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Saikyo Presents:
Cardfight!! Bad-guard


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Saikyo Cardfighter R
on Cardfight!! Vanguard
March 9, 2015

Crystals and Cack:
G Booster Set 1

Let Saikyo oversee what the new Gen can offer. If only to convince you not to pack in the old.

So we’re getting G Booster Set 1 very shortly and I’m sure everyone feels that they cannot throw money at Bushiroad any faster or harder. What people are invested in may vary but I would much rather just sit back, wait for everyone else to buy their stuff, and then handpick the few gems that are among the crap and drink the tears of the losers.

But out of the generosity of my heart, I will now oversee what each clan being supported in this set can offer you before you foolishly throw your money away. So without further ado, go Team Frivolous!

Kagero: I’m not going to lie to you: you’re basically getting this for the Perfect Guard and Dragonic Overlord “The X”. There are few cards outside of Perfect Guards that I would rate with a perfect score in my reviews and The X is one of them. It has a stupidly good fail-con skill and there are few scenarios where it would suck. The G-Units are pretty standard fare but they’re G-Assist fodder if nothing else, and Root Flare works out cheaper than the X come late in the game since it costs 1 less card and 1 less Counterblast overall. There’s also Perdition Dragons in here but to be honest what BT17 gives Perditions is solid enough and there’s not much here that could improve them to noticeable levels. But the X is so good I’d still say it’s the best buy out of this set.

Get it for: The X, Twilight Arrow Dragon, Protect Orb Dragon, Dragonic Blademaster, both G-Units.

Oracle Think Tank: Nice to see them not relegated to an Extra Booster anymore, but what have they got? Well, Susanoo is the new ace for them, but I dunno. Spending 1 CB to add a card to the hand sounds efficient enough I guess but it’s really still subject to random chance since it’s restricted to what’s at the top of the deck. Worse still there’s not much to do with the excess since they’ll hit the bottom of the deck, so unless you combine it with something that can abuse that specifically like Tsukuyomi it’s going to be largely boring. The G-Units are basically more of the same and even the one that’s not as generic still does nothing to attack, only to collect yet more hand for when the opponent brings the pain. So mix it with older stuff because they won’t do alone. They can tank, but expect the X to take more cards than they can obtain.

Get it for: Susanoo, Mediator, Amenosagiri, both G-Units.

Royal Paladin: Not a lot here since the Trial Deck gave us most of it, but you still buy this for the exclusive shit. Your second G-Unit of course is here and it’s okay, I guess. It’s still subject to a Perfect Guard to the face, but it’s a nice finisher if you know your opponent isn’t rational. What’s left over apart from the Perfect Guard is pretty generic, with a few being clones of older cards. There’s also like one or two new Seekers in here if you’ve still got that deck. It’s a damage unflipper (Proud Roar Lion) and isn’t a bad choice if you want to undo a Blaster Blade or get more Alfred mileage. But if you’ve held onto your Seeker’s I wouldn’t blame you for only getting the G-Unit and whatever else is the new staple for the deck, because the rest isn’t that impressive.

Get it for: Saint Blow Dragon, Proud Roar Lion, Holy Knight Guardian.

Nova Grappler: These guys. Oh my god. Extreme Battlers hit the scene and they are fantastic. Victor is a good on-stride unit and the Generation Break support provided can eat shield if set up correctly. White Hank in particular makes this work, allowing potentially 3 rear-guard attacks before your vanguard even starts. As far as G-units go, I’d say the on-hit one’s fairly standard, but you’re getting this set for Viktplasma. A re-standing Vanguard with a big attacking body isn’t one I’ll say no to any time soon. I’d say this was the go-to deck for someone who wants a reasonably consistent shield eater. It’s also a pretty good singular investment since most of what you need comes in just this pack; you’d only need to hunt like 1 other pack to pick up the rest.

Get it for: Super Extreme Battler, Victor, both G-Units, Lady Cyclone, White Hank.

Gear Chronicle: Like Royals, a lot of important stuff was already in the Trial Deck. As far as new tricks go, we have G-Units Chronos Command and Ragnaclock Dragon. Ragnaclock is definitely first priority since it works as the final finisher, gaining Critical and restricting guard. In 0s; it’ll still be foiled by a Perfect Guard. The rest of the support’s pretty ordinary, but pick it up for Gear Chronicle’s second Critical Trigger and a Stand trigger with a skill. There’s also a Legion unit for them, but as far as backups to Chronojet Dragon goes, it’s not brilliant. Fatewheel’s probably the better alternative, if only because it has a skill that’s repeatable and it can warp a unit away on the spot sooner than the Legion one can.

Get it for: Both G-Units, Steam Battler Mashuda, Thrilled Worker, Steam Maiden Alulim, Fatewheel Dragon.

So in summary, Kagero’s nutty, OTT’s a scavenger hunt, Royals are tight, Novas are good value for money, and Gear Chronicle’s sort of okay. You may now proceed to ignore my advice and hoard everything like a nerdy Smaug.

Tell me I forgot Cray Elemental even though I chose to ignore it at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com


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