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Saikyo Cardfighter R on Cardfight!! Vanguard
December 12, 2016

Perfection and Piss: G-Booster 9


Oh look it's another G Booster analysis, let's pretend any of this is useful.

Well looky here. After a fairly dry November I can at last start to examine some new toys for the rest of the world to play with as I look on in disgust. I suppose it helps that almost everything in here can essentially be boiled down to 'more of the same', except for Gear Chronicle perhaps who is doing something a bit different. Just really shit, keep in mind. Oh yes and holy shit look at those 5 RRR reprints, if only because somehow people need to be encouraged to use something with shittier art.


So what's getting supported? Angel Feather, Narukami, Aqua Force, Spike Brothers, Shadow Paladin and Gear Chronicle. I have a feeling this is going to sell based on the nostalgia for about three older decks, but I'll go into them in a bit more depth later. Suffice to say for now none of these interest me. It did for a bit, then Zillion sort of dropped the ball and saved me some money, so good on him if it means I can sell mine and make them go hungry to play a children's card game.


Angel Feather: Oh neat, Thousand Ray Pegasus and Million Ray Pegasus got reprints. All the deck's missing is G1 Nociel and everything's G-Regulation legal. Aside from that, there's the usual Gavrail support, but not going overboard as they got their essentials back in Set 7. Really for Gavail there's only two new cards: your new G Unit which you need at least 2 of, and a new Grade 3 who's your best toolbox, because the rest of the Rescue suport is interesting, but there's not a lot of room for them. Celestials got another boost as usual with another G Unit to play with, but still inferior to Gavrail in terms of calling and columns, really. They got no new interesting/good Grade 3, which sucks. Overall, with only two good things in here it'll make choices a lot easier for you and your time-wasting deck.


Get it for: Black Devote Haleg, Holy Seraph, Altiel, the Celestials I guess if you're into that.


Narukami: I would descibe what's in here as functional, but not doing much to solve its existing problems. Thunderstike support is present, and will be picked up, but mostly you're here for the large amount of Eradicator support. Specifically, support for the once king of 2014, Descendant. Having said that, time has not been kind, not even with these new toys. It's still poor at efficient retiring and the finisher is a poor the Ace. Vanquisher support has been kinder, with support to bypass resist by attacking many things a la Vermillion and Brawlers, and a G Guardian that can murder during the opponent's turn, sadly not like Denial Griffin but it's something. All in all, while the strategy of the main things being supported here was enhanced, its flaws (looking at you, Magia decks) haven't been addressed at all. Hope your local meta is kind when picking these up.


Get it for: Vanquisher “VOLTAGE”, Vanquisher “VMAX”, Bulwark, Dragonic Descendant Zillion.


Aqua Force: Huh, look at all three main decks this is trying to support. Blue Wave support is pretty cool, but to be honest column forming isn't really what it needs, certainly not in favour of stuff that racks up battles over bonuses for said battles. Pick up your exclusive G Unit and leave it there. Blue Storm got a new G Unit too but it's still pretty wank as a deck. Again, everything else based on Wave is still interesting but wouldn't be run unless people don't have Tidal Assaults. The only thing worth picking up is Wailing Thavas, and he's a GR so he'll set you back. In all honesty though despite this, I think they got the better deal out of the others.


Get it for: Wailing Thavas, Blue Wave Valiant General Artiom, Ice Barrier Dragon.


Spike Brothers: I suppose one advantage this has over every other clan not Narukami in this set is that the support for Rising Nova decks can at least be used as techs as there's fuck all else in the older stuff that's better. So that means you could pick up everything with Charge and everything supporting it, including the usual suspects like the new G Guardian and Rising Supernova. What you're probably more interested in is the new Dudley deck. It's not got as much bite as Rising Nova, in exchange for having more Early and Mid Game, but overall it's competent. In fact, I would have written it off altogether if they didn't get a Stride-supporting Dudley Grade 3 to make everything come together. All in all, this clan is probably the best value for money next to Shadow Paladin. Pick everything up and experiment freely. Well, to a point.


Get it for: Everything except the Heal Trigger, because Adelaide is queen, bitch.


Shadow Paladin: Keyword this set is Ritual, where it's live as long as you have at least 3 dead Grade 1s. Everything revolving around Ritual is here to replace most of what's in the new Trial Deck, so pick them up, including your new Luard toys. Immediately any Shadows player will want to pick up Plotmaker Dragon because unlike the last G Guardian it ISN'T made of complete suck and fail. Meanwhile, what about the new Raging Form Dragon-centred Revenger deck? Well, I wasn't really sold on it over Spectral Blaster Diablo, so unless you absolutely need to abuse your Blaster Dark Revengers and/or need to check a lot of anti-Stide blitz decks then just get it for the experimental value. But otherwise, almost everything for Shadow Paladin is worth picking up, which is great news.


Get it for: All Ritual/Luard support, Raging Rapt Dragon, Slay Hexes Dragon.


Gear Chronicle: Only nine cards this set. Now you see why I wasn't hype over Zodiac Time Beats getting any better. Despite everything though, all the cards save one ought to be picked up, not because they're good, because they aren't, or at least not compared to the existng Melem bullshittery, but because you now after at least G Booster 11 or the next Extra Booster they'll get more toys to play with. For now however I'd only recommend Split Pegasus and Lugan-Ure as the only really good new cards. Oh and a second ZTB Critical which ought to make everything better, for now. All in all, just collect them for future-proofing and continue to abuse the same boring yet efficient shit as always.


Get it for: everything except Heavy Wrench Dracokid. Fuck him.


So in summary, one minor clan and one obvious popular choice clan got the best deal out of this set. At least to a point. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to quietly wait for us to catch up with Promos so I can actually milk some use out of something this set. Spikes-anti Stride. The salt will be great.


I’m taking requests for articles if there’s something about Vanguard you need to gripe about. Email ideas at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com. Or drop a message on my Twitter account!




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