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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Espeon Lv. 44

Diamond & Pearl
Great Encounters

Date Reviewed: 05.22.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Modified - Extremely helpful in eeveelution decks.  The +20 hp can come in handy. Since you have the option of moving an energy card from Espeon with Morning Sun, you won't lose as much resources if he dies the following turn. 4/5


Limited - It's a 100 HP stage 1, and helps out any other eeveelutions you get. Take it. 4/5




Name:   Espeon Lv. 44

Set:   Majestic Dawn

Rarity:   Rare


Analysis: As I said with Umbreon yesterday, this Espeon should be in EVERY Eevee deck. Its Body turns a Leafeon Lv. X into a beastly 130 HP Pokemon. Incredibly. It becomes itself a 100 HP Pokemon, which is nothing to sneeze at for a Stage 1. Umbreon can eliminate its weakness and retreat cost (1 isn't much to overcome though). Morning Sun is weak, so use this mainly for the bench, but it can find uses against a Gallade and Gardevoir.


Modified: Sunlight Veil is just too good of a Body for Espeon to be left out of any Eevee deck (4.5/5)


Limited: Not bad but not great. Just doesn't put out a lot of damage to be useful here. (3/5)


Espeon Lv.44 MD


Welcome to the official pokemon COTD website, if you don’t see this here, you went to the wrong website… Anyway, today’s COTD is Espeon, a nice boost for Eeveelution decks everywhere that will even make the old EX’s gain +20 HP. (Like they needed it…) The HP is 80 but should just really read as 100 unless you or your opponent has Cessation Crystal out. Weakness stinks, but shouldn’t matter too much, if your opponent has Cessation Crystal out and attacks with Psylock, something has seriously gone wrong. The single retreat is fair and expected, and can be reduced to 0 with Moonlight Stadium, although Umbreon takes card of it better. The attack isn’t bad for a bench sitter, 60 for (P)(C)(C) is in no way lacking for something that shouldn’t attack in the first place. The effect really doesn’t matter, unless you attack with Espeon using a scramble you’ll never use it much. Now the poke-body, this is the whole idea of the card, not only does it make it’s own 80HP go to a burly 100 but it also makes all the rest of the Eeveelution set to gain 20 HP.


Pros –

Nice HP

Nice body

Attack isn’t horrible like most bench warmers.


Cons –

Bench warmer!


Modified – This card is the cream de la crop of bench sitting support out there. 4.5/5


Limited - The attack is useful and the HP is huge, but I doubt the body will work for anybody else. 4/5


Woot! Only 1 more day until my birthday! Tomorrow, give a random rare pokemon card to another little pokemon player for me! =D


“This may not be a quote, but it’s the best dang thing I’ve got.”


5/22 Espeon
Hello, and welcome to the day of Espeon Lv.44 from Majestic Dawn.
Now I wonder what sort of deck this card could work in? Obviously, it’s another one for all of the people who are considering Eeveelutions to think about. And if they are thinking about it, it’s probably for it’s Poké-Body, Sunlight Veil. While none of the Eeveelutions are exactly tanks, that +20 HP is nice to increase the Eeveelutions survivability. Comparing it to the other Eeveelution supporter, Umbreon, Espeon is probably the better of the 2. This is because, while not every Eeveelution needs the no weakness, they can all do with the extra 20 HP. There are few, if any, Pokémon who wouldn’t want any extra HP, so anything that can increase HP is going to be useful. Because of this, it makes me believe straight away that this is probably the better of the support Eeveelutions, and definitely one of the best. And that’s just the Poké-Body.
The attack is nice if it needs to be used in a pinch. Obviously, it’s not going to win a prize for attacker of the year, but, with the aid of Lake Boundary, it does become deadly to G&G, the most played deck in the format. Gardevoir (SW) gets OHKOed with Lake Boundary in play, while Gallade (SW) and Gardevoir Lv.X need to be Strength Charm/Plus Powered in addition to the Lake Boundary to be OHKOed. Moving the energy means you can stop a precious energy (like a DRE or Scramble) going into the discard pile if you know Espeon is going to be KO’ed next turn, which is nice. Other than G&G, it doesn’t really hurt too many Pokémon enough to threaten them.
The +20 HP is nice, but can be shut off from the likes of Lati-Lock and Cessation Crystal. When that happens, if you are really unlucky, it could mean 1 or 2 of your Eeveelutions are KO’ed by that reduction of HP. However, with the Body turned on, Gardevoir (SW) can’t OHKO it without help from Lake Boundary or Plus Powers, and Gallade needs to flip 2 prizes to OHKO it. However, with it off, Gardy can OHKO it, and Gallade only needs one prize. Other big decks will take a little more time in KO’ing this compared to Umbreon, with Magmortar needing 4 or 5 energies while Espeon is active to KO it (depends on if the Body is active or not), or can just Flame Buster it for fun. Skittles will be slightly annoyed at need 5 different basic energies, but it’s still quite easy for it do that. Banette will happily take a Spiteful Pain prize if they have a Banette in the discard with Espeon active. However, like I said, many of these need Espeon active, and if you allow that, then why have you put it active (apart from to KO a Gardevoir or Gallade)?
Modified: Easily one of the best Eeveelutions with that irreplaceable Poké-Body, which makes it something that should be put into almost every Eeveelutions deck. The attack is nice in a pinch as well, hurting the main popular deck a lot. If I have a choice between this and Umbreon, I’ll always go with Espeon. There are downfalls, such as being shut of by Lati-Lock, which is growing in popularity with MD, but they are too few to really make any difference to this card. 4/5
Limited: With other Eeveelutions, they can become real tanks here. The attack is a bit of a let down, though can be used to OHKO many Basics if needed. Here, it should sit on the bench unless there is an emergency use for it. It’s slight energy manipulation might be helpful in certain situations as well. 3.5/5

of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
*huff puff*

Hi there! *huff puff* Just got back from working out, I gotta get ready for the "Mr. COTD" awards! Jermy told me that there'd be some weightlifting, so I had to hit the gym. Beefcake! BEEEEFCAAAKEEEE!

