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King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk

- #BT02/011

Date Reviewed: Mar. 26, 2013

AUTO 【V】: At the beginning of your main phase, Soul Charge (1), and this unit gets Power +2000 until end of turn. ACT 【V/R】: [Soul Blast (8), Counterblast (5)] Choose up to five 《Granblue》 from your Drop Zone and call them to separate Rear-guard Circles.

Ratings Summary

Rating: 3.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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"Gale" Gaylord

King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk is probably my favorite unit of the Megablasting class after CEO Amaterasu. He offers tons of neat possibilities for his clan, both gimmicky and practical, and when your best Grade 3 otherwise is a simple Garmore clone, I think Basskirk is that much more respectable.
The routine Soul Charge Basskirk makes unlocks a lot of wiggle room for both Dancing Cutlass and Deadly Spirit (plus the lesser-used Deadly Nightmare), allowing your to generate card advantage and mold your field to suit any situation. Since he's not normally using any Counterblasts, you're free to spend them on the likes of Negromarl and Samurai Spirit, perhaps even a rogue Captain Nightmist, which leads to an overall booming efficiency in terms of cost payment.
As for Megablasting here... it's usually out of reach, lest you decide to play four copies of Guiding Zombie to rush into said play. That's rather silly, though, given that you'd be swinging with a bunch of unboosted attacks for most of the match and never truly be able to push your opponent with the Megablast when the time comes. But hey, sometimes you get overloaded on Banshees, so there's always that possibility.
For the next year or so, expect Basskirk to be one of Granblue's best Vanguards. While he's not impressive in comparison to... just about any other Grade 3 boss and will easily be knocked off the map when the inevitable Granblue reboot comes along, I can easily respect him for allowing the deck to attain forward momentum in a fashion not many others do. 3/5


Rating: 4.0
Continuing this week’s theme of megablast units, we have one of the better-known megablasts belonging to Granblue, King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk.
With the standard megablast cost, Basskirk allows you to superior call up to five Granblue units from your drop zone. This allows a player to take advantage of the built up drop zone to play a perfect field for any given situation, including making columns that hit magic numbers, providing more intercepts, etc. Also a standard feature of megablasts that Basskirk possesses is his soul charge, which grants him +2000 power until the end of your turn.
While most megablasts aren’t exactly a wise choice to use in most clans, Basskirk has a few handy tools provided for him within his clan that makes his skill more viable to use. These include a Psychic Bird clone (Rough Seas Banshee), a superior ride (Spirit Exceed), and a moveable starter that can go back to the soul for no counterblast (Guiding Zombie). Basskirk also has the advantage of having units within his clan that can make use of the soul that he builds up should you not aim for the megablast, such as Dancing Cutlass and the Deadly series.
Another useful feature of Basskirk that puts him a cut above other megablasts is that his is an Activate skill rather then an Auto on-hit skill. This means that your opponent won’t get the choice of halting your pirate’s resurrection late game, which is typically where most megablasts fail, due to your opponent being roughly around the same damage by the time you hit your fifth.
One downside for Basskirk however, is that he is still a megablast unit and decks focusing on him won’t have as much impact during the early to mid game as decks focusing on the clan limit breaker, Cocytus, because of the limited unflipping capabilities of Granblue that limits the use of units who use counterblast, such as Captain Nightkid, Captain Nightmist, Samurai Spirit, etc. Fortunately, Basskirk can see use as a back-up to Cocytus, while also fueling the soul for powerful rearguard attacks with Cocytus and his personal booster, Dragon Spirit.
Basskirk is definitely one of the better megablast units in the game, easily being able to have a deck centered around himself and being useful back up to decks that don’t require his skill. He also sticks to the classic Granblue creed. “Pirates can be resurrected any number of times!”


hey guys what's up? =)

we're now on our second day of the Megablast-Themed week and next up in the list is the proud ruler King of the Demonic Seas, Basskirk.
now, this guy's art reminds me of the great Davy Jones in Pirates of the Carribean; kinda regal looking with his old british inspired attire. well you can't expect less in a pirate themed clan. =)
now on to the skills: he soulcharges and gains a 2k boost like majority of the megablasters, which makes it easy to set up a sturdy offensive vanguard column with dandy guy romario at the back for a 20k power, or even pair it up with evil shade to bypass the tank defenses of 11k vanguards, shamsiel or even the famed majesty lord blaster. 
the soulcharging can also be useful in with deadly spirit, nightmare and dancing cutlass; soulblast all the cards that you need to be placed in the drop zone, in order to be called later on. 
also, in the current english format, a basskirk based deck is one of the three builds you can make in the granblue clan, the others being cocytus and the superior ride combination (frank,swordsmaster,cocytus,exceed) build.
in a basskirk themed deck, i can suggest in focusing on a powerhouse 3stage line ups. you can either go for nightstorm-romario or even a cocytus-dragon spirit rear (you have unli soul for spirit for a 21k rear) be careful though, too much soulcharging and milling can lead to early deck outs - and you don't want that.
next we have the megablast: the great thing about his megablast skill is it's ACTIVE. it means you won't have to worry about "on hit" kabooms anymore. the moment you have the requirements and you have cards to revive, you can use it right away. the skill can be used both offensively and defensively: you either fill your drop zone will beaters like blueblood or nightstorm or undead shark for the offensive, or prolong the game by continuously pestering the opponents vanguard with your attacks, while you defend with a double skeleton swordsman in his turn then just megablast them back to the field - that could annoy your opponent because of the 10k guarding capability of the intercepts. it can also come in handy if you are in a tight corner because of field disadvantage; this can help even out the odds and even rearrange your line up for more stronger columns. also, don't forget to minimize counterblast skills for the big guy.. =p
if we're going to base it in a competitive scene, cocytus outshines basskirk due to power and on ride skill. also a basskirk centred build is a bit slower than a cocytus, which is why cocytus granblue users are more eminent in the scene. 
they die, but they don't stay dead for long. this guy can give you units without using your hand, what more can you ask? =) for beginners, this is also a good deck to begin with due to its affordability and easy to build. 
now for the rating! =)
competitiveness: 1.5 (a bit slow to cope up)
fun factor: 2.5 (open the bermuda gate and unleash hell from the depths!)
art: 3.0 (arr, you will walk the plank matey! )


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