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Top 10 Cards of 2014

#5 - Revenger Raging Form Dragon

- #BT12/001EN

Date Reviewed: Dec. 23, 2014


Rating: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Revenger Raging Form Dragon


And so we start the 2nd half of the top 10 cards of 2014. Starting of the number 5 slot is Raging Form Dragon. Good lord has it really been FEBRUARY since I reviewed this thing? A long almost career I've had, huh?


Well, I don't think I can say anything about this card that I didn't cover then. Oh, I guess I could say run this as a nice insurance for Phantom Blaster "Abyss"? It's functionally the same, so it's not a bad plan.


But if you can't find it or can't be arsed, it's an overall +0 wash (3 from the field, 1 from the hand, and 2 new cards from another Twin Drive, and at least a -2 from the opponent to guard again). It breaks even even if you fail to kill the opponent.


Run this if you run Revengers.



Revenger, Raging Form Dragon
...Someone's been drinking the Kool-Aid that Ren sent them.  While I agree that this is a very good card for Revengers, it's a Luck-sack card, if you don't have another copy in your hand or get one off your drive checks, the Limit Break is useless.  Plus you can't stack triggers onto it.  At least the Break-ride power boost makes up for it.
Personally, I would have had this lower on the list myself, or Drag-Ruler Phantom in its place.
Still, you shouldn't under-estimate this card simply because Drag-Ruler or Legion are more consistent with what they can do.  If you can get it, well...  Get it, I guess, but I do think that Drag-Ruler or Phantom Blaster "Abyss" is just flat-out better.
Rating: 2.5/5

Jonathan Mindham
Had this at #1 on his Top 10 list


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