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Top 10 CV cards of 2015

#5 - Dragonic Overlord "The X"

- #G-BT01/006

Date Reviewed: Dec. 23, 2015


Rating:  4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Dragonic Overlord "The X"
So we're starting the next half of our top 5 and I guess starting us off is actually something I need to revise my stance on! So DOTX.
I liked it at first, but honestly, I'm not sure if the card itself aged that well. What I quickly discovered was that if one dedicates the strategy to almost entirely him, it lacks the punch necessary to blow up every problem on the board. As long as the opponent can draw into spare combo pieces decently quickly, a specialist deck can hand it its ass. In fact, in my own build I actually try not to ride it if I can help it unless I can pull of the same strategy with it (like I don't need Blademaster to start a Zahm nuke when I have Burnout or Twilight Arrow for example). He wound up being a fail-con, believe it or not.
All things considered though, being able to have a source of pressure and a way to gain advantage when you cannot Stride is not unwelcome. I just don't think that many people actually use this card correctly to be honest.
Right, we now return to our regularly scheduled lazy-man reviews.


Dragonic Overlord the "X"
Okay, now we're in the really good cards of the year.  Overlord support, using this and The Great or the Break-Stride for Kagero allows for some really interesting things, mostly slaughtering your opponent.
The long and short of The "X" or Cross is that if it hits, it restands, if it doesn't hit, it nukes the opponent's field.  Being able to search for either the End or the "X" when it legions, add in Calamity Tower Wyvern, and you have near infinite Legions going off every turn.
Needless to say, this is just that damn good.
Rating: 5/5


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