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Star-Vader, Freezeray Dragon

- #BT15/016EN RR

Date Reviewed: Oct. 9, 2014

Rating: 2.50 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Star-Vader, Freezeray Dragon
4th card of the week is Angel Feather mixed with Link Joker! Freezeray Dragon has a normal skill that locks an opponent's card whenever you put a card in the damage zone. And on Limit Break, whenever a lock happens, he gains 3k until the end of turn.
So how does it all work out? Well, let's assume a full field, each column forcing 10k guard on attack minimum. You let one column go, you lock the opponent's front row (whatever has not attacked yet) saving you a 10k shield for that turn. A fairly high quality inverted +1 for you. Reasonable, but on LB kiss that goodbye; you'll guard almost everything by that point, so the skill's a bust by then.
Damage adders may sound tempting, and to be honest, I think that's the only feasible way to use Freezeray, but the poor power of the cards (6k and 8k) is a turn-off. I don't see the point: Chaos Breaker can get away with tossing a card to lock as long as said card is not a 10k shield, and so although in terms of guard saved there's enough situations where Freezeray could do better, Chaos Breaker isn't restricted to Late Game or by compulsory bad cards to initiate. Not to mention his overall Late Game is better.
Freezeray needs to go live Mid Game, and even then other bosses can do the same. It'll only get worse in November, so save your bucks and don't bother running this.

Star-vader, Freezeray Dragon
Over-shadowed by Chaos Breaker Dragon, Infinite Zero Dragon and Glendios, this card...  Is surprisingly pretty good.  Any time that a card goes to the damage zone, you get to lock one of your opponent's cards.  Now, normally that doesn't sound good at all.  However, Link Joker got a Grade 1 and a Grade 2 damage inflictor.  You know, the units that let you counterblast 1 to put the top card of your deck to the damage zone face up and then at the end of the turn shuffle a card back to the deck?
Yeah, you could call them out if you're at 4 or less damage and lock at least one of your opponent's cards down.  Nice little 3000 point boost if you limit break as well.
Sadly, with the base power of 10000, it really isn't too great, although you can make it a lot easier to guard by locking an attacker that hasn't attacked or the Vanguard booster on the opponent's turn.  Yeah, it's an interesting card, but I really think that having a Limit Break really hurts this card the most.
It's a neat deck to try out if you want to run Link Joker but don't (or can't) want to run Chaos Breaker or Glendios.  A defensive Link Joker deck is one that isn't used much, and I do find things that aren't the norm to be a lot more fun to play (both with and against).
Rating: 3/5


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