Espeon Lv.44 (hmm.. that actually looks a little pink. This one's for you, Pokégirls.)

Unlike the other Eeveelutions we have reviewed so far this week, Jolteon and Umbreon, this card is a must in Eeveelutions.


This card is the perfect addition to the ubiquitous Gardevoir/Gallade decks.
Just kidding. You run it in Eeveelutions, what else?

Sunlight Veil (there we go!)

Espeon, as I mentioned yesterday, is the other half of the "Eeveelutions that give boosts to Eeveelutions with their Poké-Bodies™." Sunlight Veil is an excellent addition to Eeveelutions. See the effects for yourself:

Gallade: Gallade needs to flip an extra prize in order to get OHKOs against any of your Eeveelutions.
Magmortar: Magmortar needs an extra Fire energy to knock any of your Eeveelutions out, although most are still with sniping range with the Lv.X.
Ho-Oh: Another type of basic energy required for the OHKO, although with a Lake Boundary things turn ugly.

In short, the +20 HP bonus will not only guard against OHKOs by most Pokémon, it is a must in a format where everything does so much damage for so little energy. All the Eeveelutions are rather low on HP, forcing you to use the Espeon just to have the same HP that your opponents' decks will enjoy. Although depending on your metagame, you have to watch out for..


So you got your Espeon and Umbreon out, and with the Leafeon Lv.X you are bound to attach MILLIONS of energy and do BILLIONS of damage (© Zach Fisher). But what's this? Roseanne, Latios d, Latias d, and suddenly you're left with two useless Pokémon on your bench and a 110 HP Lv.X that has a +30 Fire weakness and a retreat cost. So your opponent lays down a Togepi, plays Rare Candy, evolves to Togekiss, ludicrously gets 7 different types of basic energy, lays them all down onto Ho-Oh and attaches an unnecessary 4 PlusPowers to destroy your Leafeon Lv.X and completely shut you down while you sit there with a look of disbelief and a few tears slowly roll out of your traumatized eyes.

It could happen.


Unlike Umbreon, Espeon's attack is quite good. Scramble for 60, and the ability to move the Scramble around to bench is quite amazing. There are loads that you could do with this attack. 2P for 60 will get a OHKO on Gardevoir with a Lake Boundary, although you should only resort to this after baiting Gallade and falling behind in prizes.

Bottom stats

Terrible, but that's why you're running Umbreon, right?


Use the Sand Attack Eevee.
Naw, of course not. Run the Call for Family Eevee.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 3/5. It is really quite good, but you won't be using it in a non-Eeveelutions deck. Does its job very well in Eeveelutions, though.
Limited: 4/5. Moving around energies is impressive, but 2P for 60 is even MORE impressive. I guess. Plus, you could always combo it with the 3 Mewtwos you "drafted." Infernape is always a threat, watch out.
Unlimited: 1/5. Oh dear. No, just no.

So that's all then. Until next time, in the same PoJo COTD, in the same PoJo place!

(3:47:58 PM) PoJoMOTL: What do you have to say about Espeon MD, if anything?
(3:48:11 PM) Krayzie55O: thats the +20 hp guy right
(3:48:16 PM) PoJoMOTL: Yes
(3:49:11 PM) Krayzie55O: hmm
(3:51:06 PM) Krayzie55O: its good with eevee's terrible without and latilock wrecks you.
Alazor Espeon (Majestic Dawn)

Modified 4/5 Good pokebody, but no cheap 1st attack. It doesn't stack which is too bad. Waekness to Psychic might hurt, but you have Umbreon.

Limited 4.5/5
Unlimited 2.5/5 Probably the best card for unlimited for this week. Play this with Eevee exes from Unseen Forces, 130 hp might buy you a couple extra turns.
Since it is based on poke-bodies and poke-powers which get shut down it doesn't get a much higher rating.
blazing bulbasaur

Today's card cures the HP problem that bothers the Eevee evolutions.  Sunlight Veil gives all pokemon evolved from Eevee +20 HP with it's pokebody.  

HP- Ho-hum, but Sunlight Veil brings it up to 100. 

Attack- Morning Sun is not a gamebreaker.  60 dmg and the ability to move an energy.  There could be some combo with energy movers out there, or yet to come. 

Bottom Stats- Average.  With Umbreon in play, it becomes totally blank!

Poke-Power/Body- The main reason you play Espeon.  Sunlight Veil will add 20 HP to all your Eeveelutions.  +20 HP never hurt either. 

Like Umbreon, Espeon is made to support Eevee decks, and not so much for attacking.  The real question is to put it in a deck or not.  Remember, you only get 4 Eevees, and if you were to put an Espeon and Umbreon in a deck, you're taking up two slots in that evolution chain.  You don't want to fill your deck with too many evolutions that branch from a single line.  It comes down to player preference: HP vs Weakness/Retreat.  The Eeveelutions that will probably receive the most play will be Leafeon and Glaceon.  Fire is big right now, so Umbreon would be the play in a Leafeon deck.  Metal is not so big, so Glaceon might pair better with Espeon. 

Modified- 3/5
Limited- 4/5

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