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Brawler, Shotgun Blow Dragon - #FC02/002EN

Date Reviewed: Oct. 29, 2014

[ACT](VC): Legion 20000 "Military Brawler, Lisei" (If your opponent's vanguard is grade 3 or greater, this unit may return four cards from your drop zone into your deck once, search your deck for the specified card, and Legion) [AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit Legion, you may pay the cost. If you do, your opponent chooses two of his or her rear-guards, retire them, and if the number of units you have is more than your opponent's, this unit gets [Critical]+1 until end of turn. [AUTO](VC):When this unit attacks, if the number of rear-guards you have is more than your opponent's, this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of that battle.

Rating:  2.25

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Brawler, Shotgun Blow Dragon
And here's another Legion card. This time it's for Narukami's new archetype Brawlers (and we English players don't even get the Trial deck for ease of use, which is bullcrap). So once he mates (PFFFFT) with Military Brawler Risei, he can counterblast two to kill two RGs of the opponent's choice, and then if you possess more rear-guards after that, he gains a Critical. Oh yeah, and he gains 2k upon attacking and your field's fuller than the opponent's.
I'm...not a fan. I suppose CB2 for +2 is efficient enough, but it's not really a high quality +2 really. I suppose gaining Critical the turn you perform this trick is nice, but if my LB Crit Gaining reviews are anything to go by, it's got to be done when the opponent's on 3 damage or else it's PG Time. After that he's stuck playing the Vanilla game unless you ride another Legion unit and start again, so he can't continuously bollock the opponent like the End or Stern Blaukluger can.
It's really a one-shot Gauntlet Buster that's not shackled by Limit Break. But there's not much going for it as a follow up, at least in terms of what can mesh with him as an all-purpose good card (Descendant's still dependent on other Eradicators...)
He will however probably replace Skybeat from BT16 when Brawlers actually become playable until BT17 when we get something a little better than him. Until then, I wouldn't go out of my way to pick him up.

Brawler, Shotgun Blow Dragon
Oh, hey, like Brutus and Locrinus, Shotgun Blow Dragon is from a new Narukami sub-clan called Brawlers.  Omega Glendios kind of...  Eradicated the Eradicators and what was left of the Narukami clan became the Brawlers.
A Type 1 Legion that lets you Counter Blast 2 cards and your opponent then chooses up to two of their rear guards to retire them, afterwords this unit gets +1 critical if you have more units than your opponent does.  And, if you attack and have more rear guards than your opponent does, the non-legion skill gives this +2000 until end of turn.
Okay, going to say it now, Vanguards that gain crits suck.  There are other Brawlers coming that will make this unit even better, since you can make your opponent get rid of cards they didn't want to, however, it really doesn't dismiss the fact that 1: while this unit retires up to two, it's your opponent's choice and 2: you need to have as many units as your opponent does before you legion to get the +1 critical.
At least by itself.  There are others coming down the line that make it pretty good, but for right now though...
The only advantage this has is that you don't need to Especial Counterblast with it, so you can run it with any Narukami deck as soon as you get it.
The biggest problem with this card isn't that it only gets crit when it legions, it's that it's too heavily costed for the effect.  At a counterblast of 2, you should get to choose what you retire.  For a Type 1 Legion, it's really costly for the effect, and that hurts it in the long-run.
But, hey, I suppose you could combine it with the Eradicator, Ignition Dragon and nuke 4 units for a cost of 3 Counter Blasts, or Vowing Sword Dragon to get 3 units for 2 Counter Blasts, plus a massive attack boost and (possibly) the critical.
Rating: 2/5


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