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Saikyo Presents:
Cardfight!! Bad-guard


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Research Student, Muffin

- #PR/0265EN

Reviewed: Sept. 28, 2016

[AUTO](RC):Success 20000 (When your rear-guard's [Power] becomes 20000 or greater, this unit becomes successful until end of turn) [CONT](RC):If this unit is successful, this unit cannot be retired by card effects.

Rating:  2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Research Student, Muflin
Hello Chatnoir partner. Muflin's Success skill with a cap of 20k renders it unkillable by card effects for as long as it is successful. Simple enough.
Obviously supposed to be stacked with all the "power, then draw then kill" skills that your Great Nature deck is so fond of using because you get all the draws without the deaths. Oh, and he can't be Denial Griffin'd in the face which is a bonus.
Which is why this would only really be used in a pretty simple Great Nature deck where the Grade 2 lineup has basically nothing better to run. Not to say he's a crock of shit though, but running this only for the Denial Griffin matchup is a bad move, they'll just murder it outside of battle as it is.

Winston Fairwinds

[Research Student, Muflin]

If you don't want to stride into Afanc but still want his no-retire effect, then you'll be using a couple copies of Muflin. However, I see no problem in Afanc being your dedicated first Stride, especially in G-Great Nature. Use a couple depending on your preference, but the Afanc already gives you this utility, without having to hit Success...



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