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Saikyo Presents:
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CEO Amaterasu  

- #BT01/006EN

Date Reviewed:
February 8, 2013

CONT](VC):During your turn, if the number of cards in your hand is four or greater, this unit gets [Power] +4000. [AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your main phase, [Soul-Charge 1], look at the top card of your deck, and put that card on the top or the bottom of your deck. [AUTO](VC/RC):[Soul-Blast 8 & Counter-Blast 5] When this unit's attack hits, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw up to five cards.

Ratings Summary

Rating: 3.88

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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"Gale" Gaylord

We end the week with CEO Amaterasu, Misaki Tokura's most dependable Grade 3 throughout the run of the series. Amaterasu heads the Oracle Think Tank clan, which works in processing information and various kinds of divination.
To compensate for 10000 base power, Amaterasu gains 4000 on the player turn at any time they have a hand of 4 or more cards. Since this is a continuous ability, it'll kick in even after performing "Twin Drive!!", so one does not need to be nearly as conservative as the number might have suggested at first glance. This easy-to-maintain buff allows Amaterasu to strike the 21000 bench mark for the sake of threatening even 11000 base units, turn after turn.
And boy does she ever threaten the opponent's Vanguard! Each turn, CEO Amaterasu peers at the top card of the deck after a soul charge, presenting the option of leaving that card on top or cycling it to the bottom of the deck. While this skill can obviously set up successful trigger checks all by itself, it does plenty more in tandem with other cards. For example, the use of Dark Cat, Luck Bird, or Psychic Bird will allow even a normal unit to safely be left on top and snatched up soon after for immediate use. A Tsukuyomi deck can not only make use of the soul charge, but also pile more cards on the bottom of the deck for even greater control over the end game. Silent Tom will gladly drive home any sighted Criticals, and Maiden of Libra loves a power increase for the sake of firing off her own ability to increase the hand even further.
CEO Amaterasu also possesses a Megablast, that is to say, a skill who's cost is 8 soul and 5 face-up damage. The ability to draw 5 cards is amazing, but considering the time frame in which it'll be used, the most likely scenario is that using it will, sadly, lead to the player decking out and losing the game. On top of this, it's very easy for an opponent to evade, leaving the player at 4 damage or simply blocking Amaterasu's attacks. Consider the ability icing on the cake.
While having no noteworthy effects in the Rear-guard, CEO Amaterasu is an easy inclusion for most Oracle Think Tank decks, either as a focus or a backup plan. She is by no means necessary, but manipulating probability in a game so heavily influenced by it is no joke. 4/5

CrazyCat Team's YouTube Channel CEO Amaterasu
Rating: 2.5/5
Amaterasu, while being the face card of Oracle Think Tank, is an example of a card falling into the sands of time. It isn’t the fact that she’s bad, it’s simply that she is either outclassed or simply unneeded in most, if not all, Oracle Think Tank Decks. Tsukuyomi only needs 4 Grade 3’s, and CoCo’s Soulless build uses Sakuya as a backup rather than Amaterasu. Her ability to “foretell the future” by looking at the top card of the deck is nice, but can also be accomplished by “Battle Sister, Cocoa,” which leaves you room for a better Vanguard. Her megablast will rarely go off, so you can’t count on any draw power from her. Her +4000 Power skill is shared by Sakuya, whose other skill makes it easier to get the power increase.
Her redeeming factor, though, is the fact that she has a Crossride. While it isn’t a meta-breaking card, it is still a viable deck type and thus keeps Amaterasu’s playability levels quite high. Due to Tsukuyomi’s restriction in the Japanese game, I’ve seen some players adopt a Tsuykuomi-Amaterasu Crossride hybrid deck with notable success.
David NavyCherub Lynn CEO Amaterasu
Have you ever hated the uncertainty that comes with checking triggers? This card was made for you.
CEO Amaterasu is the ultimate in chance manipulation. Every turn, she can check the top card of your deck, and you can choose to place it back on the top or on the bottom for a chance at a more optimal card. This is obviously a versatile ability, since you can make triggers more likely to occur or do other interesting plays. For example, when you check a card you want to draw, you can place it on top and draw it with another card's effect (such as Dark Cat or Psychic Bird) to get the same chance of checking a trigger as if you put it on the bottom. With this, you always have plenty of options and chances at grabbing the cards you need.
As if that wasn't enough, she gets +4k when she attacks when you have four or more cards in your hand. This should pretty much be any time throughout the entire game, since it counts the cards you gain during your drive check. If you don't have at LEAST four cards in your hand at that point, you have probably already lost. In other words, this means Amaterasu hits great numbers against any vanguard of any defense given an appropriate booster for essentially no cost, which is awesome.
Finally, Amaterasu's soul charging is actually very useful in Oracle Think Tanks. She fills the soul easily for the series of cards that require six soul for their abilities to become active, such as Tsukuyomi, Tagitsuhime, and even her own megablast in more desperate situations.
Amaterasu synergizes with all but a very specific set of Oracle Think Tank cards, and can even hold her own as the main Vanguard, so there is no reason not to heavily consider her when building your Oracle Think Tank decks.


