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Top 10 New Cards of 2014

#6 - Transcendence Dragon, Nouvelle Vague

- #EB09/001EN (RRR)

Date Reviewed: Dec. 19, 2014

Rating:  3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Transcendence Dragon Dragonic Nouvelle Vague


Wrapping up the first half of our countdown is a card that everyone collectively swam down its throat for, much to my eternal confusion. I have actually reviewed this one in the past as well, but I have to say that I must revise my opinion of it. You see, I could understand sort of why it would appeal to people, but I was pretty desensitized to being excited about new cards. Even so, I couldn't help but feel that it sounded too good to be true. It was only when I had it explained by someone smarter than me that I understood why I couldn't back it.


It's not the god everyone thinks it is.


The Limit Break...it's too restrictive, it speaks for too much usage throughout the game (because costing this much means little room for anything really interesting), and to be honest, riding again, followed by a Persona Blast (an ACT Persona Blast, which is a fairly tall order already) works out as a CB3 for +3 potentially. I don't see what makes it so special when I could stagger this over several turns while still being allowed to do other things.


The Heal Blocker...eh, at 3 or below, it's not much to worry about, and at 4, you'll pretty much block anything remotely related to hitting because Critical Triggers. Anything that gains Crit could do the same job of Heal Seal and at least even the LB Crit Gainers I hate so much can at least revenge kill someone on 3 damage.


The PG sealing skill...it is going to meet the PG at least once in a game because of how the opponent has to start blocking the VG with what they've got Late Game. Fair enough, once they run out it spells trouble, but a Vague deck is the least subtle deck I know and you'll never trick anyone in wasting them early.


Vague's support isn't that much better (Roman is already running contrary to even having Vague at all by getting rid of her, and now that Conroe got banished to Barcgal Jail it only got worse), and Critic is...well, assuming Vague's field nuke's the aim is only seeing like ONE use a game.


It's not especially great but there's too much going on for it to be labelled 'boring'. So I'll just say don't hype something unnecessarily and leave it at that. 



Transcendence Dragon, Nouvelle Vague
Descend upon this battlefield and purge my enemies with your Holy Flame!  Stand up the Sacred Avatar of Flame, Nouvelle Vague!
...I just made that chant up, be quiet.
Okay, so, this is the second Grade 4 in the game, a physical god if you will, and, when it came out, the best card in the game, bar none.  It took until set 15 for this to be unseated as the best in the game when Glendios, the new Overlords and then after that with the Legion.
It's got its own support system and it's still a very powerful card.
Sadly, with Stride being a thing now, Vague has...  Fallen pretty far from where he was before.
Still, the fact that this is a 13000 Silent Tom is pretty potent, I think.  Plus no damage triggers allowed?
...Yeah, it's still very good, but it's nowhere near what it was before.
Rating: 3/5 (Sorry, Vague, you were once the best)


Jonathan Mindham
Had this at #7 on his Top 10 List


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