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Saikyo Cardfighter R on Cardfight!! Vanguard
 December 7, 2015

Aqua Dorks: G Clan Booster 2

Because not all of you were entirely happy with just Lambros apparently.


Well folks, the Christmas period has descended from above like the Link Joker invasion and with it comes Bushiroad’s proclamation that one of their clans won’t get any mainstream support for quite a good while. It’s Aqua Force’s exclusive Booster, carrying support for dead or dying decks and of course more of the same for Thavas.dek.

This one took me by surprise. When it first got announced I remember thinking, “What the hell can they give G Aqua Force apart from like two obvious card choices, since every Stride Bearer seems to be getting them (an exclusive Critical and a Stride Fusion)?” I had underestimated the amount of room that would go into reviving a dead deck. Not by much though since token Blue Storm support is certainly present. I just didn’t think a Blue Wave deck was going to be a thing.

Well, I suppose the only sensible option is basically to do exactly what I did last time I reviewed an Extra Booster and dissect each of the types of support one by one.

Blue Storm: The savvier people saw this coming from a mile away, so how does the support stack up? Well, of course there’s the usual standby of Maelstrom related cards, including a retrained version of Maelstrom as a Break Ride unit. But I spoke about G Clan Booster 1 relative to what already exists so…regarding the life it breathes into the deck already, this at least allows you to run mono-Critical Trigger Blue Storm since they’re getting a third one. As for Maelstrom 2, this is supposed to compliment Glory Maelstrom of course, but honestly, apart from a few minor changes the existing deck doesn’t really change very much. Doxic can be thrown in to give Glory more of a way to kill the opponent, but all in all the deck seems to be as fast as it was in the G Era. Don’t touch the ones related to Legion though, they’re token and they’re outpaced by now anyway. Also, new Perfect Guard happens this set too so get that also.

Score: Like store-bought gingerbread men. It’s cheap as hell but in the end it’s still fucking gingerbread men so what else do you want? 3.5/5

Blue Wave: Props to Bushiroad, they really went all out to make this a deck to fear. The entire deck plusses like nuts once Generation Break’s active. Most of it still requires G Support since the main aces Tetra-boil and Anger-boil work with Stride, but for anyone who kept their old Thavas decks or ran enough G Support in their old ones should be able to transition smoothly enough, smoother if you still kept your Tetra-drives from BT13. Be prepared for a shopping trip though, since you’ll need Anger-boils and Tetra-boils maxxed out and Tetra-drive’s price shot up, not to mention Foivos is a RR. All in all then, as long as you’re decently prepared or if you’re a veteran who kept the old cards, this is probably the easiest deck to build outside of Thavas. This deck’s the reason to splurge on packs if anything.

Score: like a delicious homemade chocolate fudge brownie. A smooth one without any fucking nuts in it how dare you destroy the purity you swine 4/5

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/cardfight/images/c/c2/G-CB02-003EN-RRR_%28Sample%29.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151124014820Ripple: FUCK RIPPLES. Well more specifically fuck Odysseus, seriously. Ripples manage to get some good early and mid-game shenanigans going but in all honesty Odysseus is what makes this possible. I didn’t realise that he can actually take non-Ripple RGs and then turn them into Ripples at leisure at first, so unless your deck can boardwipe it fast (and I don’t think it can) this will sting. It peters out Late Game due to either reliance on Legion and less Drive Checks or their main G-Unit needing to hit, but all in all the support for it is decent enough. Also if the aim is to be a complete ass-hat you can just use Odysseus to G2 rush them with the perfect board and make the G players cry salty tears. You would be considered monsters for it. And I would love it.

Score: Like a deceptively small-looking Victorian sponge until it’s put on your plate with the trimmings and it’s actually enormous 3/5

G Support: The support here is pretty much as suspected. A lot of it was pretty obvious, like the Crit to support Thavas, but apart from that I was sort of lost as to what they could be given to improve the deck. Evidently, so were Bushiroad, so the rest was pretty much GB1 support that you wouldn’t really use anyway. Not all at once anyway, since 4 PGs and 4 Nikki is still staple, as are generous amounts of Stacia. So the noteworthy cards come in the Grade 2 lineup. Battle Siren Adelaide is for people who couldn’t get Tidal Assault but all in all, it’s not really a good substitute. Commander Thavas…is this the Lambros killer? What’s he hoping he’s going to die of? Boredom? It’s not that brilliant but is decent enough to run at 2 for one use. Apart from minor changes, the deck itself doesn’t really change all that much. Bushiroad don’t seem to get that Lambros taught us we don’t need to be content with attacking the Vanguard last anymore so everything else can be totally ignored.

Score: Like a Dairy Milk taped to your 3 course meal. Not unwelcome but seems awfully tacked on (no pun intended) 2.5/5

So there we have it. Nothing to complete an entire deck by themselves apart from SP Thavas reprint, those money-hungry shits, all of which can work out to be worth more than the average child’s pocket money and is the mainstay reason for Lambros to not sink any lower in price. Thanks a lot for feeding the second hand market, Bushi. I look forward to the day you try to compensate by raising the prices on packs again.

Tell me brownies with nuts are the only kinds to have at saikyocardfighter@outlook.com


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