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Dragonic Overlord "The X" - #G-BT01/006

Date Reviewed: March 13, 2015

[ACT](VC): Legion22000 "Dragonic Overlord the End" (If your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, this unit may return four cards from your drop zone into your deck once, search your deck for the specified card, and Legion) [AUTO](VC):When this unit Legion, search your deck for up to one card with the same card name as a unit on your (VC), reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck. [AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1) & Choose a card named "Dragonic Overlord "The X"" from your hand, and discard it] At the end of the battle that this unit attacked, if the attack did not hit during that battle, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to two of your opponent's rear-guards, and retire them.

Rating:  5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 - Horrible  3 - Average.  5 - Awesome

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Dragonic Overlord "The X"

This card makes me want to think about if Bushiroad has anybody who understands their game, as in REALLY understands it, because if they do and this thing still passed anyway they must be smoking something VERY strong. This card Legions with Dragonic Overlord the End, and on-Legion, you can add either the End or The X from the deck to your hand. Oh yeah, and if his attack fails to hit, you can toss The X from the hand as a Persona Blast and Counterblast 1 to retire two of the opponent's rear-guards.
So basically what we have is Morton's Fork in a card. If they block it, you gain a +1 in card advantage for Counterblast 1. If the opponent lets it hit, you can just Persona Blast away the End you added to your hand and re-stand to attack again. And if they block THAT, you STILL gain a +3 in card advantage for Counterblast 1. (Remember, the opponent is -2 on average blocking you again)
Apart from the fact that it can't be used alongside Dragonic Overlord original for a 13k defense, I can't think of any crippling flaws to this card. The X addresses the End's weakness of never hitting late in the game by providing an alternative out or punishing the opponent for guarding Mid Game in fear of the End. It also gives the End more bite by granting it a 22k unboosted attack, so more often than not the opponent would still have to -2 at least every attack, and even in the event where you have to ride the End first, it's still a good fail condition to sit on by providing Mid Game pressure until you ride the X or Stride, whichever is more convenient to you.
All this is made worse by the fact that if you set the deck up as you would a Crossride build and play naturally, you'll draw into one or the other into your hand by the time it's time to Legion, so the option's going to be there. If not, if the opponent's on 3 or below, add the End. The X if the opponent's on 4 damage and has to guard the Vanguard.
This card is not okay. At all. It's a freaking beast and I know everyone at Team League will have someone using this card.


Dragonic Overlord "The X"
And the final card of the week is the chase card of the set and the reason that your Dragonic Burnouts are going for 20 bucks or more a pop right now.  Also, the SP version of Dragonic Overlord the End from BT-05 is going for sixty or more right now.
Hoo boy...  This...  This...
Alright, according to the lore, The X, or the Cross if you wanna sound it out, is actually The Re-Birth after having lost the powers of the Reverse.  Due to the time shifting from Link Joker, the alternate timeline, Seekers of the Past and Revengers of the future, time fluctuated and shifted so badly that The X here saw himself, as The End, and grabbed his past self and now the two fight together.
Okay, so...  Who...  WHO came up with this card?  Do I even need to go into the skills here?  A Type-1 Legion that's just...  Urgh.
Forget what Saikyo said about True Daikaiser, Overlord the X is everything that's wrong with Vanguard in a nutshell.  Don't get me wrong, it's powerful, but that's the problem, it's TOO powerful.
I mean, what kind of idiot looks at the strongest pre-legion card in the game and go "this needs to be even better."?  Seriously!  Every other legion, save for CEO Yggy, was balanced in SOME way.
I mean, for crying out loud, while it's nice to see Overlord the End stay relevant thirteen sets after its release and who knows how much longer after this gets released, this is WAY too much.
If The X only had one of its two skills, it would still be absurdly stupid.  But this...  This is Vanguard's Flying Spaghetti Monster (look up Emerkul the Aeons Torn for Magic the Gathering), but much, MUCH easier to pull off.
Backup bosses?  Sit on the Dragonic Overlord Break Ride for three to five turns and then swing for 34000 with no booster, run Dragonic Overlord the Great, use the Stride support from this set and use the Stride Kagero boss as your back-up.
It really doesn't matter, this thing flat-out wins games.  Hit?  Restand.  Don't hit?  Kill two rear guards.
This was NOT needed, Bushiroad.  Gee, I wonder WHY all your tournaments are getting dominated by this thing in Japan.  "Oh, I got a great idea, remember when Overlord the End, Tsukuyomi and Majesty Lord Blaster were dominating the metagame?"
"Let's bring Overlord the End back into the competitive market now."
"Let's get a beer."
I think that's how the conversation went.
Despite all of this, I do love this card.  It's so powerful and good.
What I hate is that it's not something to have fun with.  You only run this card if you're in a big tournament.  Any other time, please, don't run this card, it's not a fun card to play against and winning all the time can get boring.
And, yes, this is going to win way more than it will lose.
Thing Saver Dragon?  Doesn't even belong in the same breath as this thing.
Rating: 10/5
Yes, it gets that high, because the best pre-legion card turned into a Legion with two stupidly punishingly powerful effects?
...What do you mean I can't rate it that high?  Okay, fine.
Rating: 5/5
See you next week folks.


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