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Dragonic Overlord - #BT01/004EN

Date Reviewed:
February 7, 2013

[CONT](VC/RC):If you do not have a vanguard or rear-guard, this unit gets [Power] -2000. [ACT](VC/RC):[Counter-Blast 3] Until end of turn, this unit gets [Power] +5000, gets "Own(VC/RC):When this unit's attack hits an opponent's rear-guard, [Stand] this unit", and loses "Twin Drive!!".

Ratings Summary

Rating: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Moving onto an entirely different clan but yet another cliché of card games, Dragons, and the Avatar of Toshiki Kai, who is something of the protagonist's Rival (as well as one of his many subtextual love interests).
Dragonic Overlord is a Grade 3 that boasts an intimidating static
11000 Power. Based on these virtues alone, Overlord is already an excellent choice for any Kagero Deck.
Like yesterday, Overlord's first skill is of a negative virtue where if you don't control any other Kagero Units in addition to Overlord he loses 2000 power making him 9000 base which is incredibly dangerous territory for a Vanguard and underwhelmingly for a rearguard.
To clarify, Overlord doesn't care if you have any Units from other Clans out as long as you have at least one Kagero Unit other than himself. Regardless, due to the archetypal nature of Vanguard, this isn't all that much of a problem considering you'd be hard pressed to deck Units outside of a deck that is entirely singulary focused on the Clan it shares.
Focusing our attention on his second skill, which is actually a rather complex set of 3 skills, for the cost of 3 counterblast it gains +5000 power and gets the ability to stand if it hits (effectively letting it hit again) and destroys a rearguard while also losing Twin Drive.
Lets deal with the last part first, Overlord loses Twin Drive!!
entirely (even on the first attack.) It's wise to remember that Drive Checking is a GAME mechanic that's integrated into any Vanguard whereas Twin Drive is a CARD Mechanic which grants Vanguards an extra Drive Check in addition to the standard game mechanic Drive Check.

What this means is that while Overlord loses Twin Drive, it does not lose the Single Drive. Of course, while Overlord makes an excellent Vanguard due to it's 11000 base being considerably strong on the defensive, it's ideal space is the rearguard.
The second part of the skill lets Overlord re-stand when it hits a rearguard. This is an incredibly potent when combined with the +5000 power from the first part. Take for example the following two Scenarios.
Setting: Overlord + 6000 Booster (rarely does the power of Grade 1 Units fall lower than 6000) attacks a Rearguard of 11000 power or less.
Scenario 1: Overlord is guarded with a minium of 15000 Shield required which equals to at least 2 cards from the Opponent's hand.
Scenario 2: Overlord hits the rearguard and stands and is then guarded when attacking the next Unit. This time the attack only requires 10000 Shield to guard but again between that and the rearguard Overlord hit, again the overall advantage here is 2 cards.
So as shown by the examples above, the common scenario for Overlord is
CB3 for a +2 which is a great investment. In addition, if you somehow managed to pull this off on the Vanguard Circle you could potentially get up to 3 total Drive Checks that turn assuming Overlord successfully hit two rearguards.
Despite Overlord's first negative trait there are some neat tricks with him including using Vanguards , from other clans, that make easy use of flipping damage face-up such as “Mr. Invincible” or “Chief Nurse, Shamsiel” along with Stand Triggers to abuse his skill over and over and over again to gain an overwhelmingly advantage. He is also noteworthy as being the previous incarnation of one of those frightening cards I mentioned yesterday but I deal with both the Mixed Clan Vanguards and Dragonic Overlord: Godzilla Version when we come to them in this section.
Rating 4/5 (4 being questionably powerful/overpowered)

"Gale" Gaylord

The icons continue to roll with Toshiki Kai's premiere ace Dragonic Overlord! This doozy reigns over the Kagero clan, which serves as the Dragon Empire's first aerial assault division.
Right off the bat, we notice a robust 11000 base power that's quite easy to maintain. Barring absolutely terrible play or an opposing Dragonic Lawkeeper, it's unlikely that Dragonic Overlord will ever dip to 9000, so he makes for a dependable wall whilst the rest of the units around him eliminate the opposition. Moreover, Dragonic Overlord's unique ability ("Eternal Flame") is free to use no matter his placement on the field. It's probably the number one skill that trips up newer players, too.
With a Counterblast of 3, a few things happen to the Overlord:
*He gains 5000 power, until the end of the turn.
*He gains the ability to Stand himself should his attack hit a Rear-guard, until the end of the turn.
*He loses "Twin Drive!!" (if he had it), until the end of the turn.
So not only does Dragonic Overlord become significantly more difficult to block, he'll punish an opponent whether they do or not by making them lose valuable attackers or precious guardians. Despite the potential for three drive checks instead of two, perfect guards are prevalent in high-level play, and as such it's a risky move to make with a Dragonic Overlord in the Vanguard slot (you're liable to end up with one drive check instead of two). A Rear-guard Dragonic Overlord, on the other hand, makes for at times devastating pushes due to the fact any and all triggers can be passed to him, effective on all attacks he makes that turn.
There's a problem, though: Dragonic Overlord is in a clan that's naturally heavy on Counterblast usage, which restricts both the frequency at which one can expect to use his skill, and the effectiveness of said skill. This is especially true when looking at the long term damage a well-placed retire from Berserk Dragon can cause. Ultimately, it's up to the player to weigh the benefits of using one over the other in a given situation. Or they can toss him in hybrid decks made to spam his ability. One way or the other.
As has been mentioned plenty of times before, Awakening of Twin Blades is on the horizon, and the Dragonic Overlord will not be going without his own set of upgrades, so things only get better from here! Eternally a 5/5 due to his level of generic 'stronkitude'.

