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Saikyo Presents:
Cardfight!! Bad-guard


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One-Stroke Art, Carla
& Tidal Art, Marie

(The Paint Sisters)

Date Reviewed: Aug. 10, 2016


Rating:  See Below

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Winston Fairwinds

[The Paint Sisters]

Ok, so let's get the reason for it being a double-card day out of the way: after striding once, these gals either make a 22k or 26k column together. Easiest thing in the world. Just slap them on the board. You're Bermuda; you're gonna end up drawing into them.

Carla can be a 10k during the early game if you put Marie behind her, which could take the place of 10k vanillas to defend against rush tactics and whatever annoying Grade 2 on-hitters you'll face, if you're the type that values such defense. (Effing Brainy Papio.) She's a 12k beater after Gen Break; pretty standard but still welcome for your Spica plays.

Even without Carla, Marie is a 10k booster after a soulblast. Even though Sweet Paradise, Manya is a 10k booster for basically free, Manya gets ousted for Marie if you're running Carla as well. 

The name of the game post-Generation Guards is beefy rearguard columns. Forcing 20k shield, even before the silly power ups that Bermudas are gonna hand themselves anyway, gives you the ability to hit like a truck. In Harmony.dek, you can find room for at least 3 of each. In more vanilla decks without rigid unit lineups like Raindear, it gives you dumb columns and the ability to go into G4 Lauris feasibly.


  One-Stroke Art, Carla
Tidal Art, Marie
Not worth using together. Columns are not BT's thing and either form of Spica will eat shield just fine.
2/5 (each)


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