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No Life King, Death Anchor

- #PR/003IEN 

Date Reviewed: Mar. 20, 2013

[CONT](VC):If the number of źDark Irregulars╗ in your soul is eight or more, this unit gets [Power]+1000. [AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your main phase, Soul Charge (1), and this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of turn. [AUTO](VC):[Choose five face up źDark Irregulars╗ from your damage zone, and put them into your soul] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power]+10000/[Critical]+1 until end of turn, and at the beginning of the end phase of that turn, put five cards from the top of your deck into your damage zone.

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"Gale" Gaylord

Today's entry into the books is oddly similar to yesterday's Dragonic Waterfall in that it can hit obscenely high numbers. The difference? No Life King, Death Anchor plays a key role in one of the more potent Dark Irregulars variants in the game! 

At the beginning of the Main Phase, he Soul Charges a single card for +2000 power, much like any given Megablast unit. And since this is Dark Irregulars we're talking about, any Doreen the Thruster that's deployed is going to appreciate this. Additionally, Death Anchor gains a passive +1000 power at all times once the Soul reaches 8 or more. This makes him a somewhat unconditional 11K body, which is always good for defensive purposes. All things in total, he'll commonly be 13K before a boost, which leaves room for Devil Child to bring him up to the crossride-slaughtering 23K. Beautiful. 

But that's not all! When Death Anchor performs his attack, you can move 5 face-up Dark Irregulars from your damage zone to the soul, adding a bonus 10K power and +1 Critical. After doing the deed, the top 5 cards of the deck enter the damage zone. No heals allowed! Unfortunately, this skill leads to obscenely fast deck-out scenarios, so it's not something to use often, especially when you consider the fact that an opponent can lock you at 4 damage with relative ease to deny its use in the first place. Instead, spread the love with Stil Vampyr's Megablast. 

In a clan that's all about piling up soul for power buffs, it doesn't get much better than this. I'd have to side with Dark Lord of Abyss when it comes to combo plays, though. 3/5

David NavyCherub Lynn

No Life King, Death Anchor
Like yesterday's card, Death Anchor is a card that relies too much on a single, easily stopped gambit, only his cost is even harsher. He functions much like a megablasting unit - at the beginning of every turn, you get to soul charge, and he gains 2000 power for the turn. In addition, though, when you have eight or more Dark Irregulars in your soul, he gains 1000 power permanently, and if there's anything Dark Irregulars do it is soul charge, so their usual shenanigans combined with his own effect make it so Death Anchor is pretty much at 11000 power all the time.
The effect that makes him unique, though, is his last one. You can move five unflipped Dark Irregulars from your damage zone to your soul when Death Anchor attacks to give him 10000 power and another critical for the turn, and then at the end of your turn you move five cards from the top of your deck to your damage zone. Now, this extra power is all nice and good, but consider once again how meaningless it is - a single perfect guard stops your onslaught, and since you are at five damage the extra critical probably doesn't mean anything either because if you've been playing half decently your opponent is at four or probably five damage, too, so they will have accepted their loss taking a hit at that point anyway. And, to make it worse, you have a pretty crappy early game and mid game, too, since you can't use any counterblasts or else Death Anchor never gets to use his effect and is only really good for his 11k body and a guaranteed soulcharge every turn. You also can't use the healing effect of drive checked heal triggers during this turn, since you don't have any damage when they go off.
Of course, things aren't all bad for Death Anchor. He goes well with Doreen the Thruster, making her boost for at least 9k every turn guaranteed. He also teams up with Stil Vampir pretty well, since the damage that comes to you after using Death Anchor's effect is unflipped, you can use Stil Vampir's effect the next turn to seal the deal, or just use Stil Vampir as a great backup vanguard since he soul charges every turn, meshing well with whatever plans you had for Death Anchor's same effect. Basically, Anchor's use comes in how he still synergizes decently well with what the clan as a whole does.

CrazyCat Team's YouTube Channel

No Life King, Death Anchor 

Rating: 3.95/5 

NLK (not to be confused with MLK, the civil rights extraordinaire) is quite an odd card. First off, it embodies what I feel every Promo Card should; it is a good, cool card that has spawned a fun, new deck type, but is in no way necessary or a staple for the deck. I, personally, have a soft spot for the card as it has been one of my favorites ever since I started the game. However, to truly explain his importance and usefulness, we need to delve into each of his skills: 

If there are 8 or more <Dark Irregulars> in your soul, NLK gains 1,000 Power. This may seem pretty pitiful at first, but then you notice that this is an all-the-time deal. The deck generally hordes 10-15 soul, and you’re doing something wrong if you don’t have that, so the 8 soul is chump change for them. This guy essentially becomes a free 11,000 Power Vanguard. Considering that, aside from him, there are only two other 11,000 Base Vanguard available to the clan, those being Dark Lord of the Abyss and King of Diptera Beelzebub, the addition of a third one opens tons of more options for the deck. 

His second skill is a generic soul charging skill. At the beginning of your main phase you must soul charge 1, and then NLK gains 2,000 Power for the turn. If you have his first skill active, that makes him a 13,000 Power attacker (perfect for those pesky Crossrides), and if you’re only a couple cards off from that extra 1,000 Power, then this skill will just get you that much closer. This even combo’s well with cards like Doreen the Thruster, to make her a 9,000 Power booster. 

NLK’s third and final skill is where he gets interesting, though. It requires you to have 5 face-up damage to use, essentially making him the very first Ultimate Break to exist. When he attacks, you may put all of your damage into the soul to give him 10,000 Power and +1 critical until the end of the turn. This skill alone almost fulfills the conditions for his 11,000 Power. This guy is like Phantom Blaster Dragon on steroids; same power boost, but without any of the cost. The implications of this skill, however, are the biggest reasons he doesn’t see much play. Since he requires you to move 5 face-up damage to the soul, you can’t use any counterblasts before using the skill. That means you can’t use Greedy Hand as (an effective) starter, nor can you include cards like Emblem Master. Being unable to access your resources for most of the game, while the opponent has full access to theirs, can really put you at a disadvantage sometimes. It also locks you out of any Heal Triggers you may Drive Check after attacking, which could really turn the game around for you. At the end of the turn, you place the top 5 cards of your deck into the damage zone to replace the ones you fed to NLK, which rapidly increases the rate at which you will deck out. Using this skill more than once can become fatal, especially if you had already done a lot of soul charging earlier in the game. It should also be noted that this skill doesn’t work in tandem with Doreen the Thruster, unlike Dark Lord of the Abyss’s skill.


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