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Saikyo Presents:
Cardfight!! Bad-guard


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Raven-haired Ezel

- #G-RC01/017EN

Reviewed: Jan. 9, 2017

[AUTO] Limit Break 5:When this unit is placed on (VC) by riding from a grade 3 or greater unit with "Ezel" in its card name, until end of turn, this unit gets [Power]+10000, and your opponent cannot call cards other than grade 1 from hand to (GC).

Rating: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Raven-haired Ezel


Right, what else was there? Oh yeah, this recently came out, didn't it? Revival Collection: a chance to reprint stuff that everyone should have gotten already if they were interested in the deck in the first place...and stuff like this. Raven-haired Ezel's Ultimate Break activates when you ride him on top of another Ezel, sealing off all guard from the hand except Grade 1 guard.


Okay, just about the only thing I like about him is the fact his skill can cary over even if you Stride, and is a way to combine with G4 Gurguit for an okay finisher. What makes him suck is his LB5 requirement, in other words, when you're basically dead. And thanks to Critical Triggers existing you can easily float this guy at 4 damage and still kill them, unless they're being scrubby and playing too many Stands, because that seems to be in vogue lately.


Good for cheese casual play, but not much else.



Winston Fairwinds

[Raven-haired Ezel]

Ok, so some of the reprint set was necessary, and some of them are much-too-dated promos that neglected to be printed for the English format.

So, Raven-haired Ezel kinda operates as a reverse breakride of sorts. He can only be guarded by Grade 1 cards, but LB5 is basically late game, thus your opponent will likely have a PG or G-Guard ready. LB5 is horrid on a one-shot Tom-esque Vanguard. Add to the mix the Stride mechanic, and we basically got Raven-haired Ezel much too late for even Oldguard enthusiasts to want. Just stick to Edward Scissorhands Ezel and you'll be fine.



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