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Top 10 New Cards of 2014 -
#9 - Daunting Deletor, Oksizz -
# BT16/009EN (RRR)

Date Reviewed: Dec. 16, 2014

[ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (3)-card with "Deletor" in its card name & Choose one of your rear-guards, and put it into your soul] Delete all of your opponent's vanguards, and this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn. (The deleted unit is turned face down, its power becomes 0 and it loses all text. It turns face up at the end of the owner's turn.) [AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your opponent's ride phase, if your opponent's vanguard is deleted, your opponent may choose a card from his or her hand, and discard it. If your opponent does not, your opponent cannot normal ride during that ride phase.

Rating:  3.38

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Daunting Deletor, Oksizz


New things! I love new things. So at number 9 we kick off Link Joker's newest deck strategy, the Deletors. Now these are unique, in that they're not really fussed with shutting down rear-guards (although they can do that). No, what they really want to screw over is the Vanguard.


Oksizz here can Counterblast 3 Deletors to Delete the enemy Vanguard (both if it's in Legion). It goes face down, loses its power, and can't use any of its text-based skills until it goes back face up at the end of the opponent's turn. (It keeps name, skills such as Twin Drive, clan, etc) So what we have here is a Late Counterblast (because let's be honest, most of the time when you can use him you'll be nearly dead), and it will make any column at all force 5k guard+. Assuming you set the whole field up to hit 16k as you should, you have all the columns forcing a 20k guard for that turn. AND, as a nice bonus, you will only need to drop 5k for 2 to pass, because let's be honest, when was the last time you saw an 11k+ booster outside of something specific such as Doreen the Thruster or something?)


But that's not Oksizz's only trick. He can also do a ZANBAKU, in that the opponent can't normal ride over the Deleted vanguard without sacrificing a card in the hand. Pretty nice, a -1 just to stop bad column abuse for that turn.


So what do we have overall? We have a one-time use (outside of unflip or healing) that forces through damage or lots of guard dropping, and one column alleviated of pressure. It's not bad, and I guess the fact that Deletors don't have much CB usage in the first place sort of helps.


He's pretty neat and can certainly knock out some of the more boring decks on display (of which I can name a few). The pieces are only available in BT16 though, so good luck for the hunt.



Daunting Deletor, Oksizz
This is a weird name, the original translation had it at something like Wokziak or something...  ...Screw it, I'm calling this thing the Wonderful Wizard of Woz.
Anyway, a new mechanic is introduced with this guy, called Delete.  Or, to put it simply, it's basically locking the Vanguard.  Except not.
Okay, so, it has the same basic mechanic as lock with that ability, that is, it turns the Vanguard face down, however, unlike Lock, the unit can still attack, it still gets drive checks and it still has its name.  Although its power is reduced to 0, plus it loses all of its abilities.
Um, ouchies.  Delete lasts just as long as lock does, but there's no "Omega Delete" to worry about.  On top of that, you can ride a new unit on top of the old one and you're not deleted, unlike Lock.
However, Wozzy here can make your opponent discard a card or they can't ride over the unit that's deleted before they can even attempt to ride.  Which is pretty cool too.
Really wrecks Legion and Break Rides because if you do ride over the Deleted Break Ride unit, you don't get the Break Ride skill.
Ouch, this Delete stuff is pretty nasty.
Though, I think stunning the Vanguard is even better, simply because they can't restand to attack again.
I think I'm...  Oh yeah, almost forgot, Wozzy here is one of the few bosses in the past year to be made without a Limit Break or a Legion clause to his skills.  Pretty neat, even if the cost is pretty high.  At least there's a couple Deletors that can unflip damage.
Not bad, but stunning is better than deleting, seeing as Stride is a thing now and Stride gets around Delete, but not stun, plus the whole still getting drive checks thing.
Rating: 3.75/5


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