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Stil Vampire

- #BT03/00IEN 

Date Reviewed: Mar. 27, 2013

[AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your main phase, Soul Charge (1), and this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of turn. [ACT](VC/RC):[Soul Blast (8) & Counter Blast (5)] Choose one of your opponent's rear-guards, and put that unit on your opponent's (VC), and at the beginning of the end phase of that turn, your opponent chooses a card from his or her soul, and rides it.

Ratings Summary

Rating: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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"Gale" Gaylord

Anyone who's played the game for awhile is probably familiar with Stil Vampyr. Having been placed in Dark Irregulars, its Megablast is not only feasible, but easily commonplace and deadly, and he's gained plenty of recognition for it.
Some facts: Stil Vampyr sets up Doreen the Thruster and every incarnation of Amon with great efficiency. He easily forms 20-21K lines... well, across the whole field if your setup is good enough. Basically, every point in Lohengrin's favor is especially true for Stil Vampyr.
The nature of his Megablast, however, is entirely different. Instead of being a crippling pressure threat, it's meant to end the game by significantly driving up the price of guarding for your opponent. After all, a not-so-uncommon 6K getting pelted by 21K lines won't last long. But, for best effect, both players must be sitting at 5 damage. Such equilibrium is rare, more so when the Dark Irregulars deck itself is generally low on card presence compared to the majority of others. And generally speaking? Letting the opponent choose just how hard something hits them is never a plus. In this case, the potential of your Megablast is entirely dictated by what the opponent is fielding. Nevermind the fact that Perfect Guards are still entirely valid for any Grade 1 or higher Vanguard.
Playing Dark Irregulars is an immediate tell for any given opponent to be at the ready for Stil Vampyr. If you can keep its presence a secret until the end of a match, then by all means do so, because the earlier it comes down, the less effective it becomes. As such, I think it's better off as tech rather than a focus, and in general is just overrated. 2/5


greetings everyone! =)

Are you afraid of the Dark?
we're now in the middle of the week and what better to be in the middle but the sparkly n' classy Stil Vampir! =)
the first time i heard about this card, i immediately thought of count dracula, or even the baron sengir of magic the gathering, but lo and behold! a freaky samurai guy in a kimono. o_0
some of my friends even joked on saying this card is edward cullen.. lol
kidding aside, what this guy lacks in physical get up makes up for its deadly ability. and i mean DEADLY.
the first skill is just like majority of the megablasters; and this one coming from a dark irregular, is a really good one since this clan focuses on piling up the soul fast. combined with devil child, poet amon or prisoner beast, this unit can be a 3 stage vanguard of 21k and 20k respectively.

we'll go straight to it's second skill:
you do a megablast, and choose 1 or your opponent's rear guard unit and place it in the vanguard circle - any effin' unit: and that, is what makes it so deadly. your grade 0's are not safe. your laurel is not safe. your skull witch nemain is not safe.

in a dark irregular vampir centered build, this is so easy to pull off, not to mention fast. also, you can just keep it in your hand until the right time comes so that the opponent won't be expecting it and just leaving you hanging at 4 damage (which most players do if they found out that you're using a megablast deck)

this card is splashable to other decks as well like the Oracle Think Tank. you can have the CEO Amaterasu in the vanguard circle, have the vampir on the rear, and silent tom on the other. this deadly combination usually finishes off the opponent assuming vampir can suck in a grade 0 because if so, silent tom would be unblockable, and with the CEO's help, you can foresee any incoming triggers (hopefully a crit) to seal the deal.

you can also combine this card with No Life King and create an onslaught - both on the field and in the opponent's mind (first hand experience); you can make them believe that you'll pressure them with the No Life King but wait! vampir enters the rear! just keep the vampir as the element of surprise, or if you're confident enough, use him on the vanguard circle and scare the hell out of your opponent so that they'll rearrange their field and may incur minuses in the process. once the blast pulls off, your  columns will be in heightened stages depending on the power of the new vanguard. 1 stage can be 2 stage, 2 stage can be 3 stage and so on. not only this card can deplete the opponents hand, it can also be able to end the game befitting for a "Final Turn!"

also, for beginners who aspire to succumb to the dark side, the vampir build is one of the budget decks of dark irregulars and easy to build too! just  add beaters like amon, basilisk and even demon eater! (apply pressure!!)

clearly a force to be reckoned with, this card emits fear and disorder on the opponent's ranks in the battlefield - as expected from the top megablast unit in existence in the english format.

now, are you still not afraid of the dark? >=)

time for the ratings:

competitiveness: 4.0 (being a megablast keeps him from being 5)
fun factor: 4.0 (feeling sadistic? this one's for you!)
art: 2.0 (i'm sorry >_< )

Maro MoonMist

I'm a new guy here so I apologize if you find this review a useless block of words....
Anyway we are in the middle of the Megablast week and today we will be looking at the best Megablaster on the game, Stil Vampir!!!
Vampir is the best because it possesses some of the best conditions for a megablaster:
            1. It can be used even as a Rearguard
            2. It has a ACT skill, meaning you can just activate its effect without relying on conditions like hitting
            3. It belongs to a clan that soul charges heavily, the Dark Irregulars
            4. It does not need a Dark Irregular vanguard to activate, so you can use this as a tech  or in a hybrid in any megablasting deck.
For the megablast skill....the skill is devastating. By "degrading" a vanguard to a G1 or better yet, G0, not only does your opponent need higher amounts of shields for defending the weaker vanguard, you are also limiting his guarding options since he cannot guard with higher grade units from the hand. If you did not finish off the opponent that turn, he/she will still have a hard time recovering from depleted hand and the instant -1 that the opponent rode.
In a dedicated DI deck, you can easily achieve the 8 soul requirement for the megablast and also take advantage of Vampir's soul charging like boosting Doreen or setting the needed number of souls for Amons and Devil Child. You can even use it as a backup for No life King, Death Anchor after exhausting your opponent's resources by the King's pressure.
For a hybrid megablast build, Vampir is a very welcome ally. An OTT deck can even utilize him with a Silent Tom, making an attack that is impossible to guard if you made him ride a G0 unit. 
Btw, I rate cards by Art, Fun Factor and Force, ^_^x
 Art:           Cool pose but kind of gayish...  still 4/5
 Fun Factor:      Tricky to play, not beginner friendly but makes a lot of good combos, 4.5/5
Force:        Trust me, it can win games!! Deadly fabulous vampire...    4.5/5


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