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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Umbreon #10/90

HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: August 25, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With:

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Umbreon (Undaunted)


I don’t care what anyone else says, Umbreon is the coolest Eeveelution by far. I remember getting the shiny one from Neo Discovery and thinking ‘wow . . . that thing looks amazing!’


This new Undaunted Umbreon is pretty nice-looking too. It’s also been getting a certain amount of hype, thanks to its first attack, so we really should get on with the review and find out if it is deserved.


Umbreon is a Stage one with a fairly low 90 HP, and a dodgy Weakness to Fighting. On the plus side, the Psychic Resistance is useful and the single Retreat cost is easily paid for. Because it is an Eeveelution, Umbreon gets moderate support from its Basic form, and a ton of misguided worship from Eeveelution fanboys.


It also comes with two attacks. The second one can be dismissed easily: Quick Blow costs [D][C] and does 30 damage, plus another 30 if you flip heads. That’s on the wrong side of mediocre in today’s format as it is both unreliable and poor value. The reason why Umbreon is getting all the attention is the first attack, Moonlight Fang: for a Dark Energy, this does 30 damage and protects Umbreon from all effects, including damage, from any Pokémon with Bodies or Powers on the next turn.


At first glance, this seems amazing. Most competitive decks, from SP to Donphan, to Steelix, rely on main attackers that have either Bodies or Powers. Sure the damage output is low, but there is always Special Dark Energy and Expert Belt. Sure there are attackers out there without Powers (Jumpluff and Machamp come to mind) but you can always run other techs against them, right? In practice though, Umbreon is not the unbreakable wall it appears to be. SP decks will simply use Garchomp C LV X to snipe around Umbreon and then laugh as they Poke Turn away the damage it does. Other decks will simply use techs or Basic forms to KO Umbreon if they have to.


Like Scizor Prime from the same set, Umbreon is a Pokémon with superficial anti-metagame appeal, but before you rush to put it in a deck, please remember: good players will always find a way around these kind of cards and it won’t be anything like as effective as you imagine.




Modified: 2 (As Public Enemy so wisely said: don’t believe the hype)

Limited: 2.5 (plenty of attackers without Powers or Bodies in the set, but 30 for one is decent)


Combos with . . .


You can give it a try in Eeveelutions if you wish. I’d probably just play the MD one. 


Nintendo really seems to like making sets based around Eeveelutions. Majestic Dawn had a central theme of the Eeveelutions Leafeon and Glaceon, and it appears that HS Undaunted has a similar theme, but this time with Espeon and Umbreon. Espeon and Umbreon appear in the new Theme Decks for the set, and the set also contains both a Prime and non-Prime form of each. Today's Card of the Day is Umbreon (non-Prime) from Undaunted.

Umbreon is a Stage 1 Darkness Pokemon. Darkness Pokemon generally don't see that much play outside of Sableye SF, Spiritomb AR, and Honchkrow G, but they are good to use because of their Special Energy. Another place you may end up seeing Umbreon is in an Eeveelutions toolbox deck, and it should probably work pretty well there. 90 HP is fairly decent for a Stage 1, although like most Stage 1s, it is still KOed pretty easily by a high-powered attack or two. Weakness to Fighting is standard for a Darkness type, as is Psychic Resistance. As for Retreat Cost, it is right where it should be: 1 is totally payable, but fair.

This particular Umbreon has two attacks. The first, Moonlight Fang, deals 30 damage for [D] and also protects Umbreon from attacks by your opponent's Pokemon with any Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies next turn. 30 for 1 is pretty cheap, and this stalling effect is great. Most decks rely on Pokemon with Powers and Bodies, and being able to cripple your opponent's strategy by preventing damage with this protective effect can be really nice. Therefore, pairing Umbreon with some Special Darkness Energy and an Expert Belt will have the Moonlight Pokemon dealing some pretty good damage while staying protected from your opponent's assaults. Of course, this effect doesn't protect against everything: Gyarados and Jumpluff are still seeing a lot of play right now, and neither really rely on Powers or Bodies to be effective. It is in there matchups where Umbreon will suffer.

The second attack, Quick Blow, costs [DC] and does 30 + 30 more damage if you flip heads. It's thoroughly decent for a Stage 1, but still fairly weak as an attacking option. I would stick with Moonlight Fang, especially if your opponent has many Pokemon with Powers or Bodies.

