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Stern Blaukluger

- #BT04-008EN 

Date Reviewed: Mar. 15, 2013

[CONT](VC):If you have a card named "Blaukluger" in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+1000. [AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (2) & Choose two źNova Grappler╗ from your hand, and discard them] When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, [Stand] all of your units in the same column as this unit, and this unit loses "Twin Drive!!" until end of turn.

Ratings Summary

Rating: 4.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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"Gale" Gaylord

The week ends with Stern Blaukluger, who serves as the driving force behind one of the most popular Nova Grappler decks to date. Sitting at the end of a ride chain, one can expect it to have 11000 base power in most cases. Although, offensively speaking, it tends to not matter even if it has 10000 - and offense is most definitely Stern's specialty.
When this unit hits the opposing Vanguard, 2 Counterblasts and 2 Nova Grapplers dropped from the hand allows its entire column (!!) to stand for another attack. You lose "Twin Drive!!" in the process, but any triggers thrown to Stern from the previous attack are going to carry over, making its attack more or less just as difficult to stop as it was the first time, if not more so depending on how luck smiles on the opponent's damage checks. This ability exerts a significant amount of pressure on the opponent the moment Stern comes into play, demanding they block his attack for fear of losing the game on the spot.
Take things to the next level by having irritating rear-guards like Magician Girl, Kirara attack opposing rear-guards. The opponent will be in for some painful decisions. Don't worry about Counterblasts, either - Toolkit Boy was made specifically so the deck doesn't have to miss a beat. Clay-doll Mechanic and Hungry Dumpty from the days of old can also serve the deck well, and let's not forget the Death Army duo to cash in an any extra Drive Checks!
The deck calls for a very specific setup and has no special ways to assemble it, though, so consider Stern Blaukluger more of a high-risk, high-reward card that won't exactly be breaking the game anytime soon. 3/5


Stern Blaukluger is probably the strongest of the second generation Ride Chains and for very good reasons.


To start, second generation Ride Chains all follow the same general rules. When their Grade 1 form rides over their Grade 0 form, you can search out the Grade 2 form from your deck. All Grade 3 forms also have a skill that involves 2 Counter-Blasts and hitting the opponent’s Vanguard, giving them all far better midgame strength than quite a few other Vanguards.


Stern here has a more cost efficient form of this skill compared to Ride Chains like the Amber Dragons or Blasters, as Stern wouldn’t have to pay his costs until after he hits. To compare, we can essentially line this up to Dragonic Overlord the End, another powerful restanding unit with a similar cost. In fact, their playstyles are almost identical when comparing the 2 cards in a vacuum.


That said, pressure is key. If you haven’t read the Dragonic Overlord the End review, I suggest you check it and Majesty Lord Blaster out to get a better feel for this sort of playstyle. To sum up though, every turn when Stern attacks (boosted), the opponent who’s hopefully smart enough not to risk playing around its skill will drop 15K shield or a Perfect Guard - always at least 2 cards - to set up a 2 to pass.  Because players generally +3 every turn in the form of their draw and Twin Drive, this essentially means you can stagnate their entire game from that point on into only a +1 turn per turn, putting an extreme limit on their offensive capability and/or their capacity to guard (which is pushed around even further the more Stern swings at the opponent). Because average shielding in the deck – ignoring Perfect Guards – is about 5K per card, a match that drags on too long can end up putting the opponent in a sort of deficit in terms of shielding in their hand.


Let’s just assume Stern is never able to hit because the opponent always guards it out. What this means basically is that the opponent is basically giving up 2/3rds of the card advantage they normally generate, indirectly meaning you gain an extra +2 every turn Stern attacks. On top of this, the more the opponent guards for such heavy amounts during the midgame – when many decks haven’t gotten the chance to build up their resources as well – the fewer options they can leave themselves later on down the road. Drive Check a Critical Trigger and the opponent is forced to pick their own poison, where they have to use even more shielding on top of whatever they chucked at Stern, or they just have to accept that 2 damage and get thrown into their late game, a lose-lose situation for the opponent they just can’t get back from usually, only reinforced by Stern constantly draining their hand out.


While all this talk about pressure is good, you generally need some sort of good skill in order to set up this pressure, and here’s where Stern shines. When Stern hits, for 2 Counter-Blasts and 2 cards in hand, you can restand it and its booster for another attack and another Drive Check. The greatest part of this skill is how you basically don’t have to set it up at all. Just by having 2 Counter-Blast open which shouldn’t even be a problem if the deck is built correctly, and because the Twin Drive actually sets up the secondary cost of the skill for you, the skill is almost always open to you for basically no effort at all in order to continuously drain their resources. When Stern is able to hit though, can often be a huge turning point in the match. Generally speaking, when Stern gets through means that the opponent has almost no options to be able to guard it out.  This means that with the added fact that triggers exist, you can often swing for the same power or even bigger than before that the opponent just cannot be able to block, absolutely wrecking them for damage. If Stern pulls a Critical Trigger at any point, that’s basically looking at a huge spike of 3-4 damage, basically slamming the opponent into the late game where the opponent’s resources are only going to rushed even further having to deal with not letting Rear-Guards deal that 6th damage – if they’re even still in the game at that point.


Overall, Stern Blaukluger is basically a deadly card. Causing other decks to basically crash from having to put up with guarding away at Stern constantly, and absolutely ruining them when Stern gets through, the card’s power is in no way to be underestimated. From me, Stern deserves an extremely worthwhile 5/5 as a card.


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