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Knight of Conviction, Bors 

- #TD01/002EN

Date Reviewed: Feb. 19, 2013

[AUTO](VC/RC):[Counter-Blast 1] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power] +3000 until end of that battle.

Ratings Summary

Rating: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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"Gale" Gaylord

Poor Bors. Poor, poor Bors. 

A Counterblast of 1 for a bonus 3000 power isn't bad by any means and has even been cloned into most clans since the dawn of Vanguard, but the original is about as worthless as they come. The reason? Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes yields the same +3000 power on his attacks, without any cost, and on top of that, using a laughable activation requirement that's almost impossible not to meet. There isn't any contest when it comes to which one should be played in a Royal Paladin deck. 

Even as a generic card, Bors comes up short to in-clan alternatives in practicality. He's the least accessible of them all, too, having only been printed as a one-of in Trial Deck: Blaster Blade. 

Feel free to keep him in your binder for eternity. At least he looks kind of cool. 1/5

CrazyCat Team's YouTube Channel

Knight of Conviction, Bors
Rating: 2/5
In reviewing Bors, I feel that I can effectively review the “Bors clones” of the game as well. That is, cards with the same skill, just in different clans (such as Plasmabyte Dragon, Battlefield Storm Sagramore, etc). In truth, there really isn’t much to say about him, as he has a very simply skill. When he attacks, you may counterblast 1 to give him 3000 Power until the end of that battle. Note that, since it is an AUTO skill, you can only activate it ONCE when he attacks. So you can’t counterblast 2 and give him 6000 Power.
With the introduction of Crossrides into the game with the release of Set 5, Bors and Bros Clones have become more viable, at least in my opinion. Their ability to reach 13,000 Power unboosted through their skills means they can hit crossridden units, like Dragonic Overlord THE END and Phantom Blaster Overlord, without a booster. Do note that this will put a heavy tax on your counterblasts, as devoting 1 each turn to Bors will likely end up turning into 2 or 3 throughout a game.
That being said, Bors himself doesn’t have the best of places in his deck. Royal Paladins are very counterblast-heavy, with High Dog Breeder Akane and Blaster Blade, two very key units to the deck, both taking 2 counterblasts. King of Knights Alfred requires 3 counterblasts and, if you so wish to use it, Pongal requires 1 counterblast. That’s already more than the 5 you’re given each game, and having to devote one to Bors for multiple turns just isn’t an efficient use of them.
However, it isn’t too hard to make room for him. If you opt to use Akane’s counterblast 2 skill to call a unit instead of Alfred’s counterblast 3, then that’s 1 free counterblast open for Bors. You can easily dedicate 2 or 3 to him if you feel the need to. If you boost him with Little Sage Marron or Toypugal, he’ll attack for 21,000 or 22,000, respectively, which are some pretty high numbers, more than enough of a reason to try and devote those resources to him.
The main reason I have rated him so low, however, if because of the existence of Swordsman of the Explosive Flame Palamedes. Palamedes is a Grade 3 Royal Paladin who can attack for 13,000 (the same as Bors), but under the condition that there are 2 or more Grade 3’s on the field. So, essentially, his 13,000 power is free, while Bors’ uses a counterblast in an already counterblast-heavy deck. He’s simply the more economic option.
That is, in terms of game mechanics. On your wallet, that’s another story. Palamedes is a very expensive card, and since Bors does almost the same thing, he’s a very suitable replacement if you’re hurting in the financial area, or are just taking the deck for a test run and don’t want to commit too much to it.

David NavyCherub Lynn

Knight of Conviction, Bors
Bors has sort of a unique situation. He's one of a series of clones that is able to gain 3000 power by paying a single counterblast when he attacks. This is not really a bad ability, per se. You get pretty much exactly what you pay for, it makes for great power lines for your rear guard columns, and of course you can choose when you want to do it so that you don't waste any resources. There's not really much to dislike about Bors.
The unique thing about him is, then, that he is strictly worse than another card within his own clan - Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes, who gains 3000 power when he attacks at no cost and with no stipulations. Okay, that's not completely honest: Palamedes requires you to have at least one other Royal Paladin grade 3 under your control. But, considering that you can't even play Palamedes until you have a grade 3 in your vanguard circle, there should essentially be no times when he isn't live. In other words, he does what Bors does but all the time and without ever taking up your precious counterblasts that Royal Paladins value so deeply.
So, does that mean Bors is completely useless? Maybe not. As a budget option, you could use him instead of Palamedes, but even that isn't really recommended because, once again, your counterblasts are very important in any Royal Paladin deck, so it's not really worth running him just to maybe use his effect once. There even exists an even better budget option in Twin Shine Swordsman, Marhaus, an almost strictly better version of Palamedes that gains 2000 power when he attacks the vanguard. Heck, Royal Paladins even have a consistent, tutorable 9000 booster in the form of Toypugal, meaning that you can still hit 21000 with Marhaus without ever paying out your counterblasts. So, really, there is simply no reason to run Bors, budget or otherwise.
It's not really his fault, Royal Paladins just have lots of toys. On the plus side, he has some of my favorite art in the entire game.


Night of Conviction, Bors
The Judge of the Royal paladins. It is said he will read out all your charges before tearing you apart.
Now when you think of any unit of this ability you always end up calling it a Bors clone. And that's what it is, Bors is the original and he will always be remembered for that.
Bors and clones are basic vanilla grade 3 units and they are always easily replaced by something better. The up side is that they can easily reach a 21k power on an attack.
The artist knew what they where doing with this card and they delivered something that does the Unit justice (unintentional pun).
Bors and clones all get 2/5
For art Bors gets a 4/5.


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