CrazyCat Team's YouTube Channel Dragonic Overlord
Rating: 4/5
Dragonic Overlord is another card that has been around since the very first set, yet has still kept its relevance. Its skill isn’t exactly in line with what its deck does, but perhaps it is for that very fact that it is such a potent card. Kagero focus on retiring the opponent’s rear guards, mainly their boosters, to force them to play more from their hand and to cripple their powerlines.
Dragonic Overlord’s skill, with a cost of Counterblast of 3, gives it 5000 Power and, if it hits an opponent’s Rear Guard, it will stand back up for another attack. It loses twin drive when you activate this (Yes, the second it is activated, it loses twin drive. This is one of the biggest ruling misconceptions of new players), but you shouldn’t be riding this guy anyway, since it is a skill that can be used in the Rear Guard. While it is a bit costly for its deck, if timed correctly, it can be devastating and can clear the opponent’s front row of attackers, or at least force a large amount of guard from their hand.
The most relevant aspect of this card, however, is that it has a Crossride: Dragonic Overlord THE END. We’ll probably do a review on that later, but since Dragonic Overlord is a key card in that deck, and a close staple in nearly any other Kagero Deck, it has earned its place as a timeless card.
David NavyCherub Lynn Dragonic Overlord
Dragonic Overlord is another relatively famous Vanguard card, being Kai's signature unit and the cover card for the second trial deck. Its usefulness, though, is up for debate.
Its main ability is a counterblast of 3 for what essentially amounts to a +1 under normal circumstances. That is, the most likely scenario is: your rearguard Overlord attacks a rearguard and goes unblocked, which stands Overlord, allowing him to attack another unit of your choice, which will be guarded as normal (10k with of shield). Obviously there are more possible scenarios, but unless you are making a specific late game push and plan to attack the vanguard first with a 3 counterblast cost +5k Overlord, the scenario I just described is the most optimal one. So, what this all means is that Overlord's ability is typically overcosted for the benefits it brings.
However, it has a strange but interesting utility in a specific budget build focused on using his ability in conjunction with the damage unflipping capabilities of Nova Grapplers (in particular, Mr. Invincible's ability) and sometimes even stand triggers. The idea is to activate Overlord's ability multiple times a game and utilize stand triggers to get even more out of his power boost and restanding capabilities. It is a bit inconsistent, but it is definitely something very unique to Dragonic Overlord.
Overlord also brings other things to the table: his 11k base makes him great as the vanguard on defense and an optimal stand target, and of course he makes Dragonic Overlord the End into a 13k tank. Unfortunately, despite his usefulness, he doesn't break any sort of barriers as far as ability standards go and is, in some ways, simply worse.


Dragonic Overlord
The dragon who stands above all others. His clan that he leads known as "Kagero" is actually the Ariel Assault Unit of the Military nation known as the Dragon Empire. He is the Original boss monster that Aichi's friend and Rival Toshili Kai used, the fiery demonic demeanor of Dragonic Overlord matches Kai's serious nature.
He is the original 11k Vanguard and a vary powerful unit. He will loose power if you don't have another Kagero (this is so you don't use him in non-kagero decks).
There is very little that can be said about this Unit as he is one of the best that Kagero has to offer. Being able to stand again for an extra attacks is an ability that will put large amounts of pressure on your opponent or even bring you a victory. Counterblast 3 is a big cost, but the pressure form this ability makes up for it. Now when you activate this ability you will loose twin drive, but that's to make his ability much more fair. Otherwise you could potentially drive check 6 cards, at least without twin drive you check 3 which is still very useful. 
The only real downside to this ability is that it can be stopped by guarding the first attack from it. Although as that's the case your opponent would need to use up more cards guarding than they normally would.

Both variations on this cards art does it justice. The original trial deck art gives he the calm and ready to strike feel. While the booster set art shows his fiery aggression.

As a card I give it 5/5 and that will be incredibly rare I give something full marks.
For the art 4/5. Although the art does it justice there is something lacking for it.


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