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Saikyo Cardfighter R
on Cardfight!! Vanguard
April 20, 2015

The Laziest Of Lazy English   

English Bushiroad seems to possess quality control policies found only in Chinese knockoffs.

I. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore! The number of cards that came out recently that need such blatant errata-ing has gotten too high! If you came here for an insightful article, sorry jack, not today.

If any of you keep up at all with the scanned images they put up, careful readers have recently noticed quite a lot of mistakes that weren’t present in their Japanese counterparts. And I’m not talking about how Bushiroad seem to have lost the ability to translate Engrish into English (see the latest Metalborgs for examples). No, it’s a considerably less forgiving mistake. It’s getting the skills translated totally wrong.

Thavas and Magnum Assault were the most recent (as of typing this article anyway), but people certainly remember some others. Midnight Regalia Nyx. Blaster Blade Seeker (Alfred Exiv style), Ahsha, Maiden of Daybreak, Extreme Battler Sazanda…it’s frankly inexcusable.

Leaving aside the idea that occasionally they’ll drop the ball on a card or two, what I consider to be completely unacceptable is the fact that practically every set and Trial Deck seems to contain at least one translation error on at least 1 card somewhere. And it’s only gotten worse, with SEVERAL cards in a set at once containing errors. Or it may simply be the fact we have a medium that is the internet to yell out the mistakes of other people from the fucking rooftops.

So what exactly is the root of these translation errors? Well, sometimes a recurring condition happens so people assume that it follows the condition to the letter next time they spot part of the phrase, such as in the case of Judgbau Revenger, who only needs to boost a successful attack on ANYTHING, not just the Vanguard as the text says). But to be honest, that should not be an excuse. There are plenty of instances where one condition does not immediately follow another, so it would be ridiculous to assume that you can simply copy-paste text to save work.

I have a theory as to why their quality control has dropped in recent years. Many people have speculated that Bushiroad intended to catch up the English metagame to the Japanese metagame, and so have started an accelerated release schedule to compensate. I don’t think that could possibly be true; for starters, it would be hopelessly impractical from a business perspective to hire more dudes for translation and rush things. But shorten the gap between releases? Probably, if they think they can get away with it. But the biggest reason for the argument against is because the cards we get are completely different to Japanese cards, in terms of thickness and material. Hell, our G-Units don’t have the fucking rad silver backs Japan has. Pity, really.

I suppose that it would keep some people happy if we got our toys shortly after Japan, but I’m not entirely sure why anyone at Bushiroad suddenly decided it would be a good idea. As long as people have a reasonable time-frame for a release, a known date, I reckon that they’d wait a reasonably long time for the toys they want to play with to be released. As long as they aren’t too late and get invalidated by next set because of wonky English release dates.

I preferred the old system of having like about 3 months between every pack release date, and not just because I want longer to test stuff and pointedly not give Bushi money by buying second-hand after I figure out what’s good. At least if we have longer, there’s less pressure and thus more time to actually look over their produce to check for errors. I don’t know what inspired the decisions to suddenly accelerate the schedule save for the Vanguard Community’s collected demands/whines, the impatient douches, but time spent between not releasing things is time that could be spent watching your children for birth defects. At least stuff like the Reverse units only had hard to spot spelling mistakes and not a completely fucking different skill.

Whatever. If you must try to pump out packs and decks like a queen bee craps out eggs to sustain the colony, would it kill ANY of its employees to actually take 10 seconds to double-check their work before submitting an incomplete card to the higher ups? I mean, some of their mistakes aren’t even fucking text related; Magnum Assault missed a blatantly obvious Counterblast cost, which somehow never made it to the English card.

I still haven’t forgiven you idiots for Blaster Blade Seeker, by the way. Come on, that literally WAS a copy and paste jobs and somehow you dumbshits STILL cocked up.

Tell me that I was better when I was being somewhat academic at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com



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