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Saikyo Cardfighter R
on Cardfight!! Vanguard
 May 18, 2015

Diamonds and Disappointments: G Booster 2

Saikyo inspects what people intend to waste all their money on and figure out how much is actually good.

Well, it’s almost time for you all to re-evaluate your financial problems or else cry about your monetary position yet again, but for those who can afford to play the rich man’s game, G Booster 2 swiftly approaches and as usual, exactly what’s actually going to be worth anyone’s time is about to be made clear in this article.

This set got much hype all because of one clan reaching never-before-seen levels of HELL THE FUCK YES, which will of course be covered. So, out of the Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin, Neo Nectar, Narukami, Great Nature and Aqua Force, what can we expect to fetch the most money?

Gear Chronicle: They blew their support load last set, but Main Clan is Main Clan so they got some token support here. One new G-Unit makes its debut, and I guess it’s worth picking up if only so that you can toss-up between Lost Age Dragon and this new guy, Fate Rider Dragon. Notable new tricks include Glimmer Breath Dragon, Steam Maiden Ishin and a new Legion unit called Nixie Number Dragon, which sounds okay and is better than Ruin Disposal at any rate, but not something I’d go out my way to get. Oh yeah, and a third Critical for Gear Chronicle exists, but it’s RR, so hope you don’t mind. Overall, I’d say this set provides some nice new toys for them. I suppose I should also mention they have an Electromagnetic Life-form Storm clone now and a Quintet Wall, but come on, man.

Get it for: Fate Rider Dragon, Steam Maiden Ishin, Glimmer Breath Dragon, Throbbing Worker.

Royal Paladin: Poor bastards. Gear Chronicle got fifteen new cards this set. How many did Royals get? Six. Fuckin’ six. So at least it’s easy to name them all. First is a new G-Unit called Flash Flame Divine Knight Samuil, who is sort of like Dragruler and carries all the implications Dragruler has. Works as a neat option so there’s that. A new Critical to support Altmile exists too (RR again) so if you’re using it sure why not. There’s more Altmile support, with Benizel, who calls new RGs when Altmile’s the VG, Miron who is basically a Dindrane clone (so what the hell are G Royals doing fetching G2 and above units when we have this? Seriously), and two new Jewel Knights. Problem is they don’t really put Jewel Knights on the map alone, so really it’s all about Altmile. So two cards. Lame.

Get it for: Samuil, Benizel, Belenus.

Neo Nectar: Good news for Neos players: at last you can update your deck! But is it good? Let’s get the new G-Units out the way. Jingle Flower Dragon is basically granting 4k to each RG column (possibly 6k if all your boosters have the same name) but in all honesty this setup doesn’t do a whole lot to justify needing to rely on chance for a perfect field. Primeva’s an absolute joke: her requirements means she won’t be used until quite late when she’s at best working as a crappy Lambrose. As for the rest of the pack, there are the usual suspects; unflipping PG, token Musketeer support (LB remover and new Critical) and new G Support focusing on massive ass columns (the new starter Ho springs to mind), which isn’t bad I suppose as long as it can be brought out en-masse.

Get it for: Alan, Maiden of Passion Flower, Maredream, Marehope, Maiden of Sprouts Ho, Jingle Flower.

Narukami: There’s actually a surprising amount of support for Eradicators here. An unflipper, a third Critical, and two new Grade 2s. Unfortunate that most of it is supporting cards like Tempest Bolt, but Descendant isn’t a bad card by any stretch so power to you if you still have them, because honestly, the generic stuff that are not G-Units doesn’t impress. Dragonic Kaiser Crimson in particular is trying to be a cheap Brawler deck, but has a worse fail-con and hits less hard every turn. Hell, come June Fighter’s Collection 2015 would put it out a job in no time (hello Turbo you monster). Conquest Dragon and Zoras in the mean-time are your Stride options, so fetch anything noteworthy like the Stride enabler and maybe Voltage Horn Dragon as well. Just don’t go thinking that the new shit that binds cards is any good against Legion because when you can just Stride until your drop zone is full it means absolutely fuck all.

Get it for: Dragon Dancer Anastasia, Whatever Eradicator support there is, both G-Units, Voltage Horn Dragon.

Great Nature: This set brings a lot of generic stuff like Narukami so digging through the unique stuff is difficult. However, what is there is pretty useful; they’ve now improved on their old gimmick of just granting power (which made them juggle trying to be both Bermuda Triangle and Dark Irregulars doing amazingly at neither) by also hybridising it with a new draw strategy so that anything that dies can be replaced consistently. Combined with some stuff from the old crowd, G-Great Nature is shaping up to be decently powerful. The Legion’s also pretty decent and a mono-Legion centred deck isn’t a bad idea necessarily. What you want is whatever can grant power, and the new PG. Oh, and the new G-Units, neither of which are OMG amazing, but guard restriction is always a neat thing to have.

Get it for: Phoenicialux, Big Berry, Shell Master, Crayon Tiger, Guru Tiger, Guru Wolf, Managarmr.

Aqua Force: This is it. This is the clan that made Aqua Force players jizz their pants. Well more specifically it was one G-unit but it’s a damn good one. Like Neo Nectar, most of what mattered came in the Trial Deck, so of course you want the pack for PGs, Stride enablers and of course the best G Persona Blast First-Stride that is Lambros. There is of course Blue Storm support here; Despina, who’s supposed to be combined with Glory Maelstrom but more consistent gambits exist, man, and there’s also a new Legion unit for Blue Storm but it’s not entirely noteworthy given it’s reliant on chance and you have better filler G3s, and some unit that’ll basically replace Gregorius. As I may have mentioned in my card reviews try and find as much of the old crowd as possible because they provide some of the much-needed consistency that it would struggle to get otherwise.

Get it for: Lambrose, Sutashia, Platon, Nicky, High Tide Sniper.

So there we have it. Apart from Royal Paladin everything was pretty fairly balanced here, I reckon. Now, I’m going to step back and watch as no-one online can find any Lambros for cheap. That’s why you pre-order, bitches.

Ask if I actually buy any packs anymore at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com

Demonstrate to me you paid no attention to anything I just said at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com



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