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Knight of Discipline, Alectos

- #G-TD11/013EN

Reviewed: Feb. 20, 2017

[AUTO]:Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC)) [AUTO](RC) Generation Break 1 (Active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):[Counter Blast (1) & Put this unit into your soul] At the beginning of each battle phase, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card, and the brave abilities of your cards are active until end of turn. [ACT](RC) Brave (Active when you have three or less cards in your hand):[[Rest] this unit] Choose one of your units, and it gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

Rating: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Knight of Discipline, Alectos
More Trial Deck stuff to review as we continue the march to newer Extra Booster cards. Alectos is first. He's a starter with 2 other skills besides Forerunner: at the start of the Battle Phase when GB1 is active, you can CB1 and shove him into the soul to draw a card, and then all Brave skills are active regardless of hand size. Second skill is Brave: rest him to give a unit 3k until end of turn.
Beats out Stius who's a -1 obviously so this will need to be compared to Milius to see what's the better starter. Alectos  may be a +0 wash for CB1 but as I noted before, restricting it to only procc'ing Battle Phase Brave sort of blows, and I don't really see situations in which hand size gets so unmanageable that you have to use this. There is some advantage in that Battle Phase Brave skills during the opponent's Battle Phase like Scouting Owl are also online, so you can get a field cleanup in a pinch, but I don't like wasting resources simply because you can. I'm not a believer in wasting a starter as soon as possible.
Milius is preferred for the field consistency. Only run if you couldn't find the original Trial Deck, in which case sucks to be you.

Winston Fairwinds

[Knight of Discipline, Alectos]

My first impression was that Alectos is unnecessary. You automatically get your Brave skills off when you use Alectos's skill, which is nice and all, but Brave just kinda...happens, due to you just simply playing the game. You're gonna be ditching for Stride and calling a field, and since Brave.dek has ways of refunding itself, you tend to not get behind. Oops, I mean "Brave sucks" and "the whole mechanic assumes you're losing." Sarcasm aside, I'll just stick to the card review and not bog this whole text down bursting people's bubbles. 

If you prefer Alectos giving you a "fix" for Brave, go right ahead. Stius has done his job well, but his true niche was bouncing a unit back to hand against an opponent playing a control deck (retire/lock/resting), but due to Resist being readily available to the deck, having a 1-turn bounce isn't super-important now. Instead of relying on Selfes to "turn Brave on" for you, you can keep using Aerial Altmile as your first Stride and use Alectos.

In the end, it's Royal Pals. You've got infinite ways to spam units and beat face in. Use your personal preference. 



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