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Saikyo Presents:
Cardfight!! Bad-guard


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Knight of Fury, Agravain

- #BT06/S11EN

Date Reviewed: Mar. 29, 2013

[AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your main phase, Soul Charge (1), and this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of turn. [ACT](VC):[Soul Blast (8) & Counter Blast (5)] Until end of the game, this unit gets [Critical]+1, and gets "[CONT](VC):This unit gets [Power]+1000 for each of your «Gold Paladin» rear-guards".

Ratings Summary

Rating: 2.10

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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"Gale" Gaylord

Knight of Fury, Agravain.
Yeah, this is an example of something that could be really crazy, if there were any means of legitimately setting it up with haste. As it stands, however, an early 13-15K Agravain is but a pipe dream. Soul-building in Gold Paladins, aside from his own, is limited to Flame of Victory and the less-than-stellar Coongal - the use of either being economically unsound.
He makes for a rather interesting way to fuel Silver Fang Witch and Charjgal, however, unlocking the possibility of easy 21K in all columns, much like Lohengrin and Stil Vampyr. If Gold Paladins didn't already achieve such things by default under just about any other (superior) Grade 3's lead, Agravain would have the potential for an interesting deck. As the clan gets more and more cards, however, the option slips further and further into obscurity and, unfortunately, unplayability. 1/5


To conclude this week we have Gold Paladin’s megablast unit, Knight of Fury, Agravain.

We once again have the standard SC, +2k but having a pretty unique skill for his megablast. Upon activation, Agravain gains a permanent critical and also gains +1k for every Gold Paladin rearguard, so he can get +5k in all. That’s pretty cool but you know what’s even better about the skill. Agravain never loses the power on the opponents turn. So what you have is a 15k Vanguard (suck it crossrides) during both turns, creating a near unstoppable monster. Oh, and he doesn’t have to hit to activate the skill, bonus.

Now that’s where his good points end and where we go to his bad points. He is limited to the late game, as is every megablast, but this isn’t what makes him bad. What makes Agravain bad is that he is a Gold Paladin. In a clan that counterblasts as much as Gold Paladins do, to focus a deck on Agravain means you won’t be able to use cards like Garmore or Vivian to field swarm. Gold Paladin does have damage unflippers, but Tripp has to hit the vanguard (which your opponent will be actively trying to stop) and you have to call Safir from the deck, which is to chance reliant to be effective.

Should you manage to activate Agravain’s megablast, you will have a truly terrifying monster in your control that can dish out as much offense as you want and shrug off almost all your opponents’ attacks with an amazing 15k body. However, Agravain takes away what makes Gold Paladin unique to acquire such power, which makes him a subpar deck focus. He is a useful backup though, being able to provide soul for Charjgal-Garmore columns to deal out multiple 21k attacks and providing soul for cards like Dindrane and Silver Fang Witch to get you some extra cards. Overall, Agravain isn’t as bad a megablast as many of his kin. He is also a scary as hell looking bull lion man.

rating: 2.75


TGIF! Yahoo!
the last card of the day for the week, but certainly not the least, we have the force of wrath, the renegade Knight of Fury, Agravain!
i. love. the. art.
i gotta say that. the first time i saw this card, it emits coolness and badass presence, not to mention its really cool flavor text, Vendetta Berserk!!! 
okay now on to the first skill: we have the typical soulcharge and gain power +2k; nothing new about that. this can also have a 3 stage column when paired with gareth and tron. soulcharging is not also essential to the clan except if you spam silver fang witches or dindranes in your deck (which you can) or even have a garmore-charjgal rear for an unlimited access of soulsblasts.
the great thing about this card is his megablast:
first, its ACTIVE. yes sir, no more hassles on trying hard to hit the opponent. once you got the requirements, boom! Vendetta Berserk!!!
once the megablast pulls off, you sir, are now a tank. as long as you have a full field, agravain gets 5k...PERMANENTLY. crossrides anyone? *pfft* please, i'm 15000...oh wait, i haven't mentioned, i got an extra +1 critical as well. >=)
that, is what it makes this card great. the continuous skill it provides give a big edge both offense and defense. those 3 stage attacks that your opponent will throw at you will just be mere 2 stage. this card can go alongside with the current crossrides in the english meta and even earned respect to be called a pseudo crossride. for the offense, once partnered with the 10k booster tron, you're now at 4stage attacker; how's that for power?
the disadvantage however, also lies in its strength. for it to be at full 15k, you must have 5 rears all the time. for every one out, that's a minus 1k. your opponent can just focus his attacks (most likely their rears) on your rears to whittle down agravain's power. so be sure you have enough cards in your hand for defending, or maybe even make sure that you have 10k rears to lessen the guards needed.

don't forget, that like all the other megablast units, his strength is also the weakness. not easy to make, might be too late to do. so be wise on how you construct your build around him. coongal perhaps? war horse? flames?
he's also not that expensive for a RR. so for those who just want to enjoy the game, or even those who are not a fan of bandwagons, try this card and make a build around it. go megablast and win!
strike everyone and let them feel your fury!!
rate time =)
competitiveness: 2.5
fun factor: 3.0
art: 4.0
see you next week..n_n


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