Modified: 2.5/5 Yes, I am probably rating this a bit high. However, Moonlight Fang has great potential to run your opponent into a wall. While this type of wall can be very effective in the current metagame, there are few things to note if you plan on trying it. First of all, your opponent can easily switch out Umbreon using something like Warp Point, Luxray, Pokemon Circulator, or any number of other things. Second of all, Umbreon has to attack to get the protective effect, so there is a bit of time where it is vulnerable. Third, Special Conditions can be a factor, especially if they come from a non-attack source, like Skuntank G's Poke-Power. Finally, Umbreon doesn't have great damage output, so you'd better hold that Umbreon can wall for a decent amount of time while you get the rest of your other Pokemon set up.

Limited: 3/5 Eevees and other Eeveelutions are very common in this set, and the HP is decent for a Stage 1 body. The walling potential of Moonlight Fang won't be quite as relevant here as it will be in Modified, but will still be very useful if your opponent has a Prime or something like Dodrio or Vespiquen.

Crazed Eeveelutionist

Hello again and welcome to my personal paradise with today's COTD!  This card has gotten a lot of hype (from myself included), and with good reason.
Without further delay, lets dash straight to the review!
Dark type is immediately a good sign, as special Darkness Energies will further boost its attacks' damage.  As a bonus, despite there being few pokemon weak to dark-types, it can hit Gengars and even Gengar Prime once it and the Lost World archetype reaches the English playing field, which is very good.  90 HP for a Stage 1 is initially not so great, but remember, being an Eevee evolution means that MD Espeon will boost it to 110 HP, which is much better, and that's not including an EB boost (130 HP).  Needless to say, it'll be around to take a hit or two.  Weakness to fighting looks bad initially, but MD Umbreon cancels this ugly attribute out.  Even without it, though, SF Machamp is the only threat here, as Donphan Prime is walled by Umbreon attack, which we'll get to shortly.  Psychic resistance is nice with Gallade E4 spread decks likely to still be about.  And a retreat cost of 1 is more than payable, but can also be canceled by MD Umbreon or Unown Q.
Umbreon has no power, but does sport two attack.  Only one of them, though, is the real reason to play this card (not to mention the main source for its hype).  Moonlight Fang costs a mere [D] and does 30 damage (40 with special Darkness Energy and 60 with EB).  Nothing too special at first, but the effect is were the true gold is.  It turn Umbreon into a a freaking brick wall against any pokemon with pokepowers or poke-bodies... which is well over two thirds of the competitive format.  This shuts down Donphan Prime, Curse Gengar, Leafeon RR and its MD Lv X form... need I list more?  The downside is that because of light-ish damage, UD Espeon can slingshot most/all the damage back to your pokemon with Solar Suggestion, but then again, Umbreon is meant to be used as a wall against pokemon with POWERS and BODIES.  You might be able to wall some pokemon, but some decks can get around it with other attackers.
The second attack is... well if you ask me, it should even be ON this card since you'll never want to use it unless you're that desperate.  Quick Blow costs [DC] for 30 damage with a 50% chance of doing an additional 30 more damage for 60 total damage.  "Lame" would be an understatement, but I guess there has to be some sort of lame attack to accompany a still-very-good card.
The last time an Umbreon could find its way in the active slot and do well there was back in the EX days when Umbreon ex had that awesome Gust of Wind-like power upon evolving.  I can easily see Umbreon existing in some decks simply as a tech just because it covers so many pokemon.  This Umbreon is sure to change the way people construct their decks because of this.
Other pokemon have taken advantage of opposing pokemon that have powers and/or bodies, but never like this.  There are still ways to get around it like Warp Point, Pokemon Circulator, anything that will force you to switch.
Snipers like Garchomp C Lv X will also happily snipe around it, and Luxray GL Lv X will Bright Look out a different pokemon.  Still, these are small drawbacks on a card that is bound to change a fair portion of the metagame's decks.  And as a bonus, even if it can't wall any pokemon against certain decks, it can at least be used as an early game attacker since it only requires one energy to attack with.  This thing even comes in a starter deck for crying out loud!
Modified: 4/5  A bounty of potential.  Being a stage 1 means that it can be tech'd into other decks rather easily, but it isn't for every deck, either.
Upcoming Umbreon-based decks will most definitely want to snatch one of these babies to use.  This is sure to change how many decks are constructed since facing this Umbreon is inevitable.  It's a fairly light hitter, but if it's walling your opponent, who cares?
Limited: 3.5/5  Sadly, fewer pokemon here have powers or bodies, but the few you do face will make this Eeveelution all the more desirable to have on your side.
Combos with:  Easily combo-able with Espeon Prime to hit SF Machamp for weakness.  I probably also don't need to mention the typical MD Espeon and MD Umbreon, too, as with any Eeveelution.
- Wes1234
Crazed Eeveelutionist


