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Doctroid Refros

- #G-BT04/062EN

Date Reviewed: Nov. 12, 2015

[ACT](RC) Generation Break 1 (This ability is active if you have one or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):[Counter Blast (1) & Put this unit on top of your deck] Choose up to two cards from your damage zone, put them on the top of your deck, and shuffle your deck. For each card put with this effect, put the top card of your deck into your damage zone face up. Draw a card.

Rating:  3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Doctroid Refros
If all Stand Triggers could be as awesome as Earth Dreamer and this, then perhaps we'd have a happier time. Refros here as an ACT skill Counterblasts 1 and goes back to the deck to shuffle two cards in the damage zone back to the deck, puts the top 2 cards in the deck to damage, and then you draw a card.
So this is basically THE most important trigger in G Angel Feather next to Criticals. It's got so many purposes: it can unflip damage for toolboxing and Costs, it puts 2 cards in damage to grant cards like Nurse of Broken Heart power, it can put certain cards you can't currently grab back to the deck for something else...it just does so much for an unassuming card.
Not a perfect score since it's not the best trigger, but it's undeniably useful. My advice? Raphael exists, so you could run 4 of this and 12 Crit for the great offense.


Doctroid Refros
...Why do I imagine that Bushiroad got Scooby Doo to name this?
So, what does this Stand Trigger do?
...Oh, that's cool.  GB1, CB1 and put it to the top of the deck, then put used up Counter Blasts, two of them, back into the deck, shuffle, then put two units, if you put two units back into the deck, back in the damage zone face up, then draw a card.
Okay, I like that, it lets you put damaged heal triggers and perfect guards and other important key cards back, though there's a chance you'll end up with those cards back in the damage zone, and gives you more counter blasts to play with, plus any Angel Feather unit that gets powered up for each card entering the damage zone powers up from this.
Over-all, fairly simple and effective for Angel Feathers and should be run, at least two of, in the deck, I think.
Just the recycling alone makes it worth it.
Rating: 3.5/5


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