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Saikyo Presents:
Cardfight!! Bad-guard


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Brave Stride Seeker, Cherin

- #BT16/029EN

Date Reviewed: Jan. 7, 2015

[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit is placed on (RC), if your vanguard is Legion, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose another of your units, until end of turn, that unit and this unit get [Power]+4000.

Rating:  2.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Brave Stride Seeker, Cherin


Oh that explains why I couldn't remember this card. It's boring. Cherin can grant itself and one other unit 4k upon hitting the field for CB1. As long as the vanguard's in Legion, anyway. 


Sounds nice, but there's a problem. Apart from encroaching on the Grade 2 lineup, in order to get the most out of the skill you'd have to arrange both his column AND the other unit's column to be 17k in order to make it 21k and thus force more guard. That's pretty much impossible with Cherin's own column unless he specifically is called alongside Izbuzzard and the other is restricted to having the difference be made up by Cerdic and any spare Grade 3s you have. Most likely anything not called Thing Saver because spares are usually in the deck.


Cherin competes with space for Blaster Blade, Gildas and Cerdic already. He's got nowhere to be run apart from very hipster Seekers.



Brave Stride Seeker, Cherin
Here we have the mate of Purgation Breath Dragon.
Just to save time, Purgation Breath Dragon has Alfred's non-legion ability, especial counter blast 2 to search out a Seeker to the field.  At least you can unflip a damage if you have a bigger field than your opponent does.  But, that's all it does and it's not really good, plus, unlike Alfred, Purgation Breath has to be in Legion.
Cherin (Celyn) here is much, much better.  When placed on R, if your vanguard is in Legion, you can CB 1 to choose one of your units and that unit *AND* Cherin both get +4000.
In terms of utility, this is 2nd only to Blaster Blade Seeker in a Seeker deck.  Make the rear guards a bit bigger and harder to guard, laugh as your opponent realizes that the little boost that Cherin gives makes a unit too hard to guard against.  Especially if you combine it with Aremil or Light Blaze Dragon, you'll quickly find that you don't need a restander if you're smashing through your opponent's guard with ease.
Course, you can choose your vanguard, but, in the Legion-era, that's not needed nearly as much as it used to be.
Rating: 3/5
Legion Rating: 2/5

Jonathan Mindham

Brave Stride Seeker, Cherin
Cherin is such a good card in the respects of how easy it is to get his effect off. But other than that he is kind of bleh, simply because in a Seeker deck counter blasts are valuable and there are other ways to give power to other units then him.  Though I feel he has a place in some Seeker decks but not in Thing Savor or Alfred.  
This card was printed as a rare and that is where it belongs, so value will be less than $1.00.  That is all for this one!!!   


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