Today we look at another Eeveelution, the latest Umbreon.  It is a Darkness Type Stage 1 Pokémon with a decent 90 HP, iffy Fighting Weakness, welcome Psychic Weakness, and manageable single Energy Retreat Cost.  It also enjoys the perk of boosting its base damage against Active Pokémon by 10 for each of the Special Energy versions of Darkness Energy attached.


For a single Darkness Energy requirement you can hit the opponent for 30, which would be bad except it has a nice bonus effect: during your opponent’s next turn, you prevent all effects of attacks to Umbreon from your opponent’s Pokémon that has any Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies… and that includes damage!  Unless I completely misunderstand the wording, the effect rests on Umbreon, so your opponent can’t avoid the blocked damage unless they switch out or Evolve into a Pokémon that lacks a Poké-Power or Poké-Body.  This won’t make the card, but it is very handy.  For (DC), Umbreon hits for 30 base damage with a 50% chance of 30 more damage.  If you use the Special Energy version of Darkness Energy, you can easily change it into a 40/70 or 50/80 split; respectable for two Energy cards.


On its own, this wouldn’t be enough to run the card.  It might barely be enough to back up another Darkness Type Pokémon.  Fortunately since this is an Eeveelution it is born into combos.  The best one I can see its set mate, Espeon Prime.  You can safely Evolve a Benched Eevee into Umbreon if your opponent’s good attackers all have Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies.  If not, Evolve it into something that will be useful.




Modified: 3/5 – Another card that isn’t especially good but neither is it bad.  It works well in the decks it is meant for but could theoretically be used as a Tech or even full fledged back-up line if current builds allow it incredible stall power.


Limited: 4/5 – Not just for what it does, but for what it is.  I haven’t seen the Eevee from this set, but there is a chance it will help itself set up (they often do).  Even if not, the fact that you can run as many Eevee as you pull (the normal four per deck limit doesn’t apply to Limited decks) means it is possible to get a very potent Eeveelution deck.  Possible, but unlikely.  Still the odds are better that you’ll pull an Eevee alongside multiple Evolutions because it has so many forms it can Evolve into, and most have attacks with a single colored Energy requirement, making them easy and effective to run in this format.


Combos With: Espeon Prime.


I am still selling quite a bit of my stuff on eBay.  I’ve had a lot of hobbies over the years, so at various times I’ll have comic books, manga, action figures, and video games on the auction block.  You can take a look at what’s up for bids here.  I usually add new stuff on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Just a reminder, Pojo is in no way responsible for this and was merely kind enough to let me mention the auctions here. ;)


Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia

Umbreon (HS Undaunted)

Umbreon is all about annoying your opponent, something the Dark type should really do more often!

The stats are 90 HP, dark typing (yay for the damage-boosting energy!), fighting weakness (not too bad), psychic resistance (great) and 1 retreat. Good stats, though no survivability against a heavy hitter.

Now the 2 attacks. Moonlight Fang is the first and arguably the better of the pair. For D you get 30 damage (easily boosted) with the bonus of immunity to any of your opponent's attacks from Pokemon with powers or bodies. Perfect for stalling, though the prominence of Luxray GL does take a little of the competitive edge off this attack.

Next is the aptly named Quick Blow, which cost DC and deals 30 damage, or 60 damage if you flip heads. Obviously flipping for damage is bad, especially since Moonlight Fang will deal equal damage to a Tails result, but this is an okay attack for finishing a wounded opponent on a revenge hit, or after stacking damage from a stall. For the most part Moonlight Fang is the attack you will use, but having another option is nice.

I have to say, this card looks really nice and I know the Eeveelutionists out there are just drooling over this release. As such I won't spoil your fun by saying how much better an offensive-type pokebody would have made this Pokemon.

Modified: 2.5 (Eeveelution decks aren't very hot at the moment, so this guy doesn't have a place at tournament level. At least not yet)
Limited: 3.5 (Moonlight Fang is deadly here)
Combos with: Umbreon MD, Umbreon Prime

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