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Saikyo Presents:
Cardfight!! Bad-guard


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Steam Fighter, Amber

- #G-TD01/006EN

Date Reviewed: April 6, 2015



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Steam Fighter, Amber
Y'know, it wasn't actually meant to be a two-fer Tuesday last week. It's just the boss forgot to mail me the cards to review that week.
I feel so unloved :(
*Ahem* But let us move on with "I'd tap that" Week with 5 Generation Break cards whose skills activate upon attacking a Vanguard while boosted. Starting us off is Steam Fighter Amber. Upon meeting the requirements of having Stridden at least once and attacking the vanguard while boosted, you Counterblast 1 to send a Grade 2 or lower rear-guard to the bottom of the deck.
Neat way to remove rear-guards without being shafted by anti-retire skills like Stamp Sea Otter. Basically a must for Gear Chronicle Decks. If only because they haven't got that many other deck variants to work with other THAN Stride.
Yes, it was short, blame the filler before Cosmic Heroes hit the scene.


Steam Fighter, Amber
And welcome to our "I'd Tap That" week.  First up is Steam Fighter, Amber, who is a slower, though less costly, version of Relic Master Dragon.
And...  That's about all I can say, really, it's one of the "GB1, when this unit is boosted, CB1 to do X" cards that exist now.  The only thing this has over Relic Master Dragon is that it only uses one Counter Blast instead of two like RMD does.
Most of the time, I find these GBCBX cards to be fairly lack-luster, or just out-done by better options that the clan has access to.  Gear Chronicle, at least, can't make that claim.
Anyway, use this or don't, I'm just a reviewer, not a cop.
Yes, it's pretty good, but it's nothing too spectacular.  I mean, Gear Chronicle does have their own version of Silent Tom somewhere in the Grade 2 slot after all.
Rating: 2.5/5


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