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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



HS Undaunted

Date Reviewed: July 15, 2010

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.87
Limited: 2.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Combos With: See Below

Baby Mario
2010 UK National

Espeon Prime (Undaunted)


One thing will always be true in Pokémon: some people love Eeveelutions. They love them so much that they will play them even when they are not a particularly good deck. They love them so much that every time some new Eeveelutions are released, they hope an pray that they will become a playable archetype. Sadly for these people, Eeveelution decks haven’t been REALLY good since the days of EX Pokémon.


So, you can imagine how excited some people are at the prospect of getting Eeveelution PRIMES. Are they going to end up disappointed yet again? Let’s find out.


Espeon Prime has 100 HP and a double Psychic Weakness. That makes it pretty fail and very vulnerable – an easy OHKO for the likes of Uxie LV X and Gengar. You always have the option of running the MD Umbreon to give it no Weakness and free Retreat though (as long as Dialga G LV X isn’t around).


The intended strategy for Eeveelution decks usually involves using them as some kind of toolbox (this seems to be the idea behind the Undevelop Eeveelutions we got in Rising Rivals). Things are no different with Espeon Prime, thanks to its Evolution Memories PokeBody (wow . . .Dialga is definitely going to have fun against this card). Eevolution Memories lets Espeon Prime use any attack from any Eeveelution that you have in play, providing you have the right Energy for it. Is this useful? Well, yes and no. Yes because some Eeveelutions have situationally nice attacks (like Vaporeon MD’s Cleanse Away, and Leafeon RR’s Plus Energy); and no because it’s very difficult to run the Energy necessary to perform these attacks (not to mention the fact that you miss the chance to hit for a variety of Weakness).


But maybe Espeon has an attack of its own that will make it worthwhile. Sadly not. Solar Ray costs [P][C] for 30 damage. It does have the nice bonus of removing a damage counter from each of your benched Pokémon, but still, the damage output is pitiful for a Prime Pokémon.


As things stand, Eeveelutions just do not have either the support or the firepower to be good at the moment. Espeon Prime does nothing to change that. Maybe, if we got some Eeveelutions with better (and cheaper) attacks, this could work as a tech against Psychic-weak Pokémon, but as things stand I don’t see this card as being any better than the MD Espeon in an Eevee deck.


Sorry Eevee fans.




Modified: 1.75 (a tech card for an archetype that needs something more substantial than this)

Limited:  2.25 (attack is only mediocre, and you likely won’t be able to use the PokeBody)


Combos with . . .


Other Eeveelutions


Welcome back, Pojo readers! Today's Undaunted preview Card of the Day is Espeon Prime.

Espeon is a Stage 1 Psychic Pokemon. Being Psychic isn't so bad right now, as many support Pokemon are of the Psychic-type. 100 HP is pretty good for a Stage 1, but is still within the range of many big threats of the metagame; sadly, Espeon Prime has no resistance; and a Retreat Cost of 1 is fairly decent, and is totally payable.

Espeon Prime has a Poke-Body and a single attack. The Body, Evolution Memories, allows Espeon Prime to use all of the attacks of your Pokemon that evolve from Eevee, as long as it has the proper Energy requirements. This Body pretty much means that Espeon Prime is perfectly suited for extra flexibility in an Eeveelution deck. The only problem with the said deck is that it requires many different Energy types, and many of the other Eeveelutions have expensive or somewhat gimmicky attacks. However, on the same turn, many of the Eeveelutions also have attacks with Colorless energy requirements, making this Energy spread somewhat less demanding as it could be. In short, this Body is only as good as the Eeveelutions you already have in play, and what Energy you have available to you.

The single attack, Solar Ray, deals 30 damage for [PC] and removes a damage counter from each of your Pokemon. Nothing truly outstanding, but the secondary effect is nice if you are against a deck that snipes a lot.

Modified: 2/5 Like Legend Box yesterday, Espeon Prime really needs to be in a dedicated deck to work effectively. The difference is that Espeon Prime doesn't really do anything that impressive on its own. The Body is dependent on your other Eeveelutions and your Energy, and with the Energy investment that this requires, you are probably just better attaching the Energy to your other Eevee evolutions on the bench.

Limited: 2/5 It's only really decent if you draft another Eevee evolution, and even then, it's probably not going to be that great.

Mad Mattezhion
 Professor Bathurst League Australia
Espeon Prime (HS Undaunted)
Here is a card that will have Eeveelution lovers drooling. Primes for even more Modified Eveelution options!
Unfortunately, the card is somewhat lacklustre. 100 HP is good for a Stage 1, but only okay for a Prime of the same level. A common weakness, lack of resistance and weak abilities mean that anyone who plays this card is going to be disappointed (though collectors will still be quite happy to pull this!). AT least the retreat cost is okay, but even that is negligible when you consider that Umbreon MD is the best tech in any Eveelution deck available today.
Solar Ray costs PC and deals 30 damage while healing your bench for 10 damage each. This is a clone of Grass Arceus' attack, and that didn't get used much either. Too little damage or benefit even for the cheap cost, the designers should have made the attack do a lot more healing and forsaken the damage altogether (especially as Espeon can copy attacks from other Pokemon). In fact, having a full-heal-the-Active attack would almost have made Espeon playable.
Evolutionary Memories is the main draw of the card, and this is the reason it is useless. Espeon can use any of the attacks of your other Eveelutions in play (but not the attacks of your Eevee, which would make this ability at least a little better) provided you have the necessary energy attached to use them. Obviously, Rainbow energy isd going to be your best friend here, but to be honest it isn't worth the effort. Leafeon Lv X is the only attacker you will really want to copy, and even then Leafeon is better at attacking due to it's support abilities and better stats, rather than dumping energy on Espeon to do the dirty work. If you didn't need the energy, or even if you had more attacks to choose from (think Mew ex) then maybe Espeon could be justified as a tech. Alas, it is not to be.
Quite simply, Espeon is a more unwieldy version of Ditto LA with less choice of attacks, and usually with less health too.
Modified: 1.5 (so close to revivng the archetype, but yet so far!)
Limited: 1 (fewer Eveelutions and no rainbow energy, pull it as a collectable only)
Combos with: Eevee and Rainbow Energy

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