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Saikyo Cardfighter R on Cardfight!! Vanguard
 June 13, 2016

Shinys and Shite-Gravy: G-Booster 7

Yes, it’s that time again.


The really great thing about being some sort of amateur journalist is the freedom to change my opinion on the fly whenever convenient, as per the outline of the Hypocritic Oath. And I suppose with the release of new cards that are in theory designed to iron out several flaws (or just burn more holes in the smart suits) it’s as good a time to backpedal as any. Yes, it’s another G Booster and thus another examination on what to exercise your irrational hatred of money on.

The clans getting support this set are Gear Chronicle, Angel Feather, Kagero, Dark Irregulars, Dimension Police and Gold Paladin. A good series of all-rounders that got bugger all G Support except for two of them, obviously, but of course quantity doesn’t of course assure quality. So once again keywords are the big seller in this pack, but which ones suck more? Well most of them, frankly, but that’s beside the point. Well then, let’s get it on.

Gear Chronicle: So obviously I need to address the fact GC players can now build a GC deck that works that ISN’T Chronojet, shock horror. Chronofang Tiger. As far as he and the rest of his support go, they’re decent enough, but I feel that they ought to do a bit more besides columns and field consistency. Maybe next set will solve that or something. Every clan except Cray Elemental also gets another G Guardian for you to use too, so grab Rapbanna as well. The Time Leap support continues to be pretty uninteresting and probably won’t change much for those sticking to their guns with Chronojet. In fact, until Chronofang decks can warp cards with the same reliability of Chronojet, despite the ease of Striding with it, I’d say Jet still reigns. Grab all of Tiger’s support though because you KNOW next set will improve it and it’s nice to futureproof.

Get it for: Chronofang Tiger, Bind Time Dragon, Rapbanna, Mudal, Parallel Barrel Dragon.

Angel Feather: I get the feeling that all the support in here was released under the assumption Refros wouldn’t be a problem in Japan. Your best bet is of course Black Seraph Gavrail, but she’s basically the backbone of the entire operation (pun intended). Without her Battle Phase chains and Refros, Rescue as a whole isn’t viable. You’re effectively turning the entire deck into a vanilla deck until Gavrail appears, which to me isn’t exactly a point in its favour, making the deck boring until then. Oh yeah, and it still dies to reliable board wipe. There’s also the token Celestial support so if you’re still running that, get them too. Overall though, as we didn’t get hit with the Refros limitation (yet) I suppose it’s still worth picking up the best Rescue units at any rate, for the Nociel/Gavrail decks.

Get it for: Gavrail, Munkar, all Celestial support, Doctoroid Remunon, Black Dream Zambaniya, Drill Motor Nurse.

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/cardfight/images/5/51/G-BT07-005-RRR_%28Sample%29.png/revision/latest?cb=20160517013204Kagero: I refuse to be called biased on this, even though it may sound like I totally am. To be honest, Blaze left me cold, ironically. It could have worked if all the Blaze skills did things like gain Crit on rear-guard circle or on hit benefits that weren’t chance based, but unfortunately, most of it is just raw power, or the on-hits don’t provide any more power to makes things easier and assassinate more hand. So it’s basically Overlord all the way, as always. Grab the G Guardians of course because Denial Griffin is pretty stupid, and structured right, so is Defeat Flare Dragon, who will be the most expensive pull alongside new Gurguit. If you still insist on Blademaster, you’d better get used to the fact Magia still fucks you over, because it’s still just more retiring.

Get it for: Denial Griffin, Defeat Flare Dragon, Blademaster Taiten, Radiant Dragon, Spherical Lord Dragon if you can’t find any other Overlords.

Dark Irregulars: This clan got a reprint, Doreen the Thruster, which is pretty sweet. Plenty of support for the Blade Wing archetype too, although only two of them are worth using. It’s painfully obvious they got screwed hard, however, because unlike the other clans here they didn’t get a new finishing alternative to Gilles de Rais, not even a Scharhrot Stride fusion. As far as the Darkness support is concerned, it’s pretty competent, but sadly, none of them competently soulcharge by themselves and you’ll need to hit the sweet fifteen soul threshold to make the most of them, so only the best ones stay while the rest of the deck dedicates itself to the setup. As always, grab your second G Guardian and the new G Unit, but for the most part there’s little to grab here that’s worthwhile.

Get it for: One Eyed Succubus, Doppel Vampir, Blade Wing Sycus, Reincarnate Blade Wing, Ericrius, Saint Germain.

Dimension Police: Burst is pretty much the most viable keyword out here, because you could pretty happily make a mono-Burst deck with little problems because of the easy enough requirements and the fact it’s actually relevant. So I would advise going the Granblue route and pretty much just grabbing whatever Burst support you can get your mitts on. Enigman gets a buff too but relative to your other options, it’s still pretty underwhelming, though not terrible. I still don’t think the G Dimension Police deck works without Laurel and still does nothing to solve its issues with Perfect Guards, apart from like one backup Grade 3 who shouldn’t be your priority ride anyway, but all in all I’d call it the best clan for your money’s worth next to Overlords. Of course.

Get it for: X Carivou, X Gallop, everything with Burst. EVERYTHING.

Gold Paladin: Unite has this set to flesh itself out. How’d it do? Not great. The only Unite card worth using is new Gurguit, who’s going to be expensive as fuck due to being a GR. Ezel support here as well, but most of it is only for consistency and doesn’t really provide the deck with anything amazing. I suppose the more generic cards here are okay, but it’s painfully obvious that they’re only here to support Gurguit’s Stride skill and not much else. No GB1 Bruno or anything that provides the deck with any actual offensive options outside of your ridiculously expensive finisher. On the whole, I’m not sold on spending Counterblast just to support a condition considering it won’t even translate into much else. Grab everything listed below and screw the rest.

Get it for: Sleimy Flare, Scarface Lion, Bellimore, new Gurguit, Jeffry, Ezel support if that really floats your boat.

So there we have it. I cannot believe Dimension Police of all clan got the sweetest deal this Booster, because everything else is going to require a lot of cherry picking second hand. And you wonder why I have precisely zero faith in buying packs unless they’re prizes I won for free.

Of course I pre-ordered my Overlord cards. Rant at me for it at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com


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