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- #BT04/073

Date Reviewed: Mar. 14, 2013

[CONT](VC/RC):If you do not have a unit named "Stern Blaukluger" or a unit named "Blaukluger" on your (VC), this unit gets [Power]-5000. [AUTO](VC/RC):When this unit attacks, this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of that battle.

Ratings Summary

Rating: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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David NavyCherub Lynn

Before support for themes, certain bosses, archetypes, and such was really cemented in a solid, playable way, stuff like set 4 happened. In particular, cards like Eisenkugel happened. The intentions here are clearly good - access to another 10k base grade 2 who can even swing for 12k? What a great incentive to play specialized builds, right? Unfortunately, the problems vastly outweigh the benefits here, leaving cards like this unplayable. That is to say, seemingly in order to balance out the great offensive and defensive capabilities granted to this card, you are punished with a 5k loss of power for not having the specific supported units in your vanguard circle (here, the Blaukluger cards). As if the possibility of a 5k vanilla grade 2 wasn't enough, this effect happens in both the rearguard and the vanguard, meaning that riding Eisenkugel is almost a death sentence, as he sits at 5k just waiting to be slapped across the face as hard as possible while providing just about no pressure of his own for the turns he is in command. This leads Eisenkugel to being one of the worst possible cards to have if you didn't get exactly what you want, making him essentially unplayable. A valiant effort, but the price of failing is too great.


More Nova Grapplers this week as we move on to Eisenkugel, a rather interesting Ride Chain support unit. 

Eisenkugel is a rather interesting card for having a rather uncommon trait, a skill on top of a base power of 10K. With Eisenkugel’s 12K attacks barraging the opponent, on top of soon to be discussed Stern Blaukluger’s assault, all amounts of damage and their shield will be worn out quickly, working wonderfully for the deck’s offensive capabilities. 

From my observations, it seems Stern decks can be based in 2 major categories. Firstly is a mixed playstyle, using a combination of both Stern and Asura Kaiser and the Death Army duo, and second is a column building set up using Tough Boys in conjunction with Death Metal Droid and Eisenkugel. While both builds have their own merits, it’s rather obvious where Eisenkugel comes in, and he serves the deck amazingly.  

Now Eisenkugel’s 10K+skill status has to come up at a cost, and depending on your tastes, a rather costly one. When you don’t have a Blaukluger, Grade 2 or 3 in your Vanguard circle, Eisenkugel will lose 5K power, leaving it at a miserable 5K base power and 7K attack. Now this is a downside people don’t really like, but luckily enough, I actually know how to calculate these numbers. Now disregarding your Grade 1 and 2 misrides, Stern is looking at about 7/10 games to be your 3rd ride, with 2 of those 10 being forced to ride into your secondary Grade 3(s) and 1 of those 10 simply not riding a Grade 3 by turn 3 at all. To put it simply, only 1/5th of the time will Eisenkugel’s restriction matter. On top of simply not drawing an Eisenkugel with the right numbers, this is an extremely small window for error for Eisenkugel’s restriction to actually be restrictive. This also ignores those builds that run 4 Stern, an X amount of Death Metal Droids, and no back up Vanguards whose deck performance is substantially subpar if it doesn’t ride into Stern right away anyway, who basically can justify this weakness with the fact the deck will lag anyway without a Vanguard Stern.

            There’s also that panicky moment people have about riding Eisenkugel, guys if your deck is well built you really don’t have to worry about that much at all any more than you do with getting triggerscrewed. 

As for its role in Stern Blaukluger decks, it’s rather simple as a 12K beater. With Death Metal Droid, this is basically coming up with up to 8 different Rear-Guard beaters who enable the deck to reach +20K in its Rear-Guard lanes, and due to the higher amount of beaters is much faster and more flexible to set up than, say, a DA column. As a whole, the beaters in this deck’s role is to work in conjunction with Stern’s ability to bumrush the opponent for damage or wear out the hand extremely through the course of the match simply by making big columns. Thanks to the added flexibility to set up faster and in general better numbers, you could often immediately follow through with even more big and costly strikes if the opponent were to let Stern’s skill through even once. Along with this, when Stern’s skill doesn’t go off but it checks a Critical Trigger, the high power range they make can almost certainly guarantee the opponent is only going to have to chuck far more precious guarding material or risk eating that 2 damage. 

Overall, Eisenkugel is a solid card all around, even despite its restriction. It serves a rather important role in a Stern deck built on its principles, and its harder to kill 10K base and 12K attack are just in general good stats to have on a Vanguard card.  From me, a solid 3.5/5.


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