself from you once the media finds out.

Lauris/Harmony: Well let’s just get the obvious one out of the way first. Most of the Harmony cards are basically way token. Pretty much the only reason to run any of them is if you turn out to be one of those complete freaks using Grade 3 Olyvia when it eventually gets released. The RR and above cards are pretty much the only urgent pulls for this deck. Anya, Vita and Spica are the best pulls for you, Spica starting a trend of new Generation Break fail-cons that are RRR and suck a bit less than older ones. But Celebrate Voice Lauris is what you’re basically wanting most of all for this deck: she isn’t bad by any stretch but she’s no G4 Gurguit. Still, another finisher is good, Harmony is lacking in that regard. So the good news is that while too much of it is blatantly unnecessary, there’s enough good pulls here that it’s worth investing in either way.

Score: 3/5

Duo: 4 Duo cards this set. One’s a Quintet Wall and is thus pretty worthless, so what about the others? Well, the fact the rest are all common ought to clue you in: only the new starter is actually worth running over the existing Duo options we got before, but even then you’d probably favour Darling more owing to the capacity to spam for stupid advantage. They are therefore uninteresting to talk about. Let us move on.


http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/cardfight/images/a/a7/G-CB03-004EN-RRR_%28Sample%29.png/revision/latest?cb=20160601114439Raindear: And here I thought she’d never come back to life. Raindear got six new cards to support her this set. 2 of those cards can be treated as Grade 3s, so she’s supposed to be put on Daikaiser levels of consistent, even if she’s still a bit sacky. The main draw however is her evolved form, Peaceful Voice Raindear. To be honest, she seems a bit of a cheese card. As far as the rest of her support goes, they do the job I suppose, but their conditional, if free plusses can be a bit of a turn-off to some. At least Peaceful Raindear still works with G Units on RG circle. All in all however there’s another deck with the support from this set and the last who can probably do this deck’s job better. I don’t really believe in being hipster for its own sake either unless you play casual.


Coral: We only got like 3 cards. And I don’t like any of them. My immediate problem is Frontier Star Coral. I won’t go into a lot of detail here when I can just review her card, but suffice to say that assuming you run the pure Coral build with a few liberties and the 2 support cards here, the entire deck basically turns into a Lauris deck except with forced vanilla choices and less capacity to finish. Which basically means the Harmony deck wins out for having the same options but with more units actually relevant to the cause. The deck exists basically to pull Magia shenanigans and make Kagero and similar cry a bit but the deck’s still pretty hopeless compared to the other options we have. Not even the chance-based +1s in the form of her two support cards ail the symptoms any.


PRISMs: I’ll be frank, you’re in this set for their new G Unit. Sunshine Vert is what PRISMs needed to start actually causing problems for people. The option of a re-standing Vanguard followed by some pretty nasty pressure is always a treat. In fact, I’d probably go so far as to say that all the PRISMS in this set are worth getting. You can probably get away without Sapphire because Koro is still better for your immediate needs, but for the most part things have really looked up for this deck. I rate this subclan as having the best bang for your buck and is the reason the prices of older PRISMs went up.


So just to summarise, meh Coral, crap Duos, okay sorta Harmony, okay sorta Raindear, and PRISMs are the new destroyers. Oh yeah, and I’m also very disappoint over the lack of Pacifica support here but it’s probably time to accept she fell into the same paddling pool as the crap archetypes like Beast Deities. Yeah I just said that, come at me, peeps. I’ll fight yer.

Pitch your ideas on how we now support Bermuda Princess Lena at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com

I have a Twitter account now. Drop me a line if you really have nothing better to do!




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