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Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel

- #BT08/016EN (RR)

Date Reviewed: February 7, 2014

text: See Below

Rating:  3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Go Rogue,
Go Pro

What's up, you guys?! So for the last day of the Re-visiting Week, we're looking at a boss card that I used to run for a while but decided to change the deck around, but I still am using the sleeves of this card as it reminds me of what it was before...

Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel
Power: 10000
Grade 3
Clan: Tachikaze
Race: Dinodragon
[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (1) & Choose two of your «Tachikaze» rear-guards, and retire them] When this unit attacks a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, increase this unit's [Power] by the sum of the original [Power] of the units retired as the cost until end of that battle.
[CONT](VC):If you have a card named "Military Dragon, Raptor Captain" in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+1000.

...Raptor Colonel is definitely a beast of a Ride Chain as far as Power goes. It's at the regular 10,000 if the chain isn't successful, but if it is, then it's at a constant 11,000 power, which is nice and all, but its Power is from it's Limit Break. When the Colonel attacks the Vanguard, you can Counterblast 1 can sacrifice 2 Tachikaze units. If you do, then their combine Power gets added to the Colonel's Power. This means that, at best, Colonel can attack for a whopping 35,000 Power UNBOOSTED (2 Slashpteros and using their power boosts to boost Colonel)! Combined with Sonic Noa, Colonel would be at a staggering 43,000 Power, which begs for either a Sentinel, at least 35,000 worth of Shield or even force out the "No Guard" that you need to win. However, outside of their main Legion, Ancient Dragons, the Tachikaze clan doesn't have much on revocering after sacrificing many units aside from Skyptero, the Raptor Chain itself and the Brachio-series, which is mediocre itself with poor stats.

If there were more units that would give more benefits when retired, then I'd say that Raptors would be a solid deck in a tournament, but as is, I'm sticking with my Ancient Dragons.

Rating: 3/5
Art: 3/5 (Make things go BOOM!!!)
Next Time: Ummmmmm.........Buddyfighting? I dunno...xP

Go Rogue...Go Pro!
...and DON'T be a Sackboy!!!


Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel

Today we have what I consider to be one of the better versions of his type of Ride Chain. Oh, and Raptor Colonel himself, but more on him later. His Ride Chain, assuming you can pull it off, clones the Grade 1 when you hit Grade 2, and clones the Grade 2 when you hit Grade 3. That's actually pretty good, since unlike some other chains, you search for you plus, it's not random unlike Spectral Duke or Riviere, and assuming you're successful, you could actually make an entire column with the skill. Not bad for nothing extra needed in return.

But that's enough about the minor bonus gambits. Raptor Colonel himself. His skill in Late Game is that you can retire two of your rear guards to gain power equal to the total power of the retired units, when he attacks for Counterblast 1. Now, obviously, the column you do retire usually will eat up about 16000 worth of power, assuming the column you ate was scaled properly in terms of numbers. So it's usually 15000 more shield packed into the attack. Okay, but by the time this happens, the opponent will have reserved their Perfect Guards for scenarios like this, so it doesn't really do very much except force one from the hand.

However, I'm not going to be lazy and say this is bad because Power in Late Game's not good. There is a way to turn this around. With Destruction Dragon Dark Rex. His Limit Break will pretty much either hit the opponent, in the best case scenario, or it forces the Perfect Guard, you don't hit, and then you Superior Ride Dark Rex for another Vanguard attack. Now, obviously if you do do this, you keep in mind that both Rear-Guard columns have to attack first, so any Criticals you do check will fizzle most of the time, since there won't be a column to assign triggers to. So actually, it may do better with more Draw Triggers than usual in it.

He's okay, and his Chain's nice for no other penalties added on other than the prospect of a poor booster. Solid enough, but not my type.



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