Super Trainer Showdown 11-18-00
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Amy Gill cuts school on Friday (the day before the event), and heads to New York City.
Amy went 4&4 in the 11-14 section.
More time practicing, and less time partying would have done her some good!
Look for her full Report on the STS in an upcoming issue of 
Pojo's Pokemon Magazine.  


Dark Master Trainer Mike (left) takes on Gordon Kane at the
Maple Bar Invitational.  They had a Sealed Deck Draft Tourney.
Sounded like fun.  Now that's a way to finally use some cards that rarely see the light of day.


PikaBruce sent this image I took with his camera.  He was reaching under the table in the other one,
And it made him look like the Hunchback of the STS.  This looks a wee bit better Bruce. ;)


Pokemon TCG Illustrator Ken Sugimori and Janet DeLeon right after she got Ken
to sign a 1st Edition Blastoise and 1st Edition Charizard!!!


Eric DeLeon poses with Pikachu in the 11-14 play area.
Eric went 6-2, and took 20th!


PokeSensei, Pokepop, Pojo, & Amy.
Sensei & Pop help run Team Compendium, a fantastic
Pokemon TCG Rulings Site.


These prizes were won by David Friedlander 
who took 15th in the 11-14 Division.

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