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Tidal Assault

- #BT13/038

Reviewed: Mar. 2, 2017

[AUTO](RC)[1/Turn]:At the end of the battle that this unit attacked a vanguard, if you have an «Aqua Force» vanguard, [Stand] this unit, and this unit gets [Power]-5000 until end of turn.

Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Tidal Assault
Aqua Force staple almost everywhere. Early Game rocks and unconditional battle rack-upper.
Also thank fuck that since the last time I reviewed it, 13k base went out of style. Hence he gains half a point for environment.

Winston Fairwinds

[Tidal Assault]

Now here's a card that knows how to maintain relevancy. History time~
Back in 2014, Set 13 dropped. Before then, it was Glory Maelstrom or bust, but LB5 could be danced around. Thundering Ripple, Genovious, did not require 4th Wave*, but he was a Persona Blast and therefore not the most reliable. (And the Ripple subclan wasn't busted until G-era.) Trans-core came out in Set 11, but he still hadn't had a truly remarkable partner in crime. The moment set 13 dropped, Aqua Force became a major threat with the Tetra-drive/Trans-core deck. And the workhorse of that deck was Tidal Assault.

Before Tidal Assault, if you wanted to enable 4th Wave for your Vanguard's effects, there were three Storm Riders at your disposal: G3 Diamantes, G2 Basil, and G1 Eugen. Eugen was only cute when your opponent was at Grade 1, and Basil only hit for 10k. Not many people ran around with 10k vanguards, so Basil mostly amounted to enabling effects but not actually being a threat. Diamantes actually hit 11k when he attacked, so of course he was a staple. However, he took up some of your Grade 3 space. If you only had him in hand when it came time to ride to Grade 3, you weren't the happiest of campers.

Tidal Assault was a breath of fresh air. Call him to RC once you hit Grade 2 and you had instant pressure. Battle Siren, Mallika also came out in Set 13, so you'd hand 3k to Tidal, swing unboosted, then boost him for a later attack to make for a truly deadly Breakride turn.

Nowadays, Aqua Force does have a decent amount of cards that enable multiple attacks. However, most are attached to Gen Break and/or are attached to an archetype. Tidal Assault now supplements those cards by being Aqua's aggressive early beater and assisting the new guys in making like a bajillion Waves later on into the game. Thavas and Blue Wave definitely welcome their old brother Tidal, because their Stride zones can compensate for his -5k power drop. Ripples don't need Tidal though, cause they're busy spamming other things, and Maelstrom likes to swap units around with its 11k and 12k beaters.

Unless they make a strictly better version of Tidal Assault, he'll always find his way into Aqua Force deckbuilds.

*(The Wave keyword didn't exist back then, I know that)


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