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Battle Siren, Theresa

- #BT09/026

Date Reviewed: July 17, 2013

[AUTO](RC): When this unit attacks, if you have an «Aqua Force» vanguard, and if it is the third battle of that turn or more, choose your vanguard, and that unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

Rating:  2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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Go Rogue,
Go Pro

What's up, you guys?! It's the middle of the week, and today, we have...

Battle Siren, Theresa
Power: 8000
Grade 2
Clan: Aqua Force
Race: Mermaid
[AUTO](RC): When this unit attacks, if you have an «Aqua Force» vanguard, and if it is the third battle of that turn or more, choose your vanguard, and that unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

This is one of those cards where I had to sit down with it and just ask myself, "Why?". It's got pretty mediocre power at 8,000 (which is an abusable number in a Crossride format), and its skill, while easy to pull off, just leaves more to beg. Yes, 3,000 extra power can go a good ways if done right, but that's the phrase: "if done right" especially seeing how most units already gain 3,000 to begin with or even 5,000 like the Maelstrom series. That and most people's Grade 2 lineup is already full as they would be using Lazarus, Basil (Damon for a cheap build) or Valeria; there's just no room for Theresa without forcing it.

Overall, a mediocre card with mediocre potential...if any at all.
Rating: 2/5 (I'm being nice)
Art: 3/5 (Props on the awesome trident looking weapon. xD)
Next Time: A name I probably can't pronounce...so why bother? xP

Go Rogue...Go Pro!!!


Battle Siren, Theresa

Battle Siren Theresa is an interesting new Aqua Force unit. At 8k, she won’t be winning many battles on her own, but that’s not she’s interesting. When she attacks, and it’s the third battle or more that turn, you can pump your vanguard by 3k. It should be noted at this point that this is a rear guard only skill, so no 21k vanguard columns before grade three here.

So why do we like this skill? Maelstrom typically hits 11, 16, 21, and even 26k when attacking. Adding 3k to that doesn’t make a huge difference, since the opponent can use the same cards to guard as without the boost. You can use the skill before grade three, and have things like Coral Assault and Lazarus swing at 14 and 13, respectively, but, again, that doesn’t really change the number of cards the opponent must guard with. The real intrigue comes when we consider Glory Maelstrom. After a cross ride, Glory swings at 13, 18, 23, and 28. Adding 3k to that makes a big difference; swinging for 31k against an 11k vanguard forces a third card for a minimal guard. Factor in the ultimate break, and you’ve got a ton of pressure on the opponent, who now must have at least three grade zero units in hand, lest they take the hit.

Theresa is worthy of a slot or two in decks that like to finish with Glory Maelstrom. You really only get the maximum pressure when you crossride, though.

Rating: 3/5 – Many games go without crossriding at all, making her skill ineffective.


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