Friday 2/7: CEO Amaterasu

Yet another early, iconic card for Cardfight!! Vanguard.  This is none other than the leader of Oracle Think Tank, and a very fine card she is.  Though having the rather typical “Soulcharge and Megablast’ combo, she is arguably the best of her kind, and her own skill suits the fortune-telling theme that the clan has going on.  So why isn’t she seen as much as you might expect her to be?  More on that later.

In the Vanguard slot, every turn, she Soulcharges one card and allows you to peek at the top of your deck to see what it contains.  Both of these are useful skills.  Soulcharging can fuel the skills of Oracle Think Tank’s multiple “if you have six or more Soul” cards, help reach a Tsukuyomi stack faster (if you play the chain),  you could pay the added Soul as costs for Luck Birds’ skills, or you may occasionally even be able to attempt a Megablast.  The only place where this is probably going to be more a hindrance than a help is in a CoCo-based deck that likes having a small or nonexistent Soul.  Being able to look at your top card and choose where to stack it increases your probability of hitting triggers, as if the top card is a non-trigger, you can just get rid of it.  If used alongside the Tsukuyomi ride chain, that can help you reach your “stack” faster as well.  It may also signal you as to whether you wish to use a Dark Cat’s or Psychic Bird’s skill, as if the top card is a non-trigger you would like in your hand, you know that it’s the best time to use a draw 1 ability.   The Megablast isn’t quite that powerful as far as they go, but CEO Amaterasu’s remains one of the more playable ones due to Oracle Think Tank’s heightened ability to Soulcharge, CEO Amaterasu’s own merit outside of the Megablast, and a typical shortage of other Counterblast users outside of the Vanguard circle.  Her less flashy “power +4000” skill is also quite incredible; it has a ridiculously easy condition, as you merely need to have 4 or more cards in hand after your drive check.  If you have 2 cards in hand, you can attack and be rest assured that you’ll get the power.  If you have only 1 and check a Draw Trigger, you might get to surprise both yourself and your opponent.  This skill allows CEO Amaterasu to hit 20K or 21K with great ease and force out extra guard from the opponent turn after turn, something that other Oracle Think Tank Vanguards can’t boast quite as well. 

So, sounds great, right?  So great that other clans have playable cards from later sets that are still outclassed by her in just about every way.  In particular, Granblue and Pale Moon would kill to have Amaterasu.  So again, why isn’t she an instant 3- or 4-of in every Oracle deck ever?  Well, the biggest issue is that Oracle Think Tank has multiple even more amazing advantage-generating Vanguards.   Namely, Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi and Scarlet Witch, CoCo.  Both of them are potential and quality +2s or +3s all by themselves, with Tsukuyomi also boasting an 11K on defense if things go right.  The lack of innate advantage-generating ability usually relegates her as a backup Vanguard, if that.  Tsukuyomi decks would sometimes rather run 4 Grade 3s, though CEO Amaterasu would certainly be the next-best choice if more is needed.  CoCo dislikes Soulcharging and also happens to have a detaching starter with 10K shield that basically does nothing else but boost for 5K once it’s put on the field, so Sakuya is often preferred for the lack of Soulcharge and the bouce.   However, in the future, once Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu is released, or if Tsukuyomi is restricted as some people fear, CEO could make a comeback.

Rating: 4/5 (Solid card, but often overshadowed)

Art (BT01): 3/5

Art (EB04): 5/5


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