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Saikyo Presents:
Cardfight!! Bad-guard


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PR♥ISM-Promise, Labrador
- #EB06/002EN

Reviewed: July 20, 2017

[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):When this unit attacks a vanguard, you may choose up to three cards with "PR♥ISM" in its card name from your hand, and call them to separate open (RC). If you called three cards, this unit gets [Power]+10000/[Critical]+1 until end of that battle. [ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (1)-card with "PR♥ISM" in its card name] Choose one of your rear-guards with "PR♥ISM" in its card name, and return it to your hand. [CONT](VC/RC):Lord (If you have a unit without a same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

Rating: 3.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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PR💟ISM-Promise, Labrador


Throwback Thursday presents what is now PRISM's main ticket outside of Vert. Her Limit Break is distinctly average, as is almost all Limit Breaks needing to hit. She just got pulled out of obscurity thanks to Sunshine Vert, making it a bit more relevant (using it to chain attacks during the Battle Phase).


Woe to you if you ride her first though.




One of the original ace cards of Bermuda Triangle, Labrador has come a long way over the years. Recent sets have been kind to PR💟ISM, and it's no surprise that Labrador is still one of the key cards. She combos brilliantly with Sunshine Vert, letting you set up a 2nd massive swing, or in the early game she can just steamroll people if you use Limit Break enablers. Even with all the new stuff coming out, PR💟ISM looks to be the best Bermuda deck to play, and the original diva is still gonna close the show




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