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Saikyo Cardfighter R on Cardfight!! Vanguard
 March 21, 2016

Phenomenons and Phlegm: G-Booster 6

Keywords, keywords everywhere, and also borked rarity distribution.


This is the set that everyone is going to remember as having the most fucked-up ratio of RRR cards in living memory of the G Era. Half of them are basically shit gravy, I’m not joking. Having said that, it’s what we’re going to get next week and so it’s time for me to break out the old analytical hammer and find out how much everyone is going to get shafted on release day, while I wait for the next Legend deck that’ll break the fucking monotony of new Kagero that doesn’t suck.

The clans getting support this set are Granblue, Shadow Paladin, Nova Grappler, Royal Paladin, Neo Nectar and Pale Moon. So before the earth decides it’s going to decidedly not tank a meteor to the groin and render my typing pretty much pointless, let’s have a look at what is and isn’t worth it. If anyone wants me, I’ll be huddling in my usual corner looking at the new keywords with scorn.

Granblue: Got a Trial deck so it’s basically all just going to be new support from here. All the obvious staples like the Stride enabler and whatever the hell G Support and G-Units you can scrape are easy, but largely that’s because everything they got synergises so well with basically everything else before it thanks to Hollow. They got two solid G-Units this set, a reprint of Ruin Shade, a good Glimmer Breath clone, and anything else is gravy. Seven Seas got some pretty swank toys as well to compound on the old-style tank play it used to do, which is great. All in all, Granblue got the sweetest deal this set and is a brilliant investment. Just mind that evolved Nightrose won’t be an easy pull or buy, but it’s pretty much worth it. Also a little off topic but go grab your G Regulation Sea Strolling Banshee if and whenever it comes.

Get it for: Absolutely fucking everything bar the Draw Trigger. Let that sink in for a moment.

Shadow Paladin: The only clan without a new keyword this set. Not that it needed something so fucking token. Anyhow, the good pulls from here are obviously going to be the Diablo cards and anything else that supports it, because to be frank, the common cards are basically going to go in the trash pile. Apart from the RR and RRR cards, not much reason to just not buy individually online unless you don’t care either way and have money to burn. I’m assuming that’s the case because otherwise you wouldn’t be hunting for Diablo cards this set. Is it worth it? Fuck yes. The Diablo deck was sorely wanting before and this is the set that makes it fucking metal, largely because of the new re-standing Vanguard thing they got going on. Cherry pick the best from online shops and just screw the rest.

Get it for: Whatever Diablo support cards are in here, the reprint of Phantom Blaster Abyss and the mate if you’re so inclined, other Revenger support.

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/cardfight/images/9/9c/G-BT06-006EN-RRR_%28Sample%29.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160203103632Nova Grappler: Let me just start by saying that I think Rush is as decent a keyword as any, in theory anyway. I just wish that this set could have executed the fucking thing a whole lot better, because only four cards with Rush came in this set, and only one is actually fucking worth using. We also have a new series of Raizer support, which are pretty neat I guess, but for as long as nothing can basically do the same job as Mega-flare, it only works as token support, especially since it still operates on Legion, but it’s all good, at least. Victor support is okay but nothing special. Weirdly, everything here that supports Rush without actually HAVING Rush is pretty baller. Crystal Devil is pretty good as a backup to Victor and Ratchadamnoen Kid is Riot Horn except stronger. They got a bad deal this set, but I can name worse.

Get it for: Victor support, Raizer support, Crystal Devil, Ratchadamnoen Kid.

Royal Paladin: Conceptually, Brave sucks: you can’t design a keyword that operates under the assumption you’re losing. Especially since with so much retiring in all the decks these days, you don’t have to attack them in order to murder them, since they work defensively at the cost of a low hand. The only cards with Brave I can name off the top of my head that are even remotely worth using are Scouting Owl and Selim. So basically that just leaves Transcending the Heavens Altmile and the Blaster support from here. Having said that, I sort of appreciate the fact that a modern Royal Paladin deck is actually shooting for a more interesting flavour rather than just “call a board, swing for columns”. And I guess with that Knight of Power Charge, it’s better executed on-debut than Rush.

Get it for: New Altmile, Floral Knight Flogal, Blaster Friend Barcgal, Favourite Disciple of Light and Darkness, Llew, Scouting Owl, Knight of Backwind Selim, Knight of Power Charge.

Neo Nectar: I’m hoping that Bloom will be better supported in the future because right now there’s a lot of wasted potential here. Thankfully, it’s not a complete failure: ‘Maiden of’ cards got one of the best Stride Assist cards this set and whatever supports Ahsha already are good pulls. Big problem with Bloom at the moment is that it’s all columns, and not a lot of it does anything that cannot currently be pulled off with the existing library like Pia. So for now, I guess it MIGHT be worth pulling some of the cards with Bloom if only for future-proofing because it has potential, but your pulls this set are going to be very selective. Also, new Ahsha, like new Altmile, is a GR. Empty your wallets people, it’s a doozy.

Get it for: Ahsha support, Maiden of Rambler.

Pale Moon: Pretty token support here since they received their bulk support last Set. Some of it’s largely unnecessary: the Glimmer Breath clone is basically Peryton except crap, and Signal Snake Tamer is kind of shit too, but what good it has is actually decent enough: Mephisto is an okay G-Unit, but still isn’t the most practical way to spring G-Harri, so get some for the Magia keyword support but don’t go nuts with him. There’s also like one bit of Silver Thorn support here but it’s still not really enough to warrant a nostalgia trip over Harri. But all in all, while it certainly doesn’t approach the level of quality Granblue got this set, almost everything is at least good.

Get it for: anything to support Magia and Harri.

Oh yes, and grab a Twittern if you play Diablo. Vortimer likes it when people stall on G2…

Tell me how you’d like your pet keyword to be relevant (even if it isn’t) at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com



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