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Top 10 Cards of 2014

#10 - Dragonic Overlord the Яe-Birth

- ##BT15/005EN (RRR)

Date Reviewed: Dec. 15, 2014

Rating:  3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Dragonic Overlord the Яe-Birth


Aw, I wanted to get stuck in with the BT16 cards. Well, I guess this week (and the next) I can indulge in that, I suppose. For now, we're counting off the top 10 most influential cards of 2014, and starting us of is ZA RIBAASU. You may remember my old review for this thing back when BT15 was fresh in store.


My opinion of this thing hasn't really changed since then, I'm afraid. He's still dependent on external setup and requires total commitment to be effective, and even then, there's no guarantee it'll do the job. Alone, locking the field for 2 attacks makes no sense when 3 can knock out the same amount of shield, and with triggers only going to the Overlord, there's no insurance.


I can sorta understand why he would appeal to people (a failure to take context into consideration and the Vanguard community's tendency to follow the hype train to Idiotville) but he's a bit tryhard. Just apply what I said last time here and you've pretty much got my review.


3/5 (Revised according to my new score system)


Alright, let's get this going!  Whoo!
And a note, this is going to be long, mostly because I'm putting some lists on here in the reviews, hope that's okay.
Dragonic Overlord the Яe-Birth
Hey, pojo faithful, we're doing our top ten new cards of 2014 for our next 10 cards and we start at #10.
...And I honestly think that this card should have been rated much higher than at least 3 of the cards on this list.
Anyway, I won't go into another review of this card, because, let's face it, it's only a couple months old, go look back at the previous review to get my view of it.  Quite simply, best finisher for Kagero, best Я unit in the game.
Yes, the rating went down, there's Legion out now and a new Overlord in the next set which is even better and an Overlord in the set after that which is the most stupid Legion I have ever seen, even Yggy isn't that stupidly good.
Actually, as a bonus, I'm going to list my personal 10 best Я units in the game.
#10 Covert Demonic Dragon, Hyakki Vogue, Яeverse (and only because there's an unlocker for this deck so you can use the effect more than once a turn.)
#9 Demon Marquis, Amon Яeverse (hits stupidly big numbers, that is all)
#8 Deadliest Beast Diety, Ethics Buster Яeverse (if Infinite Hell goes off, it's nigh impossible to survive)
#7 Star-Vader, Яeverse Cradle (the synergy it has with Glendios, itself and Halcion is too good)
#6 Dauntless Dominate Dragon Яeverse (murder everything)
#5 Dark Dimensional Robo, Яeverse Daiyusha (who needs boosters? Everything hits hard)
#4 Ice Prison Hades Necromancer, Cocytus Яeverse (reviving a unit)
#3 Broken Heart Jewel Knight Ashlei Яeverse (retiring and superior calling in one)
#2 Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom Яeverse (either get hit for 2 damage or lose a unit)
#1 Dragonic Overlord the Яe-Birth

Jonathan Mindham

TOP 10 CARDS OF THE YEAR!!!!! And we start out with a bang!!!! Dragonic Overlord the Яe-Birth!!! What a beautiful card!! It really did not do to much in the English meta but its ability to constantly restand on a consistent basis makes it a very powerful card and probably the best Reverse unit released to date.  That is all I have for now, till tomorrow!!!   


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