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Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime  

- #BT05/067 

Date Reviewed: Mar. 1, 2013

[AUTO](RC): When this unit attacks, If the number of «Oracle Think Tank» in your soul is six or more, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.

Ratings Summary

Rating: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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If I'm not mistaken, Battle Maiden (alongside Burning Horn Dragon and Knight of Loyalty Bedivere) were the first real grade 2 units with 9000 base power that could attack for 12000 provided a certain condition was fulfilled. In the case of the latter two, they merely had to have a Vanguard that belonged to the "Overlord" or "Blaster" archetype respectively. In the former (and todays Card of the day) Battle Maiden Tagitsuhime required the noticeably unique condition of having 6 or more <<Oracle Think Tank>> Units in soul.

These Units have set a trend ahead of them to the point that some clans even have two of them seperated by archetypal information. In each clan (or clan archetype) they are incredibly clutch units and for a very good reason. With an 8000 Vanilla Grade 1 Booster they are allowed to hit for Stage 3 (20000) against 10000 base Vanguards, with the conditional 9000 booster that many but not all clans have they can hit Stage 3 (21000) against 11000 power Vanguards and of course they can hit 18000 with the standard low power of 6000 (but functional grade 1) against the ever-looming Cross-Rides.

There really isn't much to say. It's an amazing support unit and may as well be placed into any deck which can fulfill the requriment quite easily without much question.


"Gale" Gaylord

To end the week, we'll be taking a look at Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime. Oracle Think Tank boasts a proud lineage of incredible Grade 2 units, and Tagitsuhime is no exception. But what makes her so great?
Up until now, Soul-filled decks like Tsukuyomi and dedicated Amaterasu builds have relied mostly on their own abilities and Silent Tom to get the job done, having lacked any dedicated powerhouses like CoCo recieved some months prior. The introduction of Tagitsuhime paves the way for easy 20K columns in tandem with Gemini, allowing one to crank up the heat on 10K Vanguards. Moreover, she's one of the few ways these decks can tackle the iron defense of crossrides, easily reaching that 18K threshold with just about any Grade 1 unit. Tagitsuhime can even hit Majesty Lord Blaster and any weaker Vanguards all on her own, forcing a card each turn while allowing you to commit less to the board should the situation demand it. In fact, this can even make Stand Triggers worth a look - who doesn't like increasing the potency of an already crazy late game?
Tagitsuhime naturally runs into trouble early game, where she's nothing more than a 9K vanilla. This can be problematic against more conservative, defense-oriented tactics. A front row of 10Ks won't let Tagitsuhime go anywhere without a boost, denying her of her main charm.
Booster 5 has set the bar for a new generation of attackers, and while Tagitsuhime isn't online nearly as early as Masquerade or as useless as Bedivere, we can only expect to see more follow in their footsteps, and few decks in the future will be without them. Tagitsuhime is a solid 3/5, personal bias aside.


Friday 3/1: Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime

And today we’re reviewing one of the set’s most famous and important Commons that has become a mainstay in Soul-heavy Oracle Think Tank decks.  Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime is one of the first in the highest tier of Grade 2 power, being at 9K power permanently and hitting for 12K if the correct condition is met.  This is rather significant compared to 10K or even 11K, as Tagitsuhime has a very good shot at hitting crossrides with anything behind her and can also punish a 10K Vanguard with Oracle Guardian, Gemini behind her (not hard in a typical Oracle Think Tank deck).  The condition itself, while not quite as convenient as Bedivere and Burning Horn Dragon, is also relatively easy to fulfill, particularly for Tsukuyomi-based decks.  Unfortunately for her, Tsukuyomi is really the only major deck that Tagitsuhime can really shine in, since modern decks using CEO Amaterasu as the main boss are pretty uncommon and CoCo is obviously unsupporting of all “six or more Soul” cards.  In the future, Tagitsuhime gets outclassed by other cards with the same stats and yet easier conditions as well, outside of Tsukuyomi.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Niche even within her own clan, but very good in that niche)

Art: 3/5 (So-so)


Moving forward today on this first day of March(And my payday!) we have the lovely Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime. This unit has a fairly basic effect, When this unit attacks, if there are 6 or more OTT units in the soul, increase the power by 3000. Awesome. Right off the bat this sounds like something that would work well in a Tsukuyomi deck.
The Maiden's base power is nothing out of the ordinary, 9000 power units are common,but whats interesting is that when boosted by basically any grade 1, you have yourself a crossride combatant, provided the effects requirements are met. When the soul is 6 or more.
Her ability to attack for 12000 when boosted by a 6000 power or greater grade 1 is phenomenal because it ensures you will be forcing at least a 10k guard from your opponent. When you have her 12000 power being boosted by a Gemini, you have yourself a fairly handy rearguard column against those 10k Vanguards.
Basically to keep this short and sweet, Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime optimisticly speaking can be very useful provided the conditions are met to allow her to reach her 12000 power attacks. Unfortunately outside of that she doesn't have much... if anything going for her.
Especially when you consider the units she has to compete with for a spot in any build like Silent Tom or even the Vanilla Oracle Wiseman(Just to name a few).
I'd have to give her a 2/5. While I do wish I could put this higher, as I mentioned above, her effect does require some work to pull off, and outside of that, she's a 9k Vanilla.
However I'll give the artwork a 4/5 because I actually really do approve